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Ten Random Thoughts

1. Thanks for all the compliments on my dress. I got it at Old Navy (I'm a basic and thrifty shopper) and I just checked the website and it wasn't on there so I'm not sure if the stores are still selling it. I got the last one at my store and it happened to me in my size. Hallelujah!

2. I have been very bad lately. I have always dreaded the getting ready for bedtime routine and so I just quit washing my face. Instead I have started using "makeup removing cleansing towelettes". I don't know how cleansing they really are. Blame it on L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S

3. Is anybody else grossed out by the word towelette? It just sounds gross.

4. I am still completely intrigued by all of the Michael Jackson coverage on TV. So interesting, but yet so sad.

5. I haven't done The Shred in over a month. Shhh don't tell Jillian.

6. People who can't commit drive me absolutely crazy.

7. After learning how to play tennis on the Wii this past Christmas I am now very much enjoying Wimbledon. Never did I know tennis could be so interesting until those little legless creatures came into my life.

8. Luke and I have decided that if I ever really got to meet Ryan Seacrest I would suddenly turn mute and probably run away. The same way I did when I met my first love Taylor Hanson.

9. I cut my hair in January because I wanted to quit wearing it in a pony tail so much. I have decided no matter what length my hair is I will always put it in a pony tail. Reason #12873 why I regret cutting my hair.

10. Luke told me the other day that has has never watched as much TV in his life as he has done since we got married. I am glad that I could broaden his life and introduce him to so many quality reality shows.



Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with lots of traveling, fun, and having more Michael Jackson song's stuck in my head then I have ever had in my life.

As a self proclaimed entertainment news junkie, I have been glued to all of the news shows about MJ's life. It is all just so sad.

However, I wasn't able to watch as many as I would like (which is probably a good thing) because we were out on the open roads a lot this weekend.

Thursday afternoon Luke and I headed to Dallas for a little getaway. We were in Dallas traffic (which I firmly believe is straight from the devil himself) when we heard the uncertain news.

My eyes were stuck on my phone going to various entertainment news websites trying to find out what was really going on. Was it just a rumor? Was he in a coma? What was going on?!?!

Apparently everybody in the world was doing the same thing because none of the websites were opening. I really don't know how to live anymore if I can't access the Internet while traveling down the highway.
There were so many different news stories going around, it was hard to figure out what was really going on for sure, until I read Ryan Seacrest's tweet with the official news. I know that Ry Ry's words are as true and pure as gold.

Luke and I enjoyed our time in Dallas. Although I don't remember much of it, because anytime we were on the roads I made it a point to not look up in fear that I would see my life flash before my eyes.

I realize that I am making it sound like I'm from a one traffic-light town. I'm not. However I promise you I would never be able to drive in Dallas traffic.
My whole body tenses up when I have to merge into traffic going EIGHTY miles per hour and that happened a lot this weekend.

In fact I usually go a little crazy even when I'm in the passenger seat and Luke has to merge onto traffic.

He says I act similar to a cat locked in a car clawing and clinging to the walls trying to get out. That's a bit of a dramatic over-exaggeration if you ask me.

If I keep my eyes closed I am cool as a cucumber.

Friday after our Dallas Getaway was over we headed to Luke's parent's house to celebrate his mom's birthday.

Saturday Luke and his parents headed outside to work cattle. Yes, I said cattle. I have no interest in going near something that could potentially run me over in a split second, very similar to how I do not enjoy merging into oncoming traffic. All things come full circle.

Luke's dad told me that I should have helped them work cattle, I could have become a true cow-girl. This is how I felt about that:
Sunday night after we were back home and cattle free, we went to dinner to celebrate our friend Jayma's birthday.
Me and Jayma:
One of my blog friends Candice is best friends with Jayma, so it was fun to hang out with her for the night and share laughs!
Jayma, Me, Candice:Then me and Luke went to see the movie The Proposal. It was really good and worth seeing in the theatre in my humble opinoin. Luke may have a different opinoin.
Hope you had a great weekend! I'm pretty sure I have the dance moves to Thriller memorized after waching the video atleast 15 times this weekend.


Baby It's Hot Outside

Friends, it is hot outside. I'm talking walk outside and the humidity hits you like a brick wall kind of hot.

I am tempted to complain about the heat, believe me, there are times when I get in my car and I'm sure the heat index is around 1000+ degrees and my legs are melting to my leather seats and the steering wheel is so hot I'm pretty sure I can cook meat on it, and I want to complain.

