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Love, Don't Love

If you have read this blog in the past you have probably read about my immense love for my Paul Mitchell straightener. This thing revolutionized my life.

Well I have another love, my Paul Mitchell blow dryer. This thing rocks my world.

I recently got it for Christmas, and it cost more than I care to say.

Some people think all blow dryers are equal, those people probably have bad hair.

Totally kidding, but trust me, a blow dryer is NOT just a blow dryer.

I knew the first time my hair girl used this dryer on my head I had to have it.

So you can imagine how distraught I was when Sunday morning my blow dryer quit working.

Just stopped.

I plugged it and there was no blowing of hot hair. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

I wanted to cry, in fact I think I did a little.

I immediately texted my hair girl to make sure she would be at church that morning. This was no time to skip church, I had an EMERGENCY.

I gave her my blow dryer, explained how it quit working and asked her to do anything to get me a new one, short of stealing one. I was even OK with a little lying, I just needed my magical dryer back.

I told her to find a solution to this problem no matter what.

The next day she called me to let me know that she had found a solution, she plugged it in and pushed that little reset button on the plug in part.

It magically started working.

Another classic example of me freaking out, instead of taking the time to problem solve.

Now, this could be a little TMI, but do you know what I do not love? Peeing in a cup. Seriously, it’s a difficult task. I had to go to the Dr. today and use The Cup (and not for a pregnancy or drug test, don’t worry I’m clean in both areas). When they gave me the cup I was tempted to ask for a bowl. Why do they make those cups so dang small??? I knew I was going to have to use The Cup so I chugged two bottles of water on the way to the Dr.'s office. Apparently I forgot about the sitting in the waiting room part. When they finally gave me The Cup I pretty much sprinted to the bathroom.

Do you know what else I love? Rainy days. It has been raining here for around 10 days straight and while most are complaining I am enjoying it. I’m not a depressed person, I just love rainy, dreary days. Which reminds me that I have never had a good pair of rain boots. If it keeps raining this much it might be a good investment.

Speaking of love, here is an excellent picture of love.

My nephew Maxton LOVES animals and sometimes he loves them a little too much.

Yesterday he got a hold of the family cat Smokey and wanted to give him a hug. However he wouldn’t let go.

Case and point:

Yes, that is our gray cat trapped in the deathly grip of Maxton's love.

We should all have somebody who loves us that much.

*Several of you asked about my new shelf thingy, I got it at Gordman's*


  1. I just started laughing when I saw that picture- adorable!

  2. That picture is so cute! You should've put a picture of you hugging your hair dryer. ha ha!

  3. The hair dryer story made me laugh out loud. So many times I've been fooled by that red button. I had to pee in a tiny cup today, as well. My problem is not having enough...I always empty my bladder before going to the doc, not thinking about the tiny cup in my future. I LOVE the pic of your nephew and the cat! HA!

  4. Please do tell what makes your dryer so magical. Is it an ultra fast dryer? Does it make the hair shiny?? I need to know!!!!

  5. Ha..ha..I'm laughing about the blow dryer thing! It's happened to me a few times, but never to that extent. Also-I HATE PEEING IN CUPS!!! Women are not built for that.period. That is the cutest pic of your nephew and kitty...PRESH! I hope he didn't get a furball :P

  6. Little Maxton is so adorable! After all, the world needs more love, right?!

  7. Haha!!!!!! LOVE it!!!! Girl, I have a Paul Mitchell straightner, we might have the same one, is yours green in the inside? It too ROCKED my world!!!!!!!

    TMI?? It's your blog, why should you care??? haha!!!!

    I too love rainy days at times, but I'm a type of person where the weather really affects my mood at times. So glad I live in the sunshine state, haha!!!

    Love you and your randomness!!!! :)

  8. this cracks me up!!! Where do I find these magical hair machines?? I need some better ones!! I love rain..when I can sit at home...but works in it...UGH UGH UGH!!! :) I want to watch movies in it, haha.

  9. That picture is hilarious! So precious!

  10. LOVE this post, you're funny! lol. Maxton is adorable and i agree, ladies should at least be given a bowl!!

  11. Cute picture! I,too, had a hair dryer incident this week--involved flames shooting at my head. Not fun!

    Glad you got yours working again! Those little red buttons are tricky, LOL!

  12. I'm in need of a new straightener... I was going to get a Chi, but your post is making me consider a Paul Mitchell straightener...

  13. I've done the same.exact.thing. with my hairdryer. Reset button....what a concept!

    The photo of Maxton is SOOO adorable.

  14. Not all blowdryers are created equal, not at all. I got a professional one for my birthday and it's the best thing ever! My mom thought I was nuts since it was so expensive but she just doesn't understand.

  15. Pesky "Reset" buttons!!!

    That grip on the cat is hilarious!!!

    And I HATE peeing in a cup - yeah, how do they expect you to get it in there? It ends up all over my hands...ewwww....

    It reminds me of Wayne's world where he tells him to "Spew" into this.. & its a little Dixie cup... aint going to happen..

  16. That must be a really relaxed cat! I can't believe he's just letting M hold on to him. I'm guessing he's been declawed.
    Ah, yes the magical reset button! haha!

  17. oh my word that picture is precious!

    I have had many hair tools stop working and it was a major crisis haha! I may just have to check into that blow dryer!

  18. Maxton is so cute! I love the picture and I am glad your hairdryer works now :-)

  19. Ok I hate to even admit this but this has definitely happened to me with my Chi & I almost started freaking out---at least Hubby was there to set me straight! ;o)

  20. you need my phone number...i like to fix things. my immediate thought when you were talking about your hair dryer was, "surely she tried hitting the reset button, right". hair dryers are important..especially to a girl like me who has enough hair for three heads. :)

  21. what a precious picture! and when my hair dryer goes out the world ends!

    and... i have a peeing in a cup story that i may tell in a couple of posts. :)

  22. speaking of LOVe.. I love this post Megan.. Love it:) It made me smile! I had a similar thing happen to me and my croc straighten.. and girl you do not want to see me with blow dried hair and no straighten job! ugh! What is teh name of your blog dryer> sounds like I need one:) and of course.. love the picture of maxton and the kitty! oh and love you:)!

  23. Haha - I have done things like that before! I also hate peeing in cups. It is so much easier for a guy, they should think about us poor women!

  24. i don't have a prof hair dryer but i've been thinking about it! does yours help cut down on frizz?? or crazy flyin' hairs?

    i was going to write a post about peeing in a cup while super preggy haha, it is just craziness no matter what!!=)

    that pic is adorable!

  25. This post made my day! :-) thanks for the laugh today!

  26. Oh my gosh Megan, I am crying I am laughing so hard reading this post. I don't even know where you begin. You are a riot and that picture just put it over the top.

  27. You guys should totally submit that photo to (the place with the lol cats). I'm sure people would come up with some really funny captions for it.

  28. So glad that the problem with the hair dryer was simply the dreaded red button!

    That picture of the cat is hilarious! He looks like he's about the size of my Lewis. Is he a Ragdoll cat? He's clearly in the death grip. Poor thing.

  29. darn that reset button!! glad it was an easy fix.

    and i think i will look at that picture of maxton and the cat everyday from here on out. it brings me GREAT joy and laughter.

  30. that picture seriously made my night! oh my word!! that is so cute!


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