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Still Here!

Today a friend asked me if I had quit blogging.

I had no idea why she would ask such a crazy question, until I looked at my blog and realized I hadn't blogged since Wednesday!!


I have been busy lately, but I didn't realize it had almost been a week since I last posted.

We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend and spent time with our families.

We had such a great time, but I didn't take any pictures.

Perhaps I was just trying to avoid the giant eye rolling that occurs from Luke whenever I pull out my camera.

Boys do not understand the importance of capturing every moment to store in a photo book and pull out to show our grand kids.

Monday we just hung out around the house and then went grocery shopping.

The highlight of our day was when we used our 'Go Green' grocery bags instead of the plastic bags. I feel like we did our part to help save the world.

I'm now realizing I have resorted to talking about grocery bags so I need to go ahead and end this post quick.

Basically I'm telling you to not give up on me! I'm still here!



  1. Hahah!!

    yay!! yes, the same thing happened to me over this past weekend.

    Glad to see we're both back at it though!


  2. welcome back! i was beginning to wonder where you were! : )

  3. Boys really don't get the importance of photos!! It drives me crazy when I get the eye roll!

  4. I did a whole POST one time on plastic bags! :) Those material grocery bags are the BEST!!!! Keep the food from rolling around the back seat too!!! & with the handles - awesome to carry in!

    Sorry... those bags excite me - doesnt take much!

    Glad to see you around! Thought you were just sad since you werent getting your Ryan Seacrest fill with AI gone :)

  5. Glad you're still there! :-)

  6. hilarious. i've been tweeting with you, so i feel like you've been here the whole time! :)

  7. If it wasn't for all your tweets I would have been really concerned! haha!

  8. Well, I must say, I was beginning to worry about you. It's not like you to be gone for so long... and not even a weekend wrap up!! LOL

    It's ok... I've had writer's block, too.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Glad to see you back! I keep meaning to Go takes such thought and preparation. Good for you! :)

    Have a great day, girl!

  10. TOTALLY understand!!! Oh, and don't feel alone, Hayden rolled his eyes and actually TOOK the camera away from me last night because I was taking pictures of our dinner. haha

  11. Megan,
    YAY wondering where ya been ~~ so glad your back!!!

    I love reuseable green (mine aren't green...but you know) bags, but I tend to forget mine when it comes time to go to the market. bummer.

    Have a Blessed day,

  12. Oh fun!!!-- I need to get some of those bags and USE THEM!!!

  13. WEG rolls his eyes whenever a camera surfaces, as well and then he usually makes a face like "woo, what fun"- such a smart a$$.

    I have the green grocery bags, but for some reason, I never remember to grab them from inside the house when I go to the store! I need a new procedure!

  14. I was wondering where you were too! My husband gives the eye roll sometimes too! UGH they just don't get it! glad you're back!

  15. ha ha ha!! You crack me up and I wish our men would get with it that pictures are so vital!! I too deal with the rolling of the eyes!

  16. Glad you're here! Sometimes I feel so much pressure to blog constantly -- like I'll be failed blogger if I miss to many days!

  17. Yes, men could care less about scrapbooks and such.

    Welcome back!

  18. even if you talk about grocery bags you make it interesting to read. you're a great writer!

    glad you're not giving up on blogging!

  19. but we'll always have your tweets!!

    although now that all of our tv shows are over... what am i gonna watch with you and BlueEyedBride?!? =)

  20. Girl, you know we'll NEVER give up on you!!!

  21. Yay! Glad you're back and doing good. Don't worry, we won't give up on you ;-)

  22. i was hoping you were doing well! grocery bags or not we'll read, haha!


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