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Weekly Weekend Update and Your Help!

I love my little blogging friends. You all are so helpful and share some great advice. So many of you could relate to my house-hunting woes. Thank for all of your encouraging comments!

Thursday I swore of house-hunting forever and that lasted two days. Saturday we spent all day driving around looking at houses. And when I say all day, I mean ALL day.

At one time this was fun and exciting.

Now its just annoying. I told Luke I want to go out of the country for the month and come back and during the time I was gone I want him to have purchased a home, and moved all of our stuff into the home. That plan sounds beautiful to me.

He said if I'm going out of the country he wants to go also. Looks like my plan isn't going to work.

Actually I really don't dislike it as much as I make it sound, I tend to be a little dramatic. While it has been a little exhausting, it has also been a little fun at the same time. And I am thankful that we have the opportunity to purchase a home.

Today was a beautiful hot Oklahoma day so I spent a little bit of time by the pool. I lasted approximately 15 minutes. I am not one of those girls that could lay out for hours. I get really bored and really hot, and I don't like to get in the water. I don't like getting all wet and wrinkly and then you have to get out and dry off. It is all very inconvenient to me.

Anyways, as I was sitting by the pool bored, I realized that usually by this time in the summer I am thoroughly engrossed in a book, and this year I don't have a book to read. I need to find a good book to read. Actually several good books to read, or preferably a good series to read throughout the summer.

So I want to know what your very favorite book is. Preferably fiction. Give me some good summer reading suggestions!!



My One Week Dream

For about the past week or so Luke and I have been actively pursuing purchasing a home.

It all happened very quickly.

We found a house we fell in love with.

It was in our budget.

So we got to work.

It still needed some finishing touches, so we went and priced (and in my mind picked out) various household appliances, we picked out carpet, and we filled out all of the necessary bank paperwork.

We were ready to put an offer on the house, but first we had somebody come out to inspect the home.

This is where the story turns sour.

Turns out the cute brand new home was a complete CRAP HOLE.

So many things were wrong with it; we were wisely advised to not purchase this home.

And that was where my dreams went up in smoke.

Dreams of granite counter tops, a brick mailbox, a neighborhood where we could actually make friends, a home where we could do the Shred video without having the lady below us bang on her ceiling (our floor), a closet that had enough room for clothes of all seasons, a garage to park our cars in, to protect them from the Oklahoma storms and a yard, a beautiful yard that we could frolic in.

These dreams all vanished in one quick second.

Like we do anything else, we completely covered the whole situation in prayer and gave it to God.

Apparently he thinks we need to live in our bird poop covered apartment a little longer.

Which, I’m not one to argue with God, but I have to say I was really digging the life I had pictured in that house.

Whenever I received the news that the house was no longer an option, I didn’t handle it very well. I won’t tell you exactly how I handled it, but it resulted in my cute, loving husband giving me a speech about how to better handle my emotions.

For some reason he thinks throwing a temper tantum is not a good emotion-handling-mechanism.

I had tried not to get excited about the house, and I had tried not to ‘picture’ us living our life in that cute house, but it was inevitable, and the fall back to reality was a pretty hard fall.

Luke suggested that we go look at houses this weekend, I told him I can't let myself get emotionally involved with another house. I might just stay in the good ole APT forever.

I'm still working on managing those emotions.

So for now I am choosing to have faith that God has the perfect house just waiting for us somewhere, even though my flesh wants to scream and cry.

Choosing to have faith.......



The Bread Dilemma

It has almost been a year since Luke and I got married and it has flown by.

You always hear that the first year is hard to survive, but I feel like ours wasn't bad. Did we fight? Heck yes. But for the most part it was a great first year of marriage.

While thinking back on our first year I thought of our first fight.

It occurred at the grocery store.

You see, we didn't live together before we got married, so we had never gone grocery shopping together.

So the week we got back from our honeymoon we ventured out to the grocery store. Excited about the endless opportunities that awaited us.

Our first time grocery shopping as Husband and Wife. Good times were sure to be had.

We began our grocery shopping in the fruit aisle and it seemed that everything was going smoothly

Then it happened. Our first grocery shopping dilemma.

We arrived at the bread aisle and we both naturally reached for our preferred bread.

White bread for me.
Wheat bread for Luke.

We looked at each other, waiting for the other one to fold.

