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My One Week Dream

For about the past week or so Luke and I have been actively pursuing purchasing a home.

It all happened very quickly.

We found a house we fell in love with.

It was in our budget.

So we got to work.

It still needed some finishing touches, so we went and priced (and in my mind picked out) various household appliances, we picked out carpet, and we filled out all of the necessary bank paperwork.

We were ready to put an offer on the house, but first we had somebody come out to inspect the home.

This is where the story turns sour.

Turns out the cute brand new home was a complete CRAP HOLE.

So many things were wrong with it; we were wisely advised to not purchase this home.

And that was where my dreams went up in smoke.

Dreams of granite counter tops, a brick mailbox, a neighborhood where we could actually make friends, a home where we could do the Shred video without having the lady below us bang on her ceiling (our floor), a closet that had enough room for clothes of all seasons, a garage to park our cars in, to protect them from the Oklahoma storms and a yard, a beautiful yard that we could frolic in.

These dreams all vanished in one quick second.

Like we do anything else, we completely covered the whole situation in prayer and gave it to God.

Apparently he thinks we need to live in our bird poop covered apartment a little longer.

Which, I’m not one to argue with God, but I have to say I was really digging the life I had pictured in that house.

Whenever I received the news that the house was no longer an option, I didn’t handle it very well. I won’t tell you exactly how I handled it, but it resulted in my cute, loving husband giving me a speech about how to better handle my emotions.

For some reason he thinks throwing a temper tantum is not a good emotion-handling-mechanism.

I had tried not to get excited about the house, and I had tried not to ‘picture’ us living our life in that cute house, but it was inevitable, and the fall back to reality was a pretty hard fall.

Luke suggested that we go look at houses this weekend, I told him I can't let myself get emotionally involved with another house. I might just stay in the good ole APT forever.

I'm still working on managing those emotions.

So for now I am choosing to have faith that God has the perfect house just waiting for us somewhere, even though my flesh wants to scream and cry.

Choosing to have faith.......



  1. I know how you feel! That happened to us a few times, but I'm so happy it did, because the house we got is perfect for us. I know God has a plan for you guys!!

    James 1:2-4

  2. I'm sorry that your week long dream went up in smoke. That's always sad.

    I internally throw temper tantrums. God's been speaking to me about managing my emotions, too.

  3. House hunting is hard and emotions run high. But stick with it and you'll find something perfect!

  4. Bless your sweet heart. That really stinks! The good news is that there is a perfect house out there for you and once you fall in love with it and move in it, you will be glad the "crap hole" fell through. I,too,choose to throw temper tantrums as well. It really makes Josh very upset with me!:)

  5. So disappointing but I promise that when you do find the house you'll buy you'll be so thankful you didn't buy a home that was full of problems!

  6. Oh girl - I know you will find the perfect house for you and it WON'T be a crap hole. It does suck that you fell in love with this one, though. I am certain you were vey upset - and I think it's totally justified. But this just means that God has something much better in store for you and when that comes, you wil forget all about the CRAP HOLE!

  7. How upsetting :( As another apartment resident, I feel your pain. TERRIBLY. I so badly want to find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. And to find it and have it shot down must definitely be disappointing. But, like you said, God is in control. You'll end up in the perfect place for you guys!! For now, keep making noise when you're doing the Shred so your neighbor can bang on your ceiling!

    And to answer your question from earlier today, I teach 4th grade, and for the most part, I love it!

  8. Megan,
    Chase (g-babe's daddie =) just put an offer on a house, the offer was the exact amount the seller was asking, Chase also offered to pay closing cost and then waited to hear the GREAT news that the seller accepted and he and his cute Tonya would be home owners. Well the owner came back and declined the I told hubs it was a total God thing. This must not be the house for them. God has it picked out ~~ He knows what they need. And He knows what you need to ~~ so keep that faith dear sweet girl =)

    Much love and hugs to you tonight,

  9. aww hon. that blows. BUT.. at least you found out that it was a "crap hole" before you bought it and ended up in over your head. you guys could have been in a terrible situation if things had gotten bad with the house.. just think like that. and you will find a house.. they are popping up everywhere right now! thank you recession.. just keep looking.. i'll be thinking of you.

    i would do the shred even louder. probably why i've been kicked out of my last two apt. complexes! can't even believe i just admitted that...

  10. Everything happens for a reason and I know its hard to imagine now but believe it or not God has a much more perfect home picked out for you guys! (And be thankful you found out about the problems BEFORE you purchased it!)

  11. Ooh I think my husband and I are about to start the process of looking for a house to buy. And by start, I mean we're beginning to talk about looking for a house! I foresee this being a long process as our ideal homes are quite different in price range...ha!!

  12. Again - I'm really sorry. My dreams were a little crushed too. I hate to say it but I also had dreamed about you and Luke coming over for Saturday night movie night or cooking out in the backyard. But you're right - it's all in God's plan.

  13. my word! i know that is so disappointing. i would be throwing some moderate to severe tantrums as well my friend. but i am so glad the PERFECT how is out there waiting. can't wait til ya'll find it so we can throw happy tantrums. :-)

  14. oh I am so sorry about that - I am absolutely TERRIBLE at not being controlled by my emotions . . .

    I will be praying that you find the PERFECT house :-) I know you will!

  15. Oh man, I'm so sorry! That's so upsetting. I understand why you would have gotten attached to the house, and the fact that it was very emotional when they told you it wasn't going to work!