Then in that instant, my mind drifts back to mid January when it was 1000+ degrees below zero and I lived my life like a hermit because I hate the cold, actually a grumpy hermit because I get grumpy in the cold.

It is in that moment that I know I cannot complain about the heat.

I am a person who would rather be hot than cold.

And thats what I keep reminding myself when I walk outside and have to choose to not pass out.

Besides, if I complained about the cold and the heat it would almost be as annoying as my husband constantly asking why I don't watch the HD channels on our TV, when all I want to do is scream THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

But its in these dog days of summer (I have no idea what that phrase means) that I have starting slacking in the cooking area.

I don't want to cook anything that is super hot. A yummy casserole straight out of the oven just doesn't sound appealing on a day when I could stick it outside and cook it faster than our ole APT oven could cook it.

Can I get an amen from my sista's who are sweating from areas they never thought they could sweat from?

So I have started getting creative.

Last week I fixed a greek salad, it was nice and cool.

Last night I fixed a chicken salad, which was pretty yummy if I say so myself.

Does anybody agree that it is hard to cook a hot meal on a hot day? Do you have any favorite 'cool' recipes you like to prepare on scorching summer days?



The Journey Towards a Clean Inbox

Earlier this week I was informed that having over 4000 emails in my inbox was not normal.

I never delete emails, whether it be a friendly email from a friend, a blog comment notification, or an ad from Kirkland's notifying me of a sale I never delete it.

So this week I began the process of going through my inbox and taking it from 4370 to zero. It is a big job, but somebody has to do it. I have emails dating back all the way back to 2005.

I found an email dated March of 2005 from my mom asking me if I knew when I was getting engaged because she wanted to grow her hair out for the wedding. Little did we know she had plenty of time.

I also found an email that I wrote to my dad begging him to let me drop out of college. He told me to stop whining and finish school. Father's know best.

At the end of my email sorting I was down to 3939 in my inbox. I have a long road ahead of me.

It wouldn't take so long if I didn't feel the need to read every single email, I feel like it is my own personal journal (pre-blog of course).

Does anybody else have a 'junky' inbox, or are you one of those crazies that puts each email in a categorized folder and feels a great sense of accomplishment when you have an empty inbox?



Weekly Weekend Update

This was the perfect summer weekend!

It all started early Friday morning when Luke and I decided to drive down to see his dad for Father's Day and spend time with the Tree family.

We ended up spending the day at the lake - and let me tell you I am a lake girl. I love it so much. I absolutely hate laying out by a pool, but laying out on a boat in the middle of the lake in a whole other story. Love it so much!

We stopped at a marina that night and got some dinner, because nothing is better than eating a cheeseburger and fries while you are in a swimsuit. I considered for about 1 second to get a salad, but what fun would that be?!?!?

Us on the boat:
The next morning, we once again woke up early and headed back home. I was feeling a little sad because Luke had to work all day long and I would be alone, so he dropped me off in my hometown to spend the day with my family.
I know that they are a group of people that I am guaranteed to have fun with (along with a couple of family friendly fights).

It ended up being an exciting day because my sister got a new car! After riding around in this thing I now want an SUV!

Maxton sitting with my dad checking everything out.We spent some time cruising around while Maxton enjoyed the taste of my phone cover:That night we took Kati's new car and drove about 45 minutes and met Luke halfway between our towns. I definitely felt like a 13 year old being passed between two families, but at least I got to spend the day with my family.
Sunday after church we got in the car and headed back to my hometown. Yes, we drove back. I know I was just there the day before but we had to go back for Father's Day! (and I didn't spend the night because I had to be back for church, I am very jealous of, or perhaps bitter towards those who can simply skip church because they feel like it)

Sunday was a great day and we had so much fun spending time with my dad and the rest of the family.
Here is dad with his girls:

We walked outside to take this picture and then ended up spending some more time outside. Because nothing feels better than Oklahoma humidity on a June evening where your clothes stick to you and you would rather cut your hair off then feel it on the back of your neck.

Luke and I with our favorite nephew. If we look weird its because a ninety pound golden retriever was headed in our direction and we were fearful for our lives (or simply our clean clothes)
Then my 16 year old sister got a hold of the camera:
It was a great Father's Day weekend!

