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Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with lots of traveling, fun, and having more Michael Jackson song's stuck in my head then I have ever had in my life.

As a self proclaimed entertainment news junkie, I have been glued to all of the news shows about MJ's life. It is all just so sad.

However, I wasn't able to watch as many as I would like (which is probably a good thing) because we were out on the open roads a lot this weekend.

Thursday afternoon Luke and I headed to Dallas for a little getaway. We were in Dallas traffic (which I firmly believe is straight from the devil himself) when we heard the uncertain news.

My eyes were stuck on my phone going to various entertainment news websites trying to find out what was really going on. Was it just a rumor? Was he in a coma? What was going on?!?!

Apparently everybody in the world was doing the same thing because none of the websites were opening. I really don't know how to live anymore if I can't access the Internet while traveling down the highway.
There were so many different news stories going around, it was hard to figure out what was really going on for sure, until I read Ryan Seacrest's tweet with the official news. I know that Ry Ry's words are as true and pure as gold.

Luke and I enjoyed our time in Dallas. Although I don't remember much of it, because anytime we were on the roads I made it a point to not look up in fear that I would see my life flash before my eyes.

I realize that I am making it sound like I'm from a one traffic-light town. I'm not. However I promise you I would never be able to drive in Dallas traffic.
My whole body tenses up when I have to merge into traffic going EIGHTY miles per hour and that happened a lot this weekend.

In fact I usually go a little crazy even when I'm in the passenger seat and Luke has to merge onto traffic.

He says I act similar to a cat locked in a car clawing and clinging to the walls trying to get out. That's a bit of a dramatic over-exaggeration if you ask me.

If I keep my eyes closed I am cool as a cucumber.

Friday after our Dallas Getaway was over we headed to Luke's parent's house to celebrate his mom's birthday.

Saturday Luke and his parents headed outside to work cattle. Yes, I said cattle. I have no interest in going near something that could potentially run me over in a split second, very similar to how I do not enjoy merging into oncoming traffic. All things come full circle.

Luke's dad told me that I should have helped them work cattle, I could have become a true cow-girl. This is how I felt about that:
Sunday night after we were back home and cattle free, we went to dinner to celebrate our friend Jayma's birthday.
Me and Jayma:
One of my blog friends Candice is best friends with Jayma, so it was fun to hang out with her for the night and share laughs!
Jayma, Me, Candice:Then me and Luke went to see the movie The Proposal. It was really good and worth seeing in the theatre in my humble opinoin. Luke may have a different opinoin.
Hope you had a great weekend! I'm pretty sure I have the dance moves to Thriller memorized after waching the video atleast 15 times this weekend.


  1. Dallas is a great place to visit...good shopping there! :)

    I went to see Proposal tonight...thought it was a fun Ryan Reynolds.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Your face cracks me up in that picture. Glad you didn't have to tend cattle ;)

  3. Where did you get that cute maxi dress and sleveless shrug? I've been wanting to wear a maxi, but also wanted somthing to wear over the top.

  4. I loved seeing the proposal - I thought it was funny and cute!! Love our dress in the pics!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! I want to go see The Proposal too and The Hangover. I think we are making plans to go see one of them this upcoming weekend! Yay!

  6. I loved the Proposal and the Mr. actually agreed!

    Cute, cute dress!

  7. I really want to see The Proposal, but my sweet husband has no interest in going with me....I need to find a friend to go with me!

    And like everyone else has said, adorable dress! It looks great on you!

  8. You look so cute! The weekend sounded really fun, and I agree that the cattle thing was a bit much. Ha! Happy week!

  9. That dress is adorable!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend (minus the Dallas traffic)!

  10. Love your face in that picture! Classic!

  11. It sounds like a great weekend! We're definitely going to time it so we can meet up in Dallas next time! I'm DYING to see the proposal, but I don't think we'll be seeing it in the theater. Not sure I can leave Hudson with a babysitter yet. :(

  12. Megan,
    I share your sentiments about driving in crazy traffic. Closing eyes = bliss for me ~~ when we go to Mayo I just close the babies going through Kansas City and Des Moines (if its rush hour). Yep bliss that way.

    And Holy Cow!! Cattle?? do not get me started!!! I have a whole is that a cow, heifer, steer, craziness about me that started in high school. It is crazy ~~ I've never figured it out. And actually "work" them?!! I don't even know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it would mean touching the cowheifersteerthings~~NO THANKS!!!

    I heart that dress and your curly hair =)

    I thought about buying a dress like that, but after seeing you in it, yep have decided you must be tall and lean, so I'm moving on =)

    Have a Blessed Monday girlfriend,
    Ps okay so is this a record in the long comment thing or what?!! =)

  13. OMG. Dallas traffic. Seriously. It is out of control. i feel the same way as you. Like when people talk about living in Dallas, all i think about is the traffic. It the most outrageous thing ever, and I'm like how many hours are wasting sitting still on those highways??!! I'm glad you guys survived and had a fun trip! Yay for getaways!


  14. Love love that dress! looks fab on you!

  15. We saw the Proposal this weekend too. I thought it was really cute and funny. Ty isn't a huge sandra bullock fan, but he enjoyed it.

  16. Such a fun weekend! Loved the pics and LOVED your dress!

    I want to see The Proposal so bad, it looked so cute!

    And I too have had Thriller stuck in my head as well, haha!!! All I've been hearing on the radio is Michael Jackson songs!

  17. I just have one thing to say (well, really two), don't ever go to Houston. If you can't take Dallas traffic, you'll have a heart attack in Houston, so please don't go.

    My second thing? Your dress is TOO cute!! LOVE.IT!

  18. Oh you were so close-I live in time you are in town and have some free time we should hang out! Your dress is so cute! And yes-I deal with Dallas traffic and hour each way to and from work-that's why I am exhausted when I get home! Ugh!

  19. That is so funny that you were at Lakeside on Sunday.....a day after I was there.
    It's just so pretty there, so I go there every chance I get. Plus, since our friends hadn't ever been it was extra special.

    I'm like you in traffic & Dallas can be terrible.

    Kristen called me on her way home from work on Fri. to tell me about Michael J. I immediately got on the internet to check it out.

    Glad you had a fun weekend.

  20. Ry Ry really does speak pure true statements haha

    Since we're at camp, I was totally out of the loop and completely thought someone was playing a practical joke on me when they told me MJ passed

    ps - I like your dress!

  21. great pics! and girl, you know deep down you wanted to work you some cattle! hahahaaa!

  22. You crack me up about Dallas traffic!

    You look awesome in that dress! Love it!

  23. I, too, have been singing (and dancing...LOL!) to MJ songs since I heard the news and can't stop watching the coverage!!! :)
    I used to live near Dallas and went there regularly and now when I visit I think "How did I live here and drive in this?!?!?"
    Glad you had a good weekend!

  24. that dress is super cute!! sounds like a good weekend :)

  25. It was so fun to get to hang out for awhile on Sunday! You are just as funny in person as you are on screen:) And I love that dress too by the way!


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