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Eating and Reality TV

At the beginning of my freshman year of college I was so scared.

I wasn't scared of not making friends.

I was not scared of making bad grades.

I was not scared of living on my own.

I was deathly afraid of the Freshman 15.

Perhaps you have heard of it? This is the supposed amount of weight that the average student gains during their freshman year of college.

The first thing I bought in my college town was not my books for my classes, it was not a new T-shirt to proudly display my love for the University, it was a gym membership.

I went to the gym everyday and worked my little heart out. Rain, Sleet, Snow, I was there.

I am here to tell you I gained around 20-25 pounds that year.

It was not muscle weight. So please do not tell me it was, it bothers me when people say that.

See the problem was I would go work out for hours, and then go back to my dorm room and satisfy my working out with lots of food.

I didn't know how to balance the two.

So, my sophomore year I met a cute Indian, we went out to eat every night and I quit working out.

I lost all the weight.

Every pound I gained, I lost, by eating at McDonald's with that cute boy.

For the rest of my college experience I was too scared to work out because I was afraid I would gain weight.

Well recently I have started to feel sluggish, like my heart needs a little pick-me-up.

Sitting at a desk, followed by sitting on the couch doesn't seem to be doing much for my heart and blood flow.

In fact I remember feeling 'winded' after climbing some stairs the other day.

Well you all know the story, Luke and I are doing Jillian's Shred.

And once again I am gaining weight. I am working out and I feel better, but yet my pants, are getting tighter (and I will reinstate it is NOT muscle weight).

This could be because after I started doing The Shred Ihave started eating a lot more lately

I do not do it on purpose, I think its a mental thing. Because I'm working out, then I subconsciously start eating more.

On Saturday I had 3 hot dogs for lunch, with Salt and vinegar chips. THREE HOTDOGS.

What kind of person eats three hot dogs other than a 13 year old boy going through puberty?

Surely not a 25 year old girl whose metabolism is slowing down at an incredibly rapid pace (quite ironic)

So I am trying to figure out whether I should stop working out to help control my eating, or just try to learn self control.

Self control is hard to learn.

I do want to say, the hot dogs were actually turkey dogs, so atleast I am thinking along the lines of healthiness.

On to reality TV:

Did anybody watch The Amazing Race this season?

I won't give away who the winner was, but I have to say I was very happy!

If you did watch it did you think that red headed girl was the meanest girl ever? I don't remember her name, but if you watched it you know how I was talking about.

I would LOVE to go on The Amazing Race.

What Reality show would you want to go on?


  1. Working out causes me to be "starving"! Seriously, I thought I was the only one. I have to try to control myself though. Try drinking lots of water instead, it helps me! Sometimes thirst is mistaken with hunger.

  2. I want to eat everything in sight after I workout! But I'm with Melissa, drink lots of water after you workout! I also drink juice sometimes and that helps with my urge to eat.

  3. I always eat a lot after working out. If you learn the secret to self control please share it! :) My only suggestion would be to make a smoothie... it's cold and thick so it takes awhile to drink and you may find that you aren't hungry by the time you finish it!

  4. I am the same way with working out! I go to the gym, then I come home in point, I biked 6 miles yesterday, did some weight training, and what did I do? I ate 3 pieces of fudge after my dinner. And then I may or may not have eaten another snack while watching tv at 9. I find that if I keep the junk out of my house, I snack less. I try to have hummus and veggies or pitas to snack on. But teacher appreciation week was last week and I am well stocked with sweets right now!

    Nice choice on the salt & vinegar chips, though! They are my favorite!

  5. I too cannot climb the stairs without feeling winded - this makes me realize I need to work out too - I have 0 motivation.

  6. I do the same thing - I eat like a crazy woman when it's "running season." No idea why.

  7. everyone's body is so different... maybe you need to put on some weight so it'll turn into muscle... just keep on making yourself healthy! That's all that matters!

    And for a reality show - I'd totally be on Dancing with the Stars - no doubt!!! Gotta dance with Tony or Mark... love me those guys!!!

  8. I'm with you, girl, and don't think you're alone in this. I find after I work out I'm hungrier too!

  9. I always do that. Why work out unless it's so you can eat more?! haha

    I dont know what reality show I'd like to be on . . . maybe So You Think You Can Dance? Except I know I can't dance. . . and I am way too much of a "play it safe" kind of gal to be on Amazing Race - we would lose for sure!

    ps - 3 hotdogs sound normal/good to me!