We had our very own stare-down right there on aisle 3 holding our bread of choice.

Luke asked me if I was serious about getting white bread.

I explained to him that I grew up eating wheat bread, and it wasn't until I went to college that I discovered the delicious freedom that white bread held, and the thought of going back to wheat bread made me want to vomit, I couldn't possibly imagine trying to eat it. I would rather starve.

I think it was at this point that he accused me of being dramatic.

Which I still don't understand, I'm not dramatic.

I suggested we each buy our own loaf, but this was of course out of the question for my penny-pinching husband.

So we were stuck.

I don't remember exactly how it escalated, but I do remember one of us throwing the bread back on the shelf, and then walking off.

We then went our separate ways in the grocery store. The Bread Dilemma had gotten the best of us.

I distinctly remember us passing each other in one of the aisles and not even saying a word.

At that time, the sight of that wheat-bread-eating-man, disgusted me.

Luke had the grocery cart, so I just wandered around the store aimlessly, eventually winding up in the magazine aisle.

Somehow, someway, amidst the bread drama we came back together and agreed upon a plan.

We would alternate breads. This week wheat bread, next week white, and so on.

It was an excellent plan that is still working for us almost a year later.

Although I have been known to sneak a white bread in two weeks in a row.

And I have to say, when we told my mom this story the only thing she said was: "I can't believe you eat white bread now, I raised you to eat wheat."

So, what are you??? A Wheat or White Bread person???



Still Here!

Today a friend asked me if I had quit blogging.

I had no idea why she would ask such a crazy question, until I looked at my blog and realized I hadn't blogged since Wednesday!!


I have been busy lately, but I didn't realize it had almost been a week since I last posted.

We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend and spent time with our families.

We had such a great time, but I didn't take any pictures.

Perhaps I was just trying to avoid the giant eye rolling that occurs from Luke whenever I pull out my camera.

Boys do not understand the importance of capturing every moment to store in a photo book and pull out to show our grand kids.

Monday we just hung out around the house and then went grocery shopping.

The highlight of our day was when we used our 'Go Green' grocery bags instead of the plastic bags. I feel like we did our part to help save the world.

I'm now realizing I have resorted to talking about grocery bags so I need to go ahead and end this post quick.

Basically I'm telling you to not give up on me! I'm still here!



Happy Birthday!

Today is my sweet nephew's birthday, I can't believe he is already 1 year old!!!

It feels like this past year has flown by, but at the same time it is hard to remember what our family was like before this little guy. He is so happy and fun, and keeps us laughing all the time!

Happy Birthday Maxton!!! I love you!



The Elephant in the Room

Well, there is an elephant in the room and I decided it was time to talk about it.

No, I'm not talking about how everyone can tell that my skin is freakishly pale, but I am trying with all of my might to refrain from going to the tanning bed this year, but I am only one ghostly white picture away from buying a monthly package.

I am referring to the Quarter Life Crisis I have referenced several times.

You see a couple of weeks ago I thought I was going crazy.

I was over-emotional.

I was moody.

I found myself missing the carefree, comfortable days of my childhood.

And as we all know, I found myself discontent in some areas of my life.

I am so relieved to tell you I'm not going crazy, I am simply going through my Quarter Life Crisis

It is real, and it has hit me.

I am 25 and I am just now figuring out I'm an adult and I am having trouble getting used to that fact.

A couple of months ago my dad gave me a little white piece of paper and told me to take care of it.

It was a paper telling me to get a new tag for my car. I thought this was optional and decided I didn't want a new tag. No thanks, not this year.

A couple of weeks ago my dad asked about that paper, assuming I had taken care of it. I told him I didn't want to do it this year, My tag was still in good condition. 

He then, in his best 'who the heck raised this girl' voice, explained to me that it wasn't optional and I needed to take care of it pronto.

Welcome to adulthood Megan.

I'm still getting used to this whole adult thing and it is taking longer than expected.

In the past I have always had something to place my focus on, college work, graduating, finding a job, a wedding etc. etc. 

But now, I am at a point where I am just living life, and I am sort of freaking out.

I find myself dwelling on issues that could so easily be given to God.

I find myself worrying about the future, even though I have no control over it, and I say I trust the One that controls the future.

But am I really trusting Him if I continue to take it back from Him and try to control it myself?

It is a scary question, but one that I need to ask myself.

