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Is It Bad?

Is it bad that I..............
  • Really can't get into the Twilight series no matter how hard I try or how many times I try to reread the second book (and for the record I completely finished the first book and hated my life the entire way through it)

  • Am 25 years old and almost every day I dream about when I can go to Disney World. We don't have a trip planned but I want to go sooooo bad!

  • Overuse exclamation marks. I use them waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much!! (<- see)Please forgive me if I comment on your blog and use about 10 of these: !

  • Want a puppy but not a full grown dog.

  • Tend to dress more casual at work in the summer

  • Look forward to Tuesday every week because it is Real Housewives night.

  • Only enjoy going to baseball games for the food and by about the 3rd round I am ready to leave.

  • Could eat fast food everyday (preferably McDonald's) and be perfectly content.

  • That I still have the Grey's Anatomy finale on my DVR. I just can't erase it yet!

Just wondering.


  1. The twilight books get better as you go. The 4th one is the best in my opinion.

  2. Megan,

    Not bad at all!!Don't worry..

    Tell you somethings here.

    I love fast food especially Subway.I think I can have my meal in Subway everyday.Crazy??

    I read too,but I can't finished every book that I read.I just don't know why.

    I love Disneyland too.I wish I can visit there someday.And until now I still kept my 'Mickey Mouse' 's toy somewhere in my wardbrode.

    So,'re not bad at all.Hehe

  3. I use way to many exclamation points too, I realized that the other day.

    I wish I could eat Taco Bell everyday, but I would gain even more weight then I have moving over here! Argh! Fast food is amazing ;)

  4. I'm totally with you on several of these...
    1. Twilight series...except I enjoyed the first one but never made it through the second and don't think I ever will...

    2. Taco Bueno is the first meal I want to have in the USA.

    3. Baseball games are entirely too long but an enjoyable atmosphere for about 1 hour.

  5. Don't feel bad, I also have the Grey's Anatomy on my DVR. I just can't let go. games...They're called innings not rounds.


  6. haha, you're so funny! My co-worker gave the first Twilight book to me on PDF so tht I could read it when I'm board at my desk. I get bored A LOT, but I just can't bring myself to even open up the PDF! Haha, maybe I shouldn't based on what you said.

  7. Girl, come to Orlando and visit me and we will SO go to Disney World. It's a must on your bucket list of things to do!!!!!!!!!

    And see, I like exclamation marks to!!!!! You are not alone, friend!!! :)

  8. Not bad at all.

    Not everyone gets into Twilight, but it's good you tried.

    Everyobe over uses exclamation marks!!!!! (see?)

    Grey's finale was amazing! I don't blame you there.

    Baseball - I go for a hot dog and a beer and then I am ready to go back home. I do prefer baseball to football though!

    No worries! Not bad at all!

  9. I hate Twilight and I live for Real Housewives Tuesday. Never fear. You are not alone!

  10. No, Twilight was ridiculous and horribly written. I also hated it, and it takes a lot for me to hate a book.

    I adore McDonalds and could eat Egg McMuffins (no meat) every single morning and a quarter pounder with cheese every day for dinner. Deeeelish. I think they put crack in those french fries. Soooo good!

    And I heart exclamation points! Probably because I talk like that in real life...

  11. I can't really get into Twilight either!! And I would love to go to Disney World! And who doesn't love McDonald's! And I obviously overuse exclamation marks too...

  12. Umm can i just say ME TOO!!! I did not like the Twilight books at all even though everyone thinks they are so great!

    Plus I LOVE DISNEY! I almost wish we were going there on our honeymoon!

    Girl you are not alone!

  13. I think you are very normal!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. I just hate that you can't get into Twilight. I'm coo coo about it. Love me some Edward Cullen.

    Ummm Disney is pure magic!!!!! And how can you not love the real housewives.

    And I was just telling P I wanted to go a baseball game as long as we could leave early and I could get a pretzel. :)

  15. I hate to admit it, but I really do love McDonald's!! I could eat there just about everyday too!

  16. I'm so confused... I thought you were a Chick-fil-A fan, and now you throw McD's out there like that!! (<-- LOL)

  17. Not bad at all! I love that you called innings, "rounds." So cute.

    Also, I just read your post about the swimsuit incident. Thanks for that, it's an awesome reminder!

