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Baby It's Hot Outside

Friends, it is hot outside. I'm talking walk outside and the humidity hits you like a brick wall kind of hot.

I am tempted to complain about the heat, believe me, there are times when I get in my car and I'm sure the heat index is around 1000+ degrees and my legs are melting to my leather seats and the steering wheel is so hot I'm pretty sure I can cook meat on it, and I want to complain.

Then in that instant, my mind drifts back to mid January when it was 1000+ degrees below zero and I lived my life like a hermit because I hate the cold, actually a grumpy hermit because I get grumpy in the cold.

It is in that moment that I know I cannot complain about the heat.

I am a person who would rather be hot than cold.

And thats what I keep reminding myself when I walk outside and have to choose to not pass out.

Besides, if I complained about the cold and the heat it would almost be as annoying as my husband constantly asking why I don't watch the HD channels on our TV, when all I want to do is scream THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

But its in these dog days of summer (I have no idea what that phrase means) that I have starting slacking in the cooking area.

I don't want to cook anything that is super hot. A yummy casserole straight out of the oven just doesn't sound appealing on a day when I could stick it outside and cook it faster than our ole APT oven could cook it.

Can I get an amen from my sista's who are sweating from areas they never thought they could sweat from?

So I have started getting creative.

Last week I fixed a greek salad, it was nice and cool.

Last night I fixed a chicken salad, which was pretty yummy if I say so myself.

Does anybody agree that it is hard to cook a hot meal on a hot day? Do you have any favorite 'cool' recipes you like to prepare on scorching summer days?



  1. Yeah - I hate turning on the oven when its 100 degrees outside!

    last night, hubs had a milk shake for supper! - that's a cool supper right there!

  2. Okay, I do not miss Oklahoma right now, because of the heat. Oklahoma summers are SOOOOO hot! They are almost unbearable.

    I am the exact same way, eating hot meals is just not good when it's steaming outside!

  3. I is HOT!
    My car said 102 when I got off work yesterday at 4:00!

    I had the oven on cooking a roast on Sunday for 3 plus hours. It took forever for the kitchen to cool down. I'm not doing that again.

    We got that grill and plan to use it often this summer.

    I like hot better than cold too. I can't stand cold weather. It makes my head hurt. ;)

    I finally posted our picture today. I wanted to put it on the post the next day.....after we'd seen K & Z's house, but it didn't seem to go along with the post.

    I'm finally through talking about church camp and ta-da....posted our pic. It was great running into you guys that night. Did you like Iron Star?

    Have a great day & stay cool!

  4. The humidity is a bit much. But, you're totally right, it's waaayyyy better than the terrible cold! I would much rather be hot than cold any day!

  5. It is so hot! I hear ya on that! Our moving day is supposed to be 90degrees, holy cow! I'm gonna melt!

  6. I'm assuming Oklahoma is the same as Arkansas this time of year. I don't like to be outside right now, unless there is a cold body of water near me. As for food...we grill a lot...keep that heat outside!

    Stay cool, girl. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I just blogged about how hot it is too! MISERABLE!!! I agree with the grilling comment. Let the hubby deal with the heat. Boys are tougher than us delicate flowers anyway ;-)

  8. I'm going to assume your from oklahoma by the responses above~ i'm neighboring you in missouri, and you're right. it's AWFUL~!!!!
    the humidity hits you the moment you walk outside, and you immediately feel like you need to take another shower! we're in for another scorcher today, so the kids and i are spending all day at our dock on the lake. (although yesterday we were there as well, and the water was as warm as bath water. almost TOO warm to be enjoyable.

    my hubby says that i'm never happy about two things; the temp (it's either too cold or too hot) and the lake water temp (either too cold or too hot) lol!

  9. Wow...I hate this heat & I totally feel your pain regarding the HD channels..who cares if you can see the sweat drops on someone's forehead more clearly! ;o)

  10. Love the HD comment ... My hubby is constantly telling me "that channels on HD, why don't you watch it" ...
    All looks the same to me :)

  11. It is SO STINKIN HOT HERE, too! My hubby and I have had the exact same discussion about the HD channels. I wish I had some good meal suggestions. But honestly my first thought was "take out". I am such a good wife and mother, huh?!?!?

  12. it is ridiculously hot! and its not even july! we are gonna have a rough summer

  13. Lately when I'm planning our meals for the week my husband will tell me that he feels like eating some vegetable soup.

    In the middle of summer I refuse to make a pot of steaming hot soup.

    I just won't do it.

