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Weekly Weekend Update

This was the perfect summer weekend!

It all started early Friday morning when Luke and I decided to drive down to see his dad for Father's Day and spend time with the Tree family.

We ended up spending the day at the lake - and let me tell you I am a lake girl. I love it so much. I absolutely hate laying out by a pool, but laying out on a boat in the middle of the lake in a whole other story. Love it so much!

We stopped at a marina that night and got some dinner, because nothing is better than eating a cheeseburger and fries while you are in a swimsuit. I considered for about 1 second to get a salad, but what fun would that be?!?!?

Us on the boat:
The next morning, we once again woke up early and headed back home. I was feeling a little sad because Luke had to work all day long and I would be alone, so he dropped me off in my hometown to spend the day with my family.
I know that they are a group of people that I am guaranteed to have fun with (along with a couple of family friendly fights).

It ended up being an exciting day because my sister got a new car! After riding around in this thing I now want an SUV!

Maxton sitting with my dad checking everything out.We spent some time cruising around while Maxton enjoyed the taste of my phone cover:That night we took Kati's new car and drove about 45 minutes and met Luke halfway between our towns. I definitely felt like a 13 year old being passed between two families, but at least I got to spend the day with my family.
Sunday after church we got in the car and headed back to my hometown. Yes, we drove back. I know I was just there the day before but we had to go back for Father's Day! (and I didn't spend the night because I had to be back for church, I am very jealous of, or perhaps bitter towards those who can simply skip church because they feel like it)

Sunday was a great day and we had so much fun spending time with my dad and the rest of the family.
Here is dad with his girls:

We walked outside to take this picture and then ended up spending some more time outside. Because nothing feels better than Oklahoma humidity on a June evening where your clothes stick to you and you would rather cut your hair off then feel it on the back of your neck.

Luke and I with our favorite nephew. If we look weird its because a ninety pound golden retriever was headed in our direction and we were fearful for our lives (or simply our clean clothes)
Then my 16 year old sister got a hold of the camera:
It was a great Father's Day weekend!


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Ahh, I miss the lake!!!

  2. Looks like a really great weekend! Mine was wedding filled and extremely exhausting!! :)

  3. It does sound like a great weekend. I can't wait to get back to Michigan to go on the lake. Love the pics!

  4. I love hanging out by the lake! My husband's family has a house on Lake Champlain in upstate NY and I can wait for our visit in July!
    And I so know what you mean about wanting an SUV. I'd love the extra space!

  5. Sooooo much fun, glad you had a GREAT Weekend :)

  6. That looks like so much fun!! You are so pretty :)

  7. Your family is so so cute! I like the pics of you and your lil sister!

  8. Gotta love the lake! And the cheeseburger and fries was definitely the way to go. That sounds really good right now. yum....


  9. Fun weekend and great pics!

    Sometimes Alex and I joke about what we're going to do on Sunday...knowing very well that we're going to church because he's a pastor. Wonder what everyone would do if we just didn't show up? ;)

    Is that your Mom in the last pic with your little sis? If so, your Mom looks FABULOUS...she looks like she could be a sister!

  10. What a fun weekend and great pictures!

  11. I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures! What a fun weekend!

  12. looks like a great weekend! love all the pics

  13. Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend.
    Maxton is too cute!
    Growing up a preacher's kid I can totally relate to the skipping church comment. ;)


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