  18. I am with you on all of these except Twilight. I am obsessed and I wish I wasn't. I couldn't get a thing done the week I read all 4 books and now I am counting down the days until the movie. So sad :-)

    P.S. I overuse exclamation points and :-) waaaaayyyy too much as well :-)

  19. OK... I'm 37 & just told my husband if I dont get back to Disney soon, I'll die!!!

    I'm sitting at work in a sun dress & flip flops - so with you on that one too!

    And girl.. I have the season finale from years ago on my DVR!

  20. I have never been to Disney World and want to go SO BAD! If you get to go, I will be happy for you and only a tad bit jealous. :)

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  22. I too cant get into the twlight series. I too use WAT to many Exclamaton points!

  23. Not bad at all!! I def dress casual in the summer too! And I guess I use exclamations too much too, haha!
    And I didn't like Twilight either, but I got sucked in with New Moon and I'm almost done with the series now.

  24. I haven't seen the Grey's finale yet, and I REALLY need to online or something! I cannot BELIEVE you can't get into the Twilight books...well, you know I am a little bit obsessed...and yes I use way too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too but oh well...that is just ME! And you are no it's not wrong :P

  25. i'm the same way with baseball games! love those hot dogs!

  26. I don't understand the Twilight series either! Thank you for making me realize I'm not the only one!

  27. Are we related?

    I felt the same way about:
    1- Twilight (and the movie made me gag with it's lameness)
    2-Eating fast food everyday (except i prefer chick-fil-a to mcdonalds)
    3-using way! too! many! exclamation! marks! :-) oh and smiley faces (i just want people to know how excited! and happy! I am about their post)
    4-Baseball games. I especially like that you called them "rounds" instead of innings
    5-Want a puppy but not a full-grown dog. Let me warn you though, they grow up -- and i now have 2 adult dogs to prove it!

  28. ha ha - i totally use way too many exclamation marks, but I'm like, if I'm enthusiastic about something, why not share it. I haven't tried Twilight yet, but I've heard such mixed things about it i don't know if it's worth a try... now Harry Potter I LOVED, but I don't think this is as good from what I've heard. I love puppies, but I love dogs too. (-:


  29. I don't think you have to worry about overusing !'s in blog land. I'm pretty sure we all use them in every other sentence.They just make everything look so much happier!

  30. You can't beat a hot dog at the ball park.

    And exclamation points? I waaayyy overuse them. Along with smilies :)

  31. hahaha, so cute. you definitely can't overuse exclamation marks in the blog world!! i could absolutely eat fast food and/or micky ds everyday. and yes part of the fun of going to a prof. sporting event is the food!!=)

  32. I can't erase "Grey's" either and I LOVE exclamation marks AND fast food! You are so funny!!! Love ya!

  33. No, that all sounds about right to me. Or maybe since we continue to be the same person, I just think it all sounds normal?!?!

  34. You make me so much better! I looooove fast food, but I try to be good and never go. One, because its bad for me, and two, because no one around me ever will fess up to liking fast food. So glad to know you have the same guilty pleasure as I do.

    I felt the same way about Twilight. I read the first one last May, thought it was alright, and I've had no desire to pick up the rest. Not my type of book, I guess!

  35. seriously. we could be twins. i dragged through the first two twilight books. it took me months. i actually liked the 3rd one though. so maybe that one will hit with you too!!

    i heart mcd's big time. and i still have the finale to greys on dvr too. i just can't let it go yet!

  36. I agree about the baseball games, I only go for the garlic fries! haha..

    PS I'm now following you on Twitter!! My name on there is TheMrs06

  37. I too dream about Disney World, use way too many exclamation marks and dress more casual for work in the summer! I don't think I've ever commented, but have been reading your blog for a little while are so fun! Don't erase that Grey's either...I would still have it, but the DVR wasn't working that night!!!


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