  14. I cannot even believe how hot it is!! I lived in Thailand during hot season, and I swear it's just as hot or hotter here. It's almost unbearable to even be outside!

    I totally know what you mean about hot meals. One easy/cool thing we've been eating is wraps. Jon will have lunchmeat and vegetables in his and I'll just fill mine up with tons of veggies and hummus. Very tasty and great for summer! I use either whole wheat lavash bread or Flatout wraps from Walmart. Healthy, delicious, and easy to wrap!

  15. I think that's it's so easy for me to lose weight during the summer. Cooking just always sounds yucky. I like citrusy chicken dishes, and grilled veggies!

  16. I so agree! I live in Las Vegas and it is super hot here. No humidity, but just hot! You should go get the newest Eating Well magazine, it has a whole bunch of recipes to make without using the stove.

  17. This post is great!!!

    #1: I have a theory: I can only complain about ONE season. I can complain about being cold all winter but then I cannot complain about being hot in the summer. Cause then someone might think I am never satisfied. And heaven forbid that might happen.

    #2: My husband drives me nuts over the HD thing. It's like it bugs him if I have the television on a regular channel when it is in HD. He says *You CAN tell the difference. You should see them side by side in Best Buy*. Fine. But we don't live at Best Buy.

  18. I REFUSE to cook when it is this hot. For the past two days, I've had microwave hot dogs, no bun.

    Clearly, I need suggestions as well.

  19. Oh I hate to sweat and I hate to be hot! period. I won't cook soup and I won't do hot coffee. It's all iced coffee or gazpacho for me!

  20. I loved how you admitted not knowing what "dog days of summer" are. Niether do I! I hate humidity, but like it to be warm!

  21. The weather is pretty unbearable right now. We like to grill out a lot in the summer. I know it is really hot out there and not to mention the heat coming from the grill. But grilling is man's work, so I don't mind at all! haha!

  22. AMEN! This weather has been a killer lately! But I'm like you, I'd much rather have it hot than cold.

    Last week I made this salad, it was SO good!

    I also like to make pasta salad in the summer. I do colored rotini pasta, italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, peperoni, crumbled cheddar, onions, green peppers. It's so yummy and goes so well with sandwiches!

  23. I can remember spending hot summer days at my Grandmother's farm and always having the same things when it was hot out. Potato salad, pasta salad, veggies and dip, cold baked beans and rolled up pieces of lunch meat. Might not sound appetizing but it was so good.

  24. hahah i miss the heat!!!

    guess i wont be saying that for too long when i feel the 100 degree temps of texas next week!

  25. Oh my, it is hot as balls here!!! (sorry if that was to foul for you) I make shrimp scampi, pasta, shrimp, lemon, olive oil. It's yummy and easy! I also like mini burgers! ;-)

  26. What about sandwiches? My family loves bacon and tomato sandwiches in the summer since my grandparents have a garden. Those would go good with salads.

    Or any meals in the crock pot. My grandmother makes a fabulous pork chops in there.

  27. We'll just go to the local CHick-fil-A where we freeze our booty's off and then go a 31 Flavors somewhere, sometimes you just need a break from the kitchen!

  28. we just order in. Savannah is ridiculous hot. Too hot to cook and to hot to get dressed and go out. By the time you get out of the shower you're sweating again! Not fun getting dressed in that..

  29. oh i am soo over the sweating! haha! i forget do you like fish? a light fish with some veggies on the side... we love corn on the cob (even though it's called the fake vegetable, ha), i do love a yummy burger too=)

  30. Hi Megan! If have wandered to your blog via Valerie. (We only live 10 miles apart.)

    Yes, it's HOT! Actually, there was a heat alert issued today. At 10 am my car read the temp to be 91! I'm trying not to complain, but when I get into a hot car . . . well, I'm thankful for a/c :)

    Stay cool!

  31. and Gary says the high is going to be 103 on sat... that's NOT the heat index!!

    Tonight we grilled chicken on the george foreman, opened a bag of ceaser salad.... and that was dinner, fast, yummy and EASY!!

  32. I agree with the Ceasar Salad comment...quick, easy and GOOD! We also love to make us some croissant sandwiches. I'm not into cooking anything during summer!

  33. I second the hot!! It's miserable, hmm, I will have to think of a good recipe, anything outdoors on the grill!

  34. just now saw that I already commented, oh well, here's #3!

  35. last summer i had been married for one month and finally started cooking for real. then i wnated to cook huge southern meals-- that are hot. i was insane. my house would get so hot!

    i'm eating chicken salad and lots of fruit... i need good recipes too!

    and i never watch the HD channels either! :)


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