Easily Entertained

Yesterday while enjoying Father's Day with my family my sister snapped some pictures of me.

Last night when I got home I had an email from my mom with a picture attached, the subject said:

OH MY GOSH!!!! Tiger Woods is standing on your shoulder!!!!!!!!
We didn't even plan this, that is just how talented we are.

Please, don't try and tell me my familiy isn't easily entertained.

And I'm 99% sure that isn't Tiger Woods, I'm thinking my mom didn't know the name of any other golfer's



One TV Show

Tonight Luke and I were in the guest/computer/music room just hanging out enjoying our time together.

I would say its because we are newlyweds and we can't get enough of each other, but we all know its really because there is nothing on  TV during the summertime so are forced to spend time together.

We were just talking and laughing when my husband asked the most random question ever. If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life what would it be?

See, we even talk about TV when we aren't watching it.

I immediately laughed because it was such a random question and would never happen but he was insistent that I answer it. 

My answer was Full House.

Yes I know its corny. Yes I know I have seen every episode to the point that I have most of them memorized. But I just love it.

I love how corny it is, I love how every problem is solved in 30 minutes. 

I love that it is a constant, and no matter what I am doing in life, or where I am, I can turn on Full House and find everybody frozen in time.

Of course Luke thought this answer was hilarious and couldn't believe I would spend the rest of my life watching Full House.

My favorite episode is hands-down the Disney World episode. Two of my loves combined; Full House and Disney World. 

So I ask you.....

If you had to choose only one show to watch for the rest of your life what would it be??

(so weird I know)


One Prayer

Currently our church is participating in One Prayer

What is one prayer? The short answer is, it is thousands of believers standing together, praying together, and fasting together.

1852 churches from all over the world are participating in One Prayer, standing together in the name of Christ. 

Is your church one of them?

I thought it would be interesting to see how many of my blog friends were currently participating in One Prayer. 

For more information check out the website that is linked above. It is pretty amazing!


Finale Night

Well, RHNJ also known as The Real Housewives of New Jersey, did not disappoint tonight. However I am disappointed that this season is over already. I mean c'mon Bravo we only get 5 episodes? How many episodes does that crazy show about Prep school teen's in New York City get??

Tonight's finale episode even caught the attention of Luke, who is now convinced that because he watched RHNJ with me that I must watch Lonesome Dove with him.

Excuse me, are there any women flipping over tables in Lonesome Dove or any Botox Parties?How about catty gossip and cute dresses? 


Well then I'm afraid it won't hold my attention span.

I tend to be attracted to the more trashy side of television. This is something I am not proud of, yet I am not working on correcting. 

If it wasn't for the infamous table flipping scene awaiting me at the end of the day I might have been really sad.

You while wearing a brand new white shirt from F21 I spilled Mac n Cheese all down the front of it (because I'm smooth like that)

Luckily I was at home so I quickly sprayed the shirt with some stain remover and then promptly but it in the washing machine.

I was feeling very proud of my cat-like-stain-removal-moves, when I suddenly remembered the curse of F21 and how high-maintenance their clothes are. 

The majority of the clothes call of hand-washing, which I always left to my former roommate Tambra. 

Considering the fact that my new roommate, Luke does not hand-wash I am forced to simply use the 'gentle' cycle on the washing machine.

Something of which I did not do today. 

I thought that maybe since this was only the first time the shirt had been washed it would be able to withstand the wash.

Apparently not. I am proud to say the Mac n Cheese stains were gone, but in their place were FIVE holes.

There could be more, I had to look away because I couldn't bear to count anymore. 

I'm beginning to think that these high-maintenance clothes are not worth the cheap prices. 

Or I could just stick to my usual technique of not washing my clothes. Nobody has ever complained that I stink.


No Title

Last night I attempted to prepare Meatloaf for the very first time.

I had found many meatloaf recipes; some sent to me from blog friends, others from cookbooks and one from my grandma.

When the time came to prepare the meatloaf, sitting on my kitchen counter were five meatloaf recipes, none of which I followed completely.
I took a little of 'this and that' from each recipe. If I didn't like something that one recipe offered I simply moved to the next one.

A couple of them called for a cup of milk, and the thought of putting a cup of milk in my meatloaf made me want to hurl. So I simply omitted it.

I don't know if you are really allowed to do that, but I did it.

And the meatloaf was just sort of ok.... not amazing, but not horrible.

