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Weekly Weekend Update

I LOVE summer weekends!! Can I get an Amen?!?!

During the summer I get off at noon on Friday's and Luke usually has Friday's off so we get to hang out all Friday afternoon.

This past Friday afternoon we visited with my grandparent's because they were in town and then headed to a friend's house for dinner.

Another thing I love about summer's: Grilling out!

Later that night our friend's from college, Jodi and Kyle came and spent the night with us.

Saturday morning Luke woke up and fixed his waffles, after a bit of hanging out we met up with our friend Jayma and decided it was time to eat lunch.

Me, Jodi and Jayma:Then the girls went shopping and the boys went golfing.

Later that night, we said goodbye to Jayma and then headed to a local restaurant for dinner.

While at dinner I ran into my blogging friend Valerie and her daughter Kristen. It was SO great to see them. I met them once last year and keep up with them through Valerie's blog.

Valerie was nice enough to take a picture of us at dinner: (she understands the necessities for a blog)Luke and I after dinner:After dinner we went to a cupcake shop and ate some of the best cupcakes. Then we talked about what we would name our cupcake shop if we opened one.

Today we have just hung out and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Amen on summers! Cute dress too!!

  2. AMEN! I love summer evenings...especially when I am outside with good food and a cold drink!! Sounds like your weekend was a good one. I love your dress in the pictures!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! What restaurant is that.. I know I've been there but can't place it!

  4. i love summer weekends! you look so pretty in these pics! I love the one of you two at the bottom!

  5. It was great seeing you and Luke too!
    I am going to post the picture Kristen took of us on a future post.
    What fun to run into you guys though.
    Just curious as to what you ordered? I hate to tell other people what I love because they may not like it at all. :)
    We got the prairie fries for an appetizer and they were delicious!
    You look so cute. Your dress is adorable.
    Glad y'all had such a fun weekend. I do totally understand the necessity of carrying a camera and always being ready for a great pic. I was happy to take it of y'all.
    Have a great week.

  6. I am experience the same Summer (Weekend) Lovin!

  7. Megan ~~ double YAY for summer from me. Lots of hanging out in the garden and bike riding with the hub......oh yeah and watching my teen get even cuter ~~ yep I heart summer!!!!!

    You and Luke are adorable ~~ ADORABLE!!!

    The mention of cupcakes reminded me of a commercial I saw earlier, ice cream cupcakes ~~ have you ever?!?!! I must figure out what in the world this is....mmmmm yummmm!!!

    Okay so am I the MoST random and long winded commenter you've ever seen or what?!!!? =)

    Have a Blessed Monday friend,

  8. what a great weekend! ya'll are such a cute couple! did I make you want to eat cupcakes? haha

  9. How fun!!!!! And I give you a big fat AMEN!!!!! :O)

  10. I just love summer weekend time!

  11. what a great weekend! Summer is the best. You looked gorgeous!

  12. How fun! What a great weekend!
    How neat that you ran into Valerie! I love her and Kristen, they are such wonderful people!

    Hope you have a great week ;)

  13. Love the pictures! I have the same white jacket you do! FOrever 21?

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  14. You guys are just the cutest thing ever! :)

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  15. u look so stinking adorable in all the pictures...And now I am craving a cupcake! ahhh! I need one! I love summer days that I get to spend with Ryan! Best kind of days!

  16. Summers are the best ever! :-)
    We had amazing cupcakes in Charleston at a place called "Cupcake" -- hopefully your names were more creative! :-) haha

  17. Sounds like the perfect weekend. And I LOVE your jacket - super cute!

  18. What a wonderful weekend!! You two look so cute! I am so curious about your cupcake shop names...That would be a fun blog!

  19. Amen!! And an Amen to that super cute white jacket also!!

  20. yay for your fridays!! how fun! what a great weekend, very cute pics=)!

  21. Such a cute pic of you two! I LOVE Summertime too... I wish it would last longer!

  22. Ahhh.. love everything about summer except what the humidity does to your hair. Love the dress. And what exactly would you name your cupcake place if you had one?

  23. YOur so stinkin' cute!! Love that black dress!


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