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Birthdays and a Wax Rash

WOW! I am so relieved to know that so many of my blog friends can relate to my cooking fears. It seems that chicken won out as the most feared food to cook in the kitchen, and none of us are too scared to call our momma's when in dire need of some cooking advice. No matter how silly it seems.

And by the way, you all scared me A LOT WORSE than I originally was about chicken. After reading your comments I'm pretty sure my chicken is overcooked every time I cook it.

Tonight I took a much needed break from the kitchen and went to a friend's house.

My college friend Jamie had a party at her house celebrating her birthday. Luke and I had not seen Jamie, her husband, or sweet baby girl in awhile so we were excited to join the birthday fun.

We had a great time!

Jamie, her sweet baby girl, and me:
Luke and I walking out the door for the party fun!

It was a great night!

In other non-related news: I have a confession: I seriously scarred my husband's face. Well maybe not scarred, but I did cause some serious temporary damage.

I think my husband is a beautiful man, but the boy has some crazy bushy eyebrows. Last year before our engagement pictures he took a little advice from his sweet fiance and got his eyebrows waxed, only to break out in a crazy rash a day letter. This was when he swore off waxing his eyebrows forever.

One year later a friend from church mentioned that her licensed sister would be in town waxing eyebrows and she had special wax for sensitive skin.

Thinking of my husbands brow's and how they were starting to get slightly out of control, I decided it was time for Luke to be taken off of his waxing-hiatus and I signed him up for a good eyebrow waxing.

Every well manicured man has a good woman behind him.

And please remember Luke is on a stage every week. It is my God-given role to make sure he always looks his absolute best.

However, it seemed that my brilliant scheme backfired.

Two days later, he had four very defined 'strips' of rashes on his face.

I'm taking VERY defined strips on his face.

I begged him to let me take pictures for the blog, but he said 'nobody wants to see that'.

He is probably right, but really, we should have his wax-rash documented for future children to see forever.

I was sure that this was the last straw and my hubby was done with my 'brilliant schemes' when he then said these words:

"I've decided its worth having a rash for a couple of days to not have crazy bushy eyebrows all the time"

People, I have created a monster.



  1. Tell him yes we do want to see that! My boyfriend too had very bushy eyebrows, but the best he will let me do is pluck them. That is a 2 hour job.

  2. Grant has bushy eyebrows too, and he won't let me get near them, and he would never let me sign him up for a waxing, so feel very lucky that you can get that far with him! :)

  3. oh no that's horrible! he will never do it again!

  4. That's hilarious! and of course we want to see it! :-) I get my best friend to wax my hubby's eyebrows all the time. He likes it now! haha :-)

  5. Megan,
    This is so funny!!! If you could see my eyebrows right now you would cringe. Just call me crazy eyebrow lady!! I as well break out crazy even with plucking it is crazy!!!!!

    In fact, I tried to pluck them about a month or so ago and again with the craziness afterward, my hubs said "give it up". So I did, at least until they grow together =)

    I have decided that God gave me these beautiful bushy eyebrows and I shall embrace them ~~ ohyesIshall.

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  6. I love the shrug thing you are wearing in your pics. I'm not sure if you even call it a shrug thing?! Oh dear, but I'm sure you know what I am talking about and now I am talking to much. Haha! Looks like fun.

  7. girl! that is the cutest outfit!!

    and please give me hints on how i can convince the mr. to wax his!!!

  8. My husband is a faithful waxer now thanks to me! I think he will be glad to know there are other men out there who wax their eyebrows!! Sorry about the rash, poor guy!

  9. Glad to know you've finally convinced him--and I agree with everyone look adorable in the photos!

  10. Cute pics!

    Are they using the oil afterwards to get the remaining wax off of his brows? I'm allergic to the oil and it makes me break out. Now when I get my brows waxed, I ask them not to use the oil afterwards and I just use cool water. Just a thought. :) I've tried so hard to get Alex to have his brows waxed and he continues to say no. I may have to drug him and take him in myself.

  11. I wish Ty would wax his eyebrows. You must have some great persuasuion powers. I must learn them!

  12. oh no! i have gotten something similar to that once. It went away fast though.

  13. you know we have to bust out the word metrosexual, haha! hubby has lots of metro tendencies too=) it is a good thing, i say, haha! (i can't get my brows waxed either bc i break out, you gotta go with just plucking or the string although the string makes me nervous=))

  14. Hilarious!!

    And I LOVE your outfit!! Super cute!!!


    You and your husband look great...

    I can hardly believe he'll do it again! HA!

  16. I love that last quote from him...ha!

  17. OMG!Terence would NEVER let me wax his brows...but I do trim them every now and then!Your hubby does have great hair though and you both look so pretty in these pics! Have a great weekend <3 Becky

  18. Ahhh, way to convert him, kind of! Poor guy, my hubby would have been ticked with me with the rash. I can't believe there are a lot of people out there scared to cook chicken! I think it's so easy, I think fish is a little more intimidating. Remember, one day a sweet little girl, or 2 or 4 or 6, however many God gives you, will be calling you one day asking for food advice and you'll smile and be happy to share and you will know a ton!!! It will come quicker than you think!!!

  19. He should get his eyebrows threaded... I'll tell you about at work....

  20. Yeah. The hubby has crazy bushy eyebrows but theres no way ANYbody's getting close to them. Not gonna happen... so you have gotten a lot farther than I ever could have.

  21. ya'll are the cutest couple!!!


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