Luke said he liked it, but that's not saying much. I'm pretty sure if any meal involves, meat and potato's he is going to enjoy it.

In other news: less about food and more about trashtastic TV, I have to say I am so excited for tonight's finale of RHNJ.

Every time I see the preview were Teresa flips over the table I let out a squeal and exclaim how excited I am for Tuesday to get here.

I am every marketers fantasy. If you package some just right I will definitely fall for it: hook, line, and sinker.

Which is exactly why I own a snuggie.
Anybody else watching this tonight?

*Please do not be alarmed by the title of this post 'No Title'. I consider it one of my most creative titles yet. I mean seriously, what do you title a post that involves discussion of Meatloaf and RHNJ with a Snuggie thrown in? Sometimes coming up with a title completely throws me off.*


Weekly Weekend Update

I LOVE summer weekends!! Can I get an Amen?!?!

During the summer I get off at noon on Friday's and Luke usually has Friday's off so we get to hang out all Friday afternoon.

This past Friday afternoon we visited with my grandparent's because they were in town and then headed to a friend's house for dinner.

Another thing I love about summer's: Grilling out!

Later that night our friend's from college, Jodi and Kyle came and spent the night with us.

Saturday morning Luke woke up and fixed his waffles, after a bit of hanging out we met up with our friend Jayma and decided it was time to eat lunch.

Me, Jodi and Jayma:Then the girls went shopping and the boys went golfing.

Later that night, we said goodbye to Jayma and then headed to a local restaurant for dinner.

While at dinner I ran into my blogging friend Valerie and her daughter Kristen. It was SO great to see them. I met them once last year and keep up with them through Valerie's blog.

Valerie was nice enough to take a picture of us at dinner: (she understands the necessities for a blog)Luke and I after dinner:After dinner we went to a cupcake shop and ate some of the best cupcakes. Then we talked about what we would name our cupcake shop if we opened one.

Today we have just hung out and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Birthdays and a Wax Rash

WOW! I am so relieved to know that so many of my blog friends can relate to my cooking fears. It seems that chicken won out as the most feared food to cook in the kitchen, and none of us are too scared to call our momma's when in dire need of some cooking advice. No matter how silly it seems.

And by the way, you all scared me A LOT WORSE than I originally was about chicken. After reading your comments I'm pretty sure my chicken is overcooked every time I cook it.

Tonight I took a much needed break from the kitchen and went to a friend's house.

My college friend Jamie had a party at her house celebrating her birthday. Luke and I had not seen Jamie, her husband, or sweet baby girl in awhile so we were excited to join the birthday fun.

We had a great time!

Jamie, her sweet baby girl, and me:
Luke and I walking out the door for the party fun!

It was a great night!

In other non-related news: I have a confession: I seriously scarred my husband's face. Well maybe not scarred, but I did cause some serious temporary damage.

I think my husband is a beautiful man, but the boy has some crazy bushy eyebrows. Last year before our engagement pictures he took a little advice from his sweet fiance and got his eyebrows waxed, only to break out in a crazy rash a day letter. This was when he swore off waxing his eyebrows forever.

One year later a friend from church mentioned that her licensed sister would be in town waxing eyebrows and she had special wax for sensitive skin.

Thinking of my husbands brow's and how they were starting to get slightly out of control, I decided it was time for Luke to be taken off of his waxing-hiatus and I signed him up for a good eyebrow waxing.

Every well manicured man has a good woman behind him.

And please remember Luke is on a stage every week. It is my God-given role to make sure he always looks his absolute best.

However, it seemed that my brilliant scheme backfired.

Two days later, he had four very defined 'strips' of rashes on his face.

I'm taking VERY defined strips on his face.

I begged him to let me take pictures for the blog, but he said 'nobody wants to see that'.

He is probably right, but really, we should have his wax-rash documented for future children to see forever.

I was sure that this was the last straw and my hubby was done with my 'brilliant schemes' when he then said these words:

"I've decided its worth having a rash for a couple of days to not have crazy bushy eyebrows all the time"

People, I have created a monster.



Cooking Fears

Few things in life stress me out.

Actually I just said that for laughs. Anybody who has been around me for more than 5 minutes is well aware that I get stressed out easily.

Which is why I laughed yesterday when the Dr. told me I had a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck and wanted to know if I ever get stressed about anything.

I literally laughed out loud.

