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Pizza and new Shelves

First of all I just wanted to tell everybody thank you for your kind and encouraging words on my 'discontentment' post. I truly appreciated everybody sharing their own feelings and/or words of encouragement.

It is so great to have an avenue where I can truly express what I am thinking and feeling and have so many friends who can relate, share their own stories, or simply just give encouraging words.

Today when I got home from work Luke was sitting on the couch in his workout clothes ready to Shred.

I was secretly hoping that he forgot about our Shredding pact.
That was just wishful thinking.
So we shredded, and I have to say it is getting easier with each day.

30 minutes and lots of whining later we decided it was time to eat dinner.

Which was much more difficult than it sounds.

We have no food.
It is time to go grocery shopping, but for some reason we just haven't done it yet.
So instead we go through our kitchen trying to find anything to eat.
And please no chicken, I am not a big chicken person, and currently the idea of eating chicken makes me sick.

In an effort to use food that we already have, I suggested that we eat eggs and waffles for dinner.

Luke said that waffles would be too fattening.

He then suggested pizza.

Because that's not fattening.

But pizza sounded amazing and we had just worked out so we felt like pizza was appropriate. On the way home we stopped and got some ice cream. (rocky road ice cream to be exact)

I'm not necessarily sure that we could justify the ice cream, but we tried.

I have to stop for a moment and say, I am watching Dancing With The Stars and Melissa's abs are amazing.

I blame this on Jillian. I have never noticed another girl's abs until Jillian came into my life. Now everybody is competition. And her abs are some heavy competition.

In other non-ab related news: I got a cute new book shelf thingy.

I call it a thingy because I'm not going to keep books on it so then is it still called a book-shelf?

I have been looking for some sort of shelf arrangement to go next to our TV but I haven't been able to find one that I wanted.

This shelf still isn't exactly what I was looking for, but people, it was only $24 and that is just pure goodness.

I plan on using it for awhile until I find one I really like, then this cute little $24 will go in our guest room or bedroom. I can't quit saying $24, its such a good deal!
The new shelf:

Well I only have one more show to watch and my DVR will be completely empty.
I consider this a personal victory.
And just in case you are wondering, we finished a large pizza between the two of us. We don't mess around when it comes to eating!



  1. I LOVE pizza.

    I seriously have to avoid it at all costs or else I will eat a whole I just never eat it. Even when we go out to a pizza place I get a salad and a piece of garlic bread.

    I have ZERO self-control if I as much as have a bite.

  2. Nice job with the shelves!! They look happy! :)

  3. I love the new shelves and pizza sounds SO yummy! We had pancakes for dinner, and they turned out TERRIBLE. I think I added too much water to the batter and they were wretched. :( I seriously need to go back to wife basics 101!!!! :)

  4. I love this post. Because when I work out, it's really only so I can eat more. Which isn't the best way to get good abs, but whatever.

    :-) I like the shelves. Especially because they were only $24!

  5. I like your shelf thingy, it's very cute! And we can polish off a whole pizza too (insert shameful face) Hey if you are gonna splurge then do it right! right???

  6. we have almost nothing in the house either!=) we had a homemade store pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert (bear tracks and pb cup) too!! although we didn't shred...hmmm=)

    i have been wanting to get a cute ladder shelf too, great deal!

  7. Hi Megan,

    I'm your follower by the way and I love reading every details of your post.

    My boyfriend and I always struggle when we came to eating or dinner..We both have no idea what to eat and when one suggest this,the other one will said why don'y we eat frustrating sometimes.As time pass,we knew each other taste.

    So,no more argument for food!!Haha

    And ohh..I love your shelf especially it was $24!!

  8. Wow girl, you can pack that pizza!! lol

  9. Way to go on Shredding! And I totally think you deserved the pizza and ice cream!

  10. Pizza after Jillian sounds like a DELICIOUS way to end the work ou. And then followed by Rocky Road? I think we might have more in common than I thought! your new shelf :)

  11. i love the shelves-- and i completely understand the DVR victory! i feel the same way!

  12. Haha!!! Love reading your stuff, you crack me up, and girl.... the pizza and ice cream...TOTALLY justifiable!!! :)

  13. I adore pizza. Jillian would not be pleased, but my tastebuds would be happy :)

  14. I think your $24 shelf is great!! Looks good :)

  15. Shredd so you can eat pizza guilt free! :o)

    I too have a weird thing to look at women's abs... & arms!!! It makes me think "I wanna be like her"... I think Jillian started all this madness!!!!

    And your shelf looks great! Good deal too!

  16. I made the mistake of making chocolate chip cookies last night. This means that I ate a lot of cookie dough and then some cookies. Why do I do that to myself??? Its just so good though!

  17. where'd you get that $24 shelf? I like it! I wish Dale would work out with seems as though I push hard in the gym by myself, then go home to him wanting to eat something terribly greasy and fattening. I have some self-control, most of the!

    You and Luke still need to come to Denton! If it takes a gig to get your here, there are tons of places to play! :)

  18. Love it!! The shelf, the pizza, and the ice cream. LOL

    Last night I had to have sour patch kids. Which I felt so guilty about... I mean, isn't it totally counter-acting my shredding?? But I had to have them :(

  19. I can't believe you got that for $24...that's awesome!

  20. oh me and my dvr need to have a date.. i have been soo busy.. as you can tell.. too busy to even breathe or even blog but I am today as soon as I get a chance;) I am having hideaway pizza tonight:) yummy! and that shelf is adorable !i want another one for my house too! Also, so fun meeting you! we have to do that more often:)!

  21. Mmmm LOVE pizza!!! And love the shelf!

  22. love the shelf! and you so deserved the pizza and ice cream! : )

  23. Uh I can simply eat an entire pizza by myself.

    I actually consider that quite an amazing feat!

  24. Yes, Melissa's abs are incredible.. She's got my post pregnancy dream body! :)

    you deserved the pizza and ice cream girl!

    *Where did you get that shelf? I have been looking for something just that height and style for the nursery. And it's a great price!


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