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What's For Dinner?

Do you ever get stressed out trying to figure out what to eat for dinner?

If I don't plan my meals out ahead of time, then I get really stressed-out when I get home from work, trying to figure out what to prepare.

And lately I have noticed that I only cook really unhealthy meals. Every meal I cook uses lots of cheeses and/or creams.

Tonight after work, I was going through a stressed-out-what-should-I-cook-moment, so I decided to make a homemade pizza, which sounded delicious, but then I remembered that I was aiming to cook healthy, and no matter how much I try to convince myself, pizza is not healthy.

This was when I remembered the fish that Luke's parents gave us. I forgot that we had salmon sitting in the freezer ready to be cooked and eaten.

I once thought I was allergic to fish so I quit eating it, but I absolutely love it, so I decided to bake some salmon and figure out if I was allergic or not.

I don't think I am. At this point I'm still alive and kicking.

Although I did start feeling weird while I was eating it, but Luke thinks I was just freaking myself out mentally. Which is very possibly. I have been known to do this. In fact a Dr. once told me I wasn't a hypochondriac I was just paranoid. I took that as a compliment.

So we ate our healthy salmon, and it was really good. I fixed rice and green beans with it. Yum!

After dinner Luke and I spent some time walking around the apartment complex and just praying about our housing situation. I totally love walking and praying. I used to do it all the time in college. It was when I felt most connected to God.

Now I am going to go to bed. I stay up entirely too late and I can't get up in the morning!

And thank you for sharing you book suggestions with me. I think I know what my next read will be, I just need to check to see if the library has it first.

Which, library books gross me out a bit, but I'm too cheap to go buy every book!

Now, If you have any good healthy recipes send them way!



  1. I am not good at last minute meal planning, I like to have my week scheduled out! We really try to cook and eat healthy, but it seems the quick and yummy meals to cook are all bad for you.. Life's rough!

  2. Last minute meal planning freaks me out too. I go to and that hey some healthy recipe ideas. They're very simply too. Maybe that would help. Salmon sounds delicious and definitely a healthy choice for dinner!

  3. I had this moments every day..But Ken was just too dependent on me to decide everything for him especially meals.I hate deciding too!!
    Sometimes we just ending up eating at cafe or unhealthy food/fast food.
    Salmon really seem nice to me.I think maybe I should go to supermarket and grab some too.

  4. I love salmon! I made this meal the other night and it was so yummy! I don't do weight watchers, but I do know it's pretty healthy. I ate it with just a little grated cheddar on top, and it was great

    Also, I love the library! I hate paying for books!

  5. Hey!! You CAN make healthy pizza. Buy a whole wheat crust. Put some Olive Oil on it and add lots of veggies...and feta cheese. It's my very favorite!!!

    Can't wait to hear which book you choose. Thanks for the e mail!!

  6. I get library books all the time...want me to send you a bottle of hand sanitizer? haha...also I have that stressing dilemma for dinner also. I have a tiny decorative "kitchen" chalk board on which I write the weeks dinner schedule on. Every Sunday I sit down with my cookbooks and decide what our menu will be for the week. It's so helpful!

  7. hmm ... salmon sounds yummy! Maybe I'll cook some tonight?!

  8. We bought salmon last night at the grocery store. A lot of the meals I fix are so unhealthy. Maybe I need to subscribe to a Cooking Light magazine or something.

  9. i understand the meal stress.

    i'm going to start meal planning after the baby comes. i'll grocery shop on sundays and plan out all of my meals for the week. i did it last week and it was so helpful.

    and the salmon sounds delicious!

  10. YUM!! I love salmon!! I've been trying to do the same thing with planning my meals and fixing healthier options... sometimes it's just no fun, though. :)

  11. I understand the dinner making stress. It's hard when your cooking for someone besides just yourself. Salmon is one of my favorites though! Yum!

  12. Aw you guys are so cute! Garth and I cherish our walks after dinner to talk and pray together, so sweet!!!

  13. It definitely helps to plan about four dinners for the week before I go to the store on Saturday. Even if we don't do XYZ as planned on a Wednesday night, we have all of the ingredients ready to go.

  14. that salmon sounds delicious!

    and i'm not help with meal planning.. sorry!!

  15. Meg I feel you on the meal planning being tough, especially after working all day. I agree with some of the previous posts about making a list of meals and grocery shop on a day that works for you and then you feel prepared. But after doing that for awhile I started getting in a rut of using the same recipes over and over and got tired of them. My solution was to plan two staple meals (that we know we will love) and two new meals each week so we didn't get bored.
    I love walking and praying too. I prayed for you guys to find a house and that the Lord would keep you from anxiousness about it until then!!

  16. i always go to the internet and look up recipes. Then i make my own out of them.

  17. That when you call it a pizza hut night.

  18. Megan,
    I heart fish, but sadly I am allergic. No shellfish, sigh, no salmon, double sigh, no orange roughy boohoo, sigh. But I can eat a little tuna, once in a while, and it's not even my favorite.

    I LOVE to walk and pray. This is a recent development in my life, since my knee surgery.

    Check out my recipe blog for fun and usually healthy recipes,
    I just post one today for Chicken Enchiladas, complete with fat and calorie information, because I'm just cool like that =)

    Love ya girl ~~ have a Blessed Tuesday,

    PS What does one do with oneself since AI is done for the season?

  19. Girrrrl...I feel like you are talking to just me right now. This morning Terence says to me "you've got to stop cooking all this unhealthy food b/c I can't afford to buy new pants!" I made brownies last night after dinner and all the meals are pasta with bread and crap like that! BAD BAD BECKY! I need a kick in the butt to cook healthy for the both of us...but I struggle with what to cook too. It's a never ending cycle....ugh

  20. mmm salmon!! i so do this too! i keep talking about planning meals and then things keep getting in the way! i did it for a while and they fell of the train. i love cooking healthy though and always try to have veggies or ingredients on hand that i can just make a meal out of just in case i didn't plan=)

    and homemade pizza is better than eating out right?! and whole wheat crust... see much better to make it at home than eat it out=)! i think you're justified for making it =)

  21. You're better than I am. I need to start planning lunch.... today, I had a fruit cup, trail mix, and a bag of baked chips. *REAL* healthy.

    This is going to sound stupid, but when you pray and walk, do you pray outloud? I've done that and then got so many strange looks from my neighbors (who clearly thought I was crazy) that I just started whispering.

  22. I wish i liked fish... but I don't... dang it.... i have a ton of healthy recipes... in all my magazines.. food network and rachel ray and real simple.. all have really good recipes and some even have menu planners in them... u should pick them up!

  23. i love the thought of ya'll walking and praying. so sweet!

  24. i am in the same boat as you - never know what to cook. i am going to TRY to get better after the move. haha we shall see!!!

  25. i started planning my meals by the week to help my stress level. save that list and soon you'll have a pile of pre-planned weeks to go by. just rotate the weeks!

    i'll see if i have an really good healthy recipes to send you. b/c if they don't actually taste good, what's the point?!

    your housing situation is all under control. God has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself. hope you feel a peace about everything soon.


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