Well as I have mentioned before I have started cooking a lot more since I got married. And for the most part I like it. Even if I have had a few mishaps, such as the sausage balls incident. (which the verdict is still out as to whether I was wrong or not)

One thing I have never mentioned is that, before I got married I had never browned meat.

Never in my life.

I had watched my mom do it more times than I can even count, but I had never taken part in the actual browning.

So for whatever reason, browning meat completely stresses me out and causes me to have mild panic attacks.

There have been known incidents of me breaking out in tears in the kitchen and having to be 'sent to my room' to calm down so that my lovely husband can complete the task himself.

I am not a good decision maker, and having to decide whether the meat 'looks' done causes me to go into a tizzy.

I mean what the heck classifies meat as done?

I know, I know, NOT PINK, but my friends, it is not that easy.

This morning Luke and I decided that we were going to have Mexican enchiladas for dinner (which, as two people who complain about gaining weight, I can honestly say we eat those waaaaay too often, but they are so dang good).

He then informed me that he would be home late because he had worship band practice.

I could feel my heart rate gaining speed, my blood pressure start to rise, and my legs started to feel weak.

I tried to regain my composure and very calmly asked him "you mean I have to brown the meat all by myself???"

That was when he told me that after 11 months of marriage my meat paranoia was no longer cute but actually it was starting to get a bit annoying.

Maybe I am causing him to lose his hair?

Anyways, I seriously thought all day about the meat that I had waiting for me and continued to assure myself that I would be ok and there was no need to freak out.

After work, I came home and very calmly put the meat in the pan and started heating it up.

I was on a roll, everything was going good.

And then I lost it.

I don't know when or how it happened but somewhere between raw meat and black meat that resembles popcorn kernels I completely and utterly lost it.

There was no crying, but there was freaking out.

In the middle of the cooking I thought my meat looked done, but for fear of poisoning myself and my hubby I took a piece of meat, broke it up, took a picture of it with my phone, and emailed it to my mom.

I then called her and told her to check her mail and asked her if she thought the meat looked done.

To which she responded, "What kind of meat is that"

iPhones can be used to help guide you to a destination, help connect you to the world through facebook and twitter apps, and according to the commercials even help find you an apartment to live in, but iPhones should never be used to help classify whether a meat is fully cooked over a hundred some-odd miles.

I tried to explain to my mom what the meat looked liked, then she told me that I am really weird about meat and its probably fine.

I may or may not have completely freaked out at that time and cooked my meat to the point that some may call burnt but I like to call: Now-I-Know-For-Sure-Its-Done.

I have eaten burnt meat so much I have actually forgotten what non-burnt hamburger meat tastes like.

You mean hamburger meat isn't supposed to be crunchy?

So, at the risk of hearing crickets chirp at the end of this post I am asking, does anybody else have a crazy fear of browning meat? Or anything else related to cooking? Perhaps boiling eggs startles you to no end.

Don't think I didn't call my mom like 3 times the first time I boiled eggs.

It was so nerve-wracking.

And don't even get me started on chicken. That poultry could very well send me to the crazy home.

Can anybody relate?



Is It Bad?

Is it bad that I..............
  • Really can't get into the Twilight series no matter how hard I try or how many times I try to reread the second book (and for the record I completely finished the first book and hated my life the entire way through it)

  • Am 25 years old and almost every day I dream about when I can go to Disney World. We don't have a trip planned but I want to go sooooo bad!

  • Overuse exclamation marks. I use them waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much!! (<- see)Please forgive me if I comment on your blog and use about 10 of these: !

  • Want a puppy but not a full grown dog.

  • Tend to dress more casual at work in the summer

  • Look forward to Tuesday every week because it is Real Housewives night.

  • Only enjoy going to baseball games for the food and by about the 3rd round I am ready to leave.

  • Could eat fast food everyday (preferably McDonald's) and be perfectly content.

  • That I still have the Grey's Anatomy finale on my DVR. I just can't erase it yet!

Just wondering.


Weekly Weekend Update

Friday after work I drove to my hometown to spend the afternoon with my family. However, my dad was out of town, my sister Kati had to work and apparently my youngest sister who is 16 years old,would rather hang out with her friends then spend time with the coolest 25 year old she knows (tear, tear).

So it was just me, my mom and my adorable nephew Maxton for the afternoon. We spent some time watching Tori and Dean episodes and then headed out to run some errands.

