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Weekly Weekend Update

Friday after work I drove to my hometown to spend the afternoon with my family. However, my dad was out of town, my sister Kati had to work and apparently my youngest sister who is 16 years old,would rather hang out with her friends then spend time with the coolest 25 year old she knows (tear, tear).

So it was just me, my mom and my adorable nephew Maxton for the afternoon. We spent some time watching Tori and Dean episodes and then headed out to run some errands.

Maxton in the car, ready to run errands with his sippy cup in hand:Don't forget about the sunglasses. A necessity on a hot summer day.We arrived at our destination and put Maxton in his designated seat. When he wasn't trying to crawl out of the basket or eat everything that I put into the basket he was busy saying "HI" to each passerby. He's very friendly!After a bit of errand running we waited for my sister to get off of work and then we met her at a restaurant for dinner. Maxton was happy to see his mom. Then he started putting rocks in my purse, which I didn't find until the next morning. After dinner it was late and I still had to drive back home, so I said bye and hit the road.

Saturday I helped host a shower for my friend Tambra. She is getting married in August.

Me and Tambra:Opening some of her gifts:The bride with the hostesses:

It was a great shower and she got a lot of great loot!

It made me want to have another shower. If you are interested in throwing me one just let me know!

Sunday after church we went to a pizza buffet. Why is it when you eat at a buffet you feel that you must stuff-yourself-silly to get your full $7 worth?

I didn't eat the rest of the day because I was so full from my pizza buffet.

Then I cleaned my APT because I love coming home on Monday afternoon to a nice clean apartment.

And that was our first weekend in June!



  1. your little nephew really is adorable - i love that he put rocks in your purse! :-)

    And buffets of any sort are seriously bad news for me. I just don't feel right if I only get one or four servings.

  2. Don't even get me started on pizza buffets. My husband looooooves them and I agree to go every other month or so to be a nice wife. Everytime I go, I stuff my face and then spend all afternoon whining about how full I am. EVERYTIME. You'd think I would have learned from the other 20 times I've done it, but nope. It's always the same!

    And ps, you have an adorable nephew :)

  3. Your nephew is precious!

    And pizza buffets are a no no for me too. We used to go to Cici's all of the time, and I'd eat my weight in pizza. But it was SOOO good ;)

  4. Maxton is adorable...don't you think he looks soooo much like Kati?? I love the picture in the sunglasses!!

  5. Your nephew is adorable! I love his name!

  6. I love that you found rocks in your purse! That is hilarious!
    Love that dress you are wearing!!!

  7. Okay love the dress you are wearing. Plus I can tell your hair is starting to get longer.

    I love me a pizza buffet, pizza hut has the best lunch buffet. YUM!

  8. Ack I am the SAME way about pizza buffets!! I feel like I need to eat enough to make it worth my $5.99 or whatever. So, so, gross! But, it never stops me from doing it again! It hurts so good...yum!

  9. Your nephew is so cute!
    I love the sunglass picture!!

  10. What a great weekend! That baby boy is precious! I love the cool sunglasses picture LOL!

  11. How fun!!! Just wanted to say hey girl. Was thinking about you and hope all is well :)

  12. I love love love the pizza buffet at Mazzios. I go with my mom, sister, and grama, and have been going for 25 years now! Its the greatest ever, well, maybe not ever, but pretty darn close!

  13. Oh, that Maxton is so adorable! Glad you had a fun, although quick, getaway with your fam.

    P.S. I wish I could have another shower too =)

  14. ahhh love lil maxton:) Looks like you had a great weekend.. I want mazzios now and I wish I would of seen you when u were in town:( Next time.. promise!

  15. maxton keeps getting cuter in every pic!!

    i kind of want pizza now...

  16. Megan,
    That little nephew of yours is the sweetest thing!!! He is so cute ~~ and those eyes, Girl get out of town cute, that baby =)

    Have I said how much I love the name Tambra?!! Every time you post about her, I just get happier about her name. Please feel free to tell her I said so =)

    Have a Wonderful and Blessed Wednesday,

    PS Apparently I am for the lover of the !!! and the =) =) =0)

  17. Maxton is sooo cute!!

    And I'm all about the shower! I'll throw you a shower if you throw me one? LOL I've been married for 10 years and I could use a refreshing on some of my stuff :)

  18. looks like a great weekend! LOVE that looks great on you. Maxton is just a doll!


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