    But do leave it up to God, He's got something perfect in store for you!

  16. House hunting is never easy. we had been looking (but not actively) and then a house we had always thought was adorable came up for sale and it was in our budget! We saw it, liked it and scheduled a second showing. The morning of our second showing (when we were going to be putting in an offer) we found out someone had already offered full price so if we wanted it, it would have been a bidding war. No thank you! We also saw one that had "lipstick on a pig" and looked really great, but it was all just cosmetic and there were some major structural issues. But we eventually found one that we love!

    I think house hunting is more difficult on girls, because we start nesting whereas guys might just see it as an investment and a place to live.

  17. I'm so sorry Megan.
    I can only imagine getting your hopes up and then receiving that news. awwww

    I remember years and years ago Dan & I were needing a bigger home and we wanted one in a better neighborhood. I found one that was older but had everything we needed. It didn't work out. Later when I would drive by that house I would notice what someone pointed out to me had a very saggy roof. I look back now and thank God that didn't work out. Just trust God and pray that He will send you the perfect place in His time.

    God is your guide and He will work it all out in time.

    I've prayed this verse for my own kids in different situations: Isaiah 48:17 NIV "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."

    Trust Him. He not only wants good for you, He wants the best for you. :)


  18. You know, the SAME EXACT thing happened to us. I cried and pitched a fit! But do you know a month later an even MORE PERFECT (seriously perfect) house in the same neighborhood, which passed the inspection with flying colors, came on the market? We put on offer down and they REJECTED IT! I cried and pitched a fit again. Another month went by (and a long one at that...we were living with Hayden's parents), and the house was still on the market, so we made the SAME offer again, and this time they accepted! We moved into the house 3 weeks after that and lived happily ever after. :)

    God knows what's best for you.

  19. I'm so sorry! That is so hard. I totally understand b/c that happened to Jon and I as well. It is so hard not to emotionally move into a house that you love and that you think you're going to get.

    I can promise you, though, that there is an even more perfect house waiting for you guys. I'm sure you're sick of hearing that, but I have to say it b/c it's true! I can say that now b/c we are moving into our perfect house today after many dream houses went up in smoke. I'm so thankful now that we stayed patient and waited.

    Just continue to trust Him! He'll take care of your guys the very best way!

  20. oh, i'm so sorry. buying a home can be so much fun, but so frustrating! hang in there-- i think patience is key (and faith obviously) because so many things can change and happen and open up at any time. God's going to take care of y'all!

  21. How disappointing! When we were house hunting it was very frustrating. It can be a long process, but just continue to trust in Him. I hope you find something that you fall in love with!

  22. Oh and I have seen a lot of cute houses for sale in my neck of the woods...just throwing that out there! haha!

  23. That's really hard, I know. I'm sorry, but you KNOW that God has something even cuter waiting for you.

  24. i totally know what you went through! the whole house-buying process is such an emotional rollercoaster and boys just don't understand how we're already picturing how we'll decorate every room before we even put an offer down!

    just keep having faith that God has the perfect timing. :)

  25. I know exactly what you mean! We looked at a lot of houses and for at least 6 months we just looked and I would get attached to so many and then get disappointed. I think my husband was about to leave me at home when we looked. Luckily God was good and provided us with a great house, and I love it! It might not be big enough for kids so we might have to move some day, and I am already dreading that time. It will happen. Keep the faith!

  26. Awe, I hope you guys find another house soon, that is just the one that God has for you!! =)

  27. I know that is beyond disappointing, but the perfect house will come along for y'all soon I bet! Keep having faith :-) Better to find out beforehand that the place was a craphole than to buy it, move in, and then be constantly doing work!

  28. That sucks!!! But you know what, that just means when you finally do purchase your first home together it will be the right one. These things take time. Alot of time. You don't want to rush when buying a house. You'll find one=)

  29. I am sorry that you got so emotionally attached to that house, but I am so thankful that God spared you from getting it if it had all those problems.

    From my experience, when I don't get something I want, God always seems to have something WAY better in store! He is always able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think!

    Can't wait to see what He has in store for you and Luke!

  30. I have a friend who's choosing to live in a tent for the next 6 month.

    I think you have it pretty good.

  31. There r two houses in my neighborhood for sale:)
    We had almost the same thing happen.. We started picking out paint colors.. Cabinets.. Granite, all the details., then the we found out the realtor lied to us about a lot of stuff and Ryan didn't feel good about going that route .. So I threw a fit too!! No fun!!
    U will find the right house for u guys!! I know u will! I will keep u n my prayers!

  32. gosh! I hate that for you guys!! You are right though, God has the perfect plan, with the perfect the perfect time!!

  33. I have recently learned that often times God has bigger plans for us than we have for ourselves. I'm sure He has an even BETTER house in mind for you and your husband! Keep the faith!

  34. Oh girl, He does. His timing is perfect, His ways are perfect even when we think something is better for us. Hang in there. I know the feeling you have wanting to buy a house so desperately. It will come, keep holding onto your faith.

  35. that is such a bummer, I know exactly how that is! But every time it happened to us God brought something even better=)!! It is definitely a fun but can be very frustrating process, but how exciting that you get to buy a house, yay! Saying a prayer for an even better house in the perfect neighborhood for you two cute lovebirds=)!

  36. Sorry about the house honey! Buying our condo was sooooo stressful. My advice is to be patient (even when it's hard to be) because if you're not you might regret it. I know the right place will be there when it's right!


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