Maxton in the car, ready to run errands with his sippy cup in hand:Don't forget about the sunglasses. A necessity on a hot summer day.We arrived at our destination and put Maxton in his designated seat. When he wasn't trying to crawl out of the basket or eat everything that I put into the basket he was busy saying "HI" to each passerby. He's very friendly!After a bit of errand running we waited for my sister to get off of work and then we met her at a restaurant for dinner. Maxton was happy to see his mom. Then he started putting rocks in my purse, which I didn't find until the next morning. After dinner it was late and I still had to drive back home, so I said bye and hit the road.

Saturday I helped host a shower for my friend Tambra. She is getting married in August.

Me and Tambra:Opening some of her gifts:The bride with the hostesses:

It was a great shower and she got a lot of great loot!

It made me want to have another shower. If you are interested in throwing me one just let me know!

Sunday after church we went to a pizza buffet. Why is it when you eat at a buffet you feel that you must stuff-yourself-silly to get your full $7 worth?

I didn't eat the rest of the day because I was so full from my pizza buffet.

Then I cleaned my APT because I love coming home on Monday afternoon to a nice clean apartment.

And that was our first weekend in June!



The Swimsuit Incident

When I was in high school I had this amazing metabolism. I'm talking the kind of metabolisim that you only hear about in fairy-tales. 

I would eat and eat and hardly gain any weight.

In fact I can remember one specific time being upset because all my friends were a size five and I couldn't yet wear a five. 

Then I went to college.

Oh college.

I think I have mentioned this before, but during my freshman year of college I gained a considerable amount of weight.

It was around that same time that I developed an unhealthy body image. I never had an eating disorder, but I had a pretty warped view of my body.

During the time of my 'unhealthy body image' my family went on a summer vacation and planned to go to a water-park. Supposedly one of the best water-parks in the US. 

The water-park outing was scheduled for the last day of the vacation. So naturally I spent a ridiculous amount of the first part of the vacation dreading the thought of putting on a swimsuit. 

One day while my family was at the pool I went up to the hotel room and put on the swimsuit I brought to wear. I looked at myself in the mirror, and immediately thought: there is no way I can go in public like this.  I felt so uncomfortable in the bathing suit.

So I cried to my family and begged them to not go to the water-park. 

At the end of the vacation we went home, never stopping at the water-park.

Fast forward several  years later: I was watching a TV show with my then boyfriend (don't worry, he's my husband now) about the best water-parks in the US, and the infamous previously mentioned water-park was the #1 park. 

Immediately guilt washed over me. I thought about how my family could have gone to that park, but I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable with how I looked that I completely took the opportunity away from them. 

As I was watching the show I started crying,(this is why husband is so good, he knew I was crazy before he married me) I called my family and apologized to them for taking away their opportunity to go to the water-park. 

They of course thought I was crazy, and to be honest, most of them didn't even remember the event, yet it consumed me at that moment.

I still think about this often, and wonder how I could have been so self-involved that, because I was so ashamed of how I looked I made the choice for the rest of my family to not go and enjoy that park. 

Chances are, if my family had ended up going to the park, and I had ended up putting on that bathing suit, regardless of how uncomfortable I felt, the feelings probably would have disappeared after enjoying time with my family. 

I was thinking about this story the other day when it took a different turn in my heart and I thought about it a different way.

How many times do I miss opportunities to share the love of Christ with others simply because I am uncomfortable or embarrassed of how I might look?

How many times am I so self-involved worrying about myself and my own 'worries' when there are others around me who need to hear about the love of Christ? How there is a God that loves them more than they could imagine?

Yet I continue to look at myself in the mirror, focused on my needs, my wants, my insecurities, and my uncomfortableness. 

Like the 'swimsuit incident' I don't want to look back at my life,  and see perfect opportunities I had to share the love of Christ,  and realize that it was my own insecurity that held me back from sharing with somebody. 

I can't go back in time and tell the Megan in 'the swimsuit incident' to suck it up and not take away this opportunity from her family just because she is a little uncomfortable, but I can learn from it.

I can go into the future knowing that there are opportunities all around me to help others, and at the end of my life I don't want to feel guilty knowing I was so focused on myself or know that I was too uncomfortable to step out of my own box and help others. 

God's love is too amazing to not be shared.


A Typical Morning

This morning I was going through my usual routine trying to get ready for work as fast as possible.

