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A Typical Morning

This morning I was going through my usual routine trying to get ready for work as fast as possible.

It seems that lately I have been waking up later and later.

Which usually causes me to frantically run through the APT trying to get ready for work in record time.

Luke usually wakes up an hour before me so in the time that I run around like a crazy woman he usually: prepares and eats his breakfast, does a little reading, sips his coffee and enjoys Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN.

This all sounds nice, but after waking up late my entire life, I am afraid I will never enjoy the beauty of being an 'early bird'

So, this morning I was in the bathroom getting ready when Luke walked in looking very serious.

A little background info: He usually stops by the bathroom to say hello to me, while I am getting ready, but then he knows to quickly exit because 1. I don't have time to talk and 2. I am not, I repeat NOT a morning person.

It didn't take long for Luke to learn morning etiquette after we got married. He quickly learned when and when-not to talk to me. Plus he has learned that if I am doing my hair curly, the 10 minutes after I put the gel in my hair is considered 'critical hair time' and he is not allowed to come near my hair or attempt to touch it, and if he is hugging me goodbye, please do not touch the hair.

Anyways, this morning he came into the bathroom looking very serious so I immediately turned off the blow dryer and asked him what was wrong.

He then told me that he had to show me something but he didn't want me to not freak out, our scream out loud.

I then had visions of a giant snake in our closet, or a washing machine overflowing getting water everywhere, or worse yet a TV that had quit working.

But no, it was none of the above.

Very seriously my husband bent down his head to where the top of his hair was right in my eyes and pointed to his hair and said "LOOK, I have started going BALD".

I was staring at mounds and mounds of black hair. I saw absolutely no bald spots.

I didn't know whether to be angry because he was taking away precious hair drying minutes, or laugh because of his absurdity.

I chose to laugh, because I thought for sure he would laugh with me.

He didn't, he was completely serious.

People, have you seen my husbands hair? I think he can rest assured that he isn't going bald. In fact in my opinion he could afford to lose a bit of that wild hair.

Best picture of the top of his head I could find: Lots of hair (and this was right after a hair cut!):

However,this picture was taken almost a year ago and it was before we were married. Perhaps the stress of being married to me has taken its toll and caused him to start pre-mature balding?




  1. Haha..your husband is really cute,to be honest.

    I don't think he is going bald because from the photo I can see lots of black hair.

    My boyfriend started to get 'M' on his forehead.But he won't care about it too because he said his father used to be 'M' too.

  2. haha I also tell my hubby about "critical hair time" - you simply cannot touch not-yet-dry curly hair with gel in it, or will be RUINT!

    oh and you guys are a beautiful couple, just beautiful!

  3. I appreciate a non-morning person. I don't allow people to talk to me before 10am. That's when I officially come alive.

    Bless Luke's heart. Alex comes to me on a REGULAR basis and shows me his gray hair. He has black hair, like your hubby, so you can see it when his hair gets longer. I personally love it, but it's quite tramatic for him. I'm shocked at how serious men are about their hair. :)

  4. Its such a man thing! True story: my husbands hair literally comes to his waise (such a rocker!) but he thought he was going bald. He went to a Hair Institute to see about loosing his hair! They literally kicked him out & asked WHY WAS HE THERE???

    I said, you know those men in the waiting room were like "WOW, this place must really work" when they saw him!!!

  5. Haha! Men are rather funny! Your husbands hair looks great! He should count his lucky stars!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I did laugh. There's no bald spot!

  7. Your husband and my husband have the same head of hair, except Luke's is a bit wilder! =) They won't go bald.. they're too blessed with good hair!! But after 4 years of marriage, the hubs is going a bit white... Warn Luke of that!

  8. Umm, okay maybe I should try to have a critical hair time, because seriously, if I did, maybe my hair would look like yours. Umm not, never gonna happen, so I'll be happy with =)

    Your husband going bald? That's funny, okay so not so much too him, but that dude has a lot of hair. My hubs shaves his head now, so in my opinion, bald is so cute!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  9. This made me LOL !! He may want to check out some pics of men who are REALLY balding!

  10. JD gets all serious on me if he finds one random gray hair! Men and their hair! Well, I guess I can't really talk b/c I'm not much better about mine. Hmmm.

  11. LOL! I don't think he will need to join Hair Club for Men just yet! He has so much hair that is crazy!!!! And you are too sweet you would never make him go bald...what a thought!

  12. haha, that's hilarious! there is no sign of a bald spot!

    hubby since before we were married was paranoid about "his receding hair line!" although when getting his hair cut by an asian stylist one time, right when he walked in the shop the man stopped, pointed to him, and said, you, your hair line's receding! that didn't help my case to him, haha! (although i think it actually was for a little while, then stopped, haha!!)

    i LOVE that pic, beautiful!

  13. I can't imagine that head of hair going ANYWHERE for a while!!!

    Great picture of the two of you!!! You guys are adorable!!!

  14. haha YEAH....i dont think he is lacking for hair! thats too cute he is keeping a look out!

  15. haha YEAH....i dont think he is lacking for hair! thats too cute he is keeping a look out!

  16. haha YEAH....i dont think he is lacking for hair! thats too cute he is keeping a look out!

  17. thank the LORD it was not the tv! a boy can get rogaine, but when a tv is broken...that's time you can't get back. :-)

  18. hahahah!

    yeah my hubby says the same thing.

    his hairline has definitely changed since leaving for iraq. we compared pics during R&R and it was hysterical!!

    ahhh we're married to old men now. but that's okay!! :)

  19. Ha!! Y'all are so cute and really crack me up. I'm sure there is never a dull moment at your house =)

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  20. From the looks of it, baldness is one thing he will never have to worry about! Interrupting you during your critical hair time --now THAT'S something to worry about! (-:

    Have a a great weekend!

  21. I just stumbled across your blog and was dying laughing because:

    a) I completely agree with the critical hair time concept

    b) The same hair raising crisis popped up with my fiance last year

    c) I love that he didn't want you to scream out loud.

    ahhahah. Thanks for making today a little funnier with your story. I love it!


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