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Just Not Ready Yet

This evening we met my mom at the halfway point between our two towns to 'trade off' my sister. She finished her test and will get the results in about 3 weeks.

Our halfway point is in a parking lot in a small town. Tonight was a beautiful night so we ended up hanging out in the parking lot just hanging out and having lots of fun.

And whenever my cute little nephew is around, there is fun to be had for sure!


The following pictures are proof that I am not ready to take upon the role of a mother.
Not. Quite. Yet.

Picture 1:
Here I am having fun holding Maxton, he is so stinking cute and has such a fun personality, I think this is where I was asking him about his day, he loves to talk to you in his baby gibberish.Well, as any 11 month baby does, he started to get restless and wanted on the ground. He didn't have any shoes on and I didn't want to put his little bare feet on the pavement, so I decided my shoulders would be a good place for him.

Picture 2:
Here he is on, on my shoulders, everything seems to be going well, except.....wait, what is that in his hands? Is that my hair? YES. Is it hurting? YES. Does he seem way to happy to be pulling my hair? YES. Do I look like I am in pain? YES!
Aunt Megan is done, the child must come down, I am in a severe amount of pain.

Picture 3:
Here I am trying to remove the child from my shoulders while trying to keep a few of my hairs attached.

If it looks like I am crying, its probably because I was. I have a tender head. Picture 4:
Here I am STILL trying to remove him! Please notice the deathly grip he has around my neck and how is finger (with long nails might I had) is cutting into my mouth.

Any happiness and carefree laughter is long gone.

You cannot see Luke and Kati laughing on the side while my mom was taking pictures.

Thanks for the help family.

My scalp will never be the same, and I will NEVER put that kid back on my shoulders!! :-)



  1. Oh I love the pictures - it goes from "yay, this is fun!" to "get him off of me!"

  2. OUCH! At least he's adorable!

  3. Too funny!!! Although your scalp probably doesn't think sooo, haha!!! :O)

  4. hahahaha. Love it and love that your family took pics instead of heping.

    But he is so so cute!

  5. Your hair & the reaction on your face is great!!! But he looks like he's having so much fun!

  6. My cousin used to love to pull my hair. I feel your pain.

  7. haha this is hilarious! :-) Jayci always does that to me too (pulls my hair - and my earrings too - watch out for that one!)

  8. that is hiliarious, although I feel your pain.

    What a cutie though!!

  9. Ha! These pics are so funny. That Maxton is just adorable!!

  10. Haha, thats funny! I read it twice!

  11. I love those- they're hilarious!

  12. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for the laugh this morning! You crack me up.... man did he have a death grip.

    I have a super tender head so I completely understand! Ouch...

  13. You are so funny! That Maxton is adorable!

  14. You will be a great mom and you are already a great aunt!! What a cutie pie he is!

  15. Haha - I love the fact they don't stop taking pics to help rescue you!

  16. oh my gosh! I am in LOVe with these pictures.. oh stinking cute are you:) and maxton:) soo FUN:) u will be ready someday.. maxton is good practice;)

  17. he is adorable!! he loves you and you will be such a good momma!!


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