It seems that lately I have been waking up later and later.

Which usually causes me to frantically run through the APT trying to get ready for work in record time.

Luke usually wakes up an hour before me so in the time that I run around like a crazy woman he usually: prepares and eats his breakfast, does a little reading, sips his coffee and enjoys Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN.

This all sounds nice, but after waking up late my entire life, I am afraid I will never enjoy the beauty of being an 'early bird'

So, this morning I was in the bathroom getting ready when Luke walked in looking very serious.

A little background info: He usually stops by the bathroom to say hello to me, while I am getting ready, but then he knows to quickly exit because 1. I don't have time to talk and 2. I am not, I repeat NOT a morning person.

It didn't take long for Luke to learn morning etiquette after we got married. He quickly learned when and when-not to talk to me. Plus he has learned that if I am doing my hair curly, the 10 minutes after I put the gel in my hair is considered 'critical hair time' and he is not allowed to come near my hair or attempt to touch it, and if he is hugging me goodbye, please do not touch the hair.

Anyways, this morning he came into the bathroom looking very serious so I immediately turned off the blow dryer and asked him what was wrong.

He then told me that he had to show me something but he didn't want me to not freak out, our scream out loud.

I then had visions of a giant snake in our closet, or a washing machine overflowing getting water everywhere, or worse yet a TV that had quit working.

But no, it was none of the above.

Very seriously my husband bent down his head to where the top of his hair was right in my eyes and pointed to his hair and said "LOOK, I have started going BALD".

I was staring at mounds and mounds of black hair. I saw absolutely no bald spots.

I didn't know whether to be angry because he was taking away precious hair drying minutes, or laugh because of his absurdity.

I chose to laugh, because I thought for sure he would laugh with me.

He didn't, he was completely serious.

People, have you seen my husbands hair? I think he can rest assured that he isn't going bald. In fact in my opinion he could afford to lose a bit of that wild hair.

Best picture of the top of his head I could find: Lots of hair (and this was right after a hair cut!):

However,this picture was taken almost a year ago and it was before we were married. Perhaps the stress of being married to me has taken its toll and caused him to start pre-mature balding?




Wednesday Night Pizza

I have mentioned several times that I LOVE pizza.

I could eat it every night for dinner and be completely satisfied.

Lately, as we have been trying not to eat out as much, I have started making our own pizza at home. Look how good tonight's pizza turned out:

*Please disregard the burnt spots on the baking stone. It said to put some kind of powder on it, I didn't have the powder it called for, so I put flour on it, only to later read on the box: DO NOT PUT FLOUR ON STONE. I don't know why, but the burnt spots could have something to do with the warning.

YUM! It was so good! Several bloggers suggested I use wheat crust. I already had this regular crust in the pantry but I am going to buy a wheat crust next time I go grocery shopping. Plus I always use turkey peperoni's, which makes me feel somewhat healthy.

After dinner we took a movie back to the rental store, that we was about two weeks overdo.

We are 25 and can't remember to take a movie back on time. Does anybody else have this problem?

And that friends was where the excitement of our evening ended.

I spent some of the evening watching True Hollywood Story: Full House.

I am such a sucker for those THS shows. I could watch them all day.

Anybody else enjoy them?

I wish they would make one for Dawson's Creek.



Tuesday Night

Tonight I solved my "What should I fix for dinner" dilemma by just going out to eat.

I am awesome at problem solving.

Luke and I met two friends at Panera and had some yummy soup and lots of laughs.

I am a big fan of the French Onion Soup at Panera but I am seriously afraid to attempt it on my own at home. Same with meatloaf, I'm not yet brave enough to try to cook it at home.

After dinner we planned to go to an ice cream shop but we went to its original location and it had moved.

There were signs saying that it moved behind McDonald's.

The only thing behind McDonald's was a a liquor story.

I don't know what that meant, but we never got our ice cream (or liquor).

After that Luke and I drove around looking at houses that were waaaaay out of our price range.

I have decided I love looking at houses, not houses for me to purchase but houses that are really expensive and beautiful.

Speaking of expensive and beautiful houses are you all still watching RHNJ? Is anybody completely weirded out by how much they refer to bubbies?? I have never heard of this term in my life.

Luke and I at dinner:
Our serious pose AKA: Not ready to have our picture taken yet.
Our dinner friends: Steph and Liz