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Finale Night

Well, RHNJ also known as The Real Housewives of New Jersey, did not disappoint tonight. However I am disappointed that this season is over already. I mean c'mon Bravo we only get 5 episodes? How many episodes does that crazy show about Prep school teen's in New York City get??

Tonight's finale episode even caught the attention of Luke, who is now convinced that because he watched RHNJ with me that I must watch Lonesome Dove with him.

Excuse me, are there any women flipping over tables in Lonesome Dove or any Botox Parties?How about catty gossip and cute dresses? 


Well then I'm afraid it won't hold my attention span.

I tend to be attracted to the more trashy side of television. This is something I am not proud of, yet I am not working on correcting. 

If it wasn't for the infamous table flipping scene awaiting me at the end of the day I might have been really sad.

You while wearing a brand new white shirt from F21 I spilled Mac n Cheese all down the front of it (because I'm smooth like that)

Luckily I was at home so I quickly sprayed the shirt with some stain remover and then promptly but it in the washing machine.

I was feeling very proud of my cat-like-stain-removal-moves, when I suddenly remembered the curse of F21 and how high-maintenance their clothes are. 

The majority of the clothes call of hand-washing, which I always left to my former roommate Tambra. 

Considering the fact that my new roommate, Luke does not hand-wash I am forced to simply use the 'gentle' cycle on the washing machine.

Something of which I did not do today. 

I thought that maybe since this was only the first time the shirt had been washed it would be able to withstand the wash.

Apparently not. I am proud to say the Mac n Cheese stains were gone, but in their place were FIVE holes.

There could be more, I had to look away because I couldn't bear to count anymore. 

I'm beginning to think that these high-maintenance clothes are not worth the cheap prices. 

Or I could just stick to my usual technique of not washing my clothes. Nobody has ever complained that I stink.



  1. OH no!! I would have cried! I can't believe it left holes!! I am really bad about washing jeans, I bet you don't stink and if you do I am sure your friends and loved ones overlook it cause your so cute!

  2. Uhhh what a pain!!! That drives me crazy about F21 clothes. I always feel cute in it the first time I wear, and then one of two things happens...1)I wear it again and I worry I stink OR 2) I wash it and it looks funny/has shrunk/has holes. SO ANNOYING!!

    I hope your mac and cheese was good, though!

  3. F21 clothes are insane. I've switched to just buying their accessories for this reason.

    I can't wait to watch the finale tonite!! I had to dvr it..

  4. Oh, Lonesome Dove... it is not entertaining... Joey has been watching it for the past 3 nights!

    So sad about the shirt, I hate it when I only get to wear something once!

  5. That's so terrible about the shirt! I hate it when things like that happen!

  6. Awwww, poor shirt, haha!!!! :O)

  7. I bought a bunch of F21 shirts in February, and so far they are holding up. I decided to only wash them once in a while, while in my delicates bag. The rest of the time I clean them with my Dryel at home dry cleaning kit. Otherwise I knew they would have been rags by now.

  8. Uhhh...I hate it when I get holes in my clothes after 1 or 2 washings!

  9. UGH, I hate that! I have had that happen with F21 clothes too. It stinks!

  10. I, too, love trashy tv and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I watched three hours of RHNJ last night for the first time and I can't believe that's all I get this season! I plan to remind JD "happy wife, happy life" as often as possible.

  11. yeah f21 clothes are so cute and cheap but not good quality. it sucks!

  12. Oh I know I love the RHNJ finale! I just don't get what Jaqueline was all in Caroline's face for...I mean it was a book and it was shown-who cares which one of them did should have just shut up and stayed on your family's side!

  13. So funny! I know what you mean about F21. I still love their stuff, most of the time, but I am very choosy about what I buy from there. So far most everything has held up. But I had to take back a smocked top because the elastic thread was already coming loose and had only been worn once. I marched myself up there and got my money back. I ain't havin' that! LOL

    I recently discovered and love their stuff too. Not as cheap, but I think it may be made better. I ordered a dress from there that should be here tomorrow!

  14. Oh man I knew there was a reason I hate f21 lately . . . that and their lame return policy!

    i didnt realize anyone ACTUALLY hand-washed clothing . . . I dont even have a gentle cycle so i tend to just hope for the best . . .

  15. gosh, that stinks!!! I have pretty good luck with their clothes..I do hand wash some, hang some, dry clean some..yeah, sometimes annoying for sure!! RHNJ was good! My husband was trying to show the video of the "table flipping" at his office! HA!

  16. I have never had that problem with their clothes. Not recently anyway (they use to be really bad). Did you wash it with nothing else in the load because even on gentle it is a lot hard on clothes to take all the impact.


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