  10. I have this problem too! I have ZERO self control and I think that if I work out for 20 minutes that I should get to eat whatever I want. Not so! This is why I am counting calories. I don't want to be counting calories for the rest of my life, but hopefully this will help me to think about these things more and just automatically know what I should and should not put in my mouth.

  11. I have soo been there friend.. I after I stopped working out and took a lil break.. I lost ten pounds... some of it, is prolly muscle.. but I too workout and then have to eat something, anything!
    I would love 3 hotdogs right now..maybe four:)

  12. Ok girl, I think we're all realizing that we're not the only one's!!! Praise the LORD!!! Ever since I started the Shred I have been STARVING!!! I mean, seriously, starving!

    It has to be all about the burning of calories and stuff, but seriously, what the heck??? I'm right there with you...

  13. I've gone through the same me, you aren't alone! When we were marathon training you would have thought I'd have lost weight seeing as how I was burning so many calories, but I didn't lose an ounce because I was eating so dang much! I vote for you to try to find that balance rather than stop exercising. It's so good for your body to exercise! I feel like I've found somewhat of a balance now, but it helps that I count my calories and I just don't allow myself to go over (at least most days:) because I'm trying to lose about 10 lbs. I'm sure you don't want or need to count because you don't need to lose weight! So, I'd say just try to remember that you don't need to eat a whole lot more just because you're exercising. I burn about 300 calories doing level 2 shred, and 300 calories doesn't go very far depending on what you're eating. Remember that you'll be exercising for the rest of your life to stay healthy, so putting out extra effort now to find that balance now will be worth it. You can do it! It may just take a little practice to figure out what works for you!

    Sorry for the novel, but I also have to say that I LOVE Amazing Race and it would definitely be my 1st choice of a reality show to go on. I was thrilled about who won...I voted for them the whole time! And I wanted to slap the redhead girl (Jaime or Cara?). Especially when they were in Thailand and she was so mean. You have no right to be mean to people in a country where you're the visitor!!

  14. Yes, we love the Amazing Race! I could NEVER go on that show, as much as I would want to. Travel, especially by plane, is not my strong suit =)

  15. We watched Amazing Race and I liked the sister but not the brother! I didn't really care who won though, cause my favorites got U-turned early on and were out:-( I would go on Big Brother if I could bring my husband with me. I love that show!

  16. i gained the famous 15 my first year of college too but because i didn't work out. and it took me a long time to get it off. i hate diets!!!

  17. Reality show, hmmm, um dancing with the stars but I guess I would have had to been on the Bachelor but that won't happen cause I am married. What about game shows Megan, Deal or No Deal, cause it takes no brain power to pick a case!! HA!!! Or Wheel of Fortune!! I know that's not what you asked, but ewwwww I love Wipe Out!!! We are counting down the days till it comes on!!!

  18. I'd wanna be on American Idol or Americas Got Talent!

  19. I totally think you should go on the Amazing Race! Would Luke be your partner?? I ask b/c my husband and I have decided that we could NEVER do the race together!!! Of course, I could never do it period, because I am a wimp and am not good under pressure!!! ha!
    I have no advice about the eating, except that my philosophy with working out has always been "I can eat this because I worked out." :)
    I just love you, girlie!!! Enjoy the Biggest Loser and Idol tonight! It's a GREAT TV night!! (We are celebrating with pizza and ice cream, I think!!! ha!)

  20. Wow. Are you going to keep up with the shred? That is funny that you say that about the hot dogs BECAUSE I had a hot dog and cheeseburger the other day for lunch. I honestly could have gone for another cheeseburger but stopped myself. Grilling out is a danger zone for me.

    I guess just try to figure out a nutrition plan. I'm pretty sure they have websites where you can get a plan for free.

  21. I've found that in the beginning of the working out push, I am hungrier. But, I eventually get to a point where my appetite starts to wane.

    Right now, I'm trying to get back into a hard-core workout routine, again. I just can't find that dreaded time.

    Reality shows... I'd want to be on So You Think You Can Dance or Big Brother. One of my friends was on this season of Survivor... he'd been a fanatic since Season One and actually made it. Then, lol, he was the 5th voted off.

  22. Hands down it would be a version of Real Housewives.

  23. Uh I eat like a pig when working out. I like to think of it as a reward! So I would not take my advice at all. =)

    I totally want to do Dancing with the Stars.. Oh.. now how to get famous?!?

  24. my clothes fit tighter the more i workout, too. weird. but i do eat more so i guess it really isn't that weird. you look great regardless!


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