I'm sure you have heard the quote: Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do but it won't get you anywhere.

This pretty much defines my life right now, always worrying about something, but not getting anywhere because I'm too busy worrying. 

It is an ugly cycle.

So I am working on not worrying as much, and I am working on getting myself out of this QLC. I haven't figured out if I worry because I am in a QLC or if a QLC is causing me to worry?

I think I just typed the same thing in a different order.

Either way I'm blaming the QLC.

And in the meantime I am going to take up a new hobby.

Perhaps a book club, or maybe I will start scrap booking. Do people still do that or do they just make albums online now?

I enjoyed the simple days before all the technology. 

Actually, that was just the Quarter Life Crisis speaking. I do love technology.

So for those of you who told me you are going through your QLC right now, we will get through this together! 

The other day I excitedly told Luke my good news!

I told him I wasn't really going crazy, I was just going through my Quarter Life Crisis. 

He then told me that a QLC is just a nice word for crazy.

Thats why I married him, he keeps me in touch with reality.


All I've Got

Every Monday I update my blog with my Weekly Weekend Update.

This week I've got nothing.

Our weekend was so uneventful I do not have one story to share.

Unless you want to hear about how I got TWO migraines this weekend.

Or how the highlight of my weekend was going to the local car wash to vacuum out my car and finding out that the air was free. FREE AIR. I was seriously pumped. Usually I have to dig around for years finding quarters, and then I get so stressed that the air is going to run out before I have finished vacuuming my car and I will have to search for more quarters.

Or I could tell you about how I watched Grey's Anatomy between 3 and 4 times this weekend, and each time I watched it I felt a little more depressed than the time before, yet I continued to watch it.

Why do we do that? Why do we listen to songs that make us sad? Or watch movies that we know will make us cry?

The sun is finally out, and I am hoping that a good dose of some vitamin D will do me some good.

OH, I forgot something exciting did happen this weekend: I became, unbelievably and uncontrollably hooked on 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.

It was on TV last night at 11pm and I thought I would just watch the first 5 minutes. It only took me about two minutes to realize I was in trouble, I couldn't turn away, in fact I don't think I moved off of the couch until it was over. It sucked me in. At that moment nothing else mattered, but those crazy self centered women.

I am looking forward to this season.

I'm actually relieved I found this show, because I was beginning to worry that I wasn't going to have any shows to watch this summer and I was going to have to actually take part in some sort of physical activity outside.

Thank goodness for mind numbing Reality TV shows.

Because I don't want to leave you completely empty with such a pointless post, I decided to share a recipe with you. I made these cookies yesterday and took them to church and they were a BIG hit. You should try them, they are yummy!

Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies


Just Not Ready Yet

This evening we met my mom at the halfway point between our two towns to 'trade off' my sister. She finished her test and will get the results in about 3 weeks.

Our halfway point is in a parking lot in a small town. Tonight was a beautiful night so we ended up hanging out in the parking lot just hanging out and having lots of fun.

And whenever my cute little nephew is around, there is fun to be had for sure!


The following pictures are proof that I am not ready to take upon the role of a mother.
Not. Quite. Yet.

Picture 1:
Here I am having fun holding Maxton, he is so stinking cute and has such a fun personality, I think this is where I was asking him about his day, he loves to talk to you in his baby gibberish.Well, as any 11 month baby does, he started to get restless and wanted on the ground. He didn't have any shoes on and I didn't want to put his little bare feet on the pavement, so I decided my shoulders would be a good place for him.

Picture 2:
Here he is on, on my shoulders, everything seems to be going well, except.....wait, what is that in his hands? Is that my hair? YES. Is it hurting? YES. Does he seem way to happy to be pulling my hair? YES. Do I look like I am in pain? YES!
Aunt Megan is done, the child must come down, I am in a severe amount of pain.

Picture 3:
Here I am trying to remove the child from my shoulders while trying to keep a few of my hairs attached.

If it looks like I am crying, its probably because I was. I have a tender head. Picture 4:
Here I am STILL trying to remove him! Please notice the deathly grip he has around my neck and how is finger (with long nails might I had) is cutting into my mouth.

Any happiness and carefree laughter is long gone.

You cannot see Luke and Kati laughing on the side while my mom was taking pictures.

Thanks for the help family.

My scalp will never be the same, and I will NEVER put that kid back on my shoulders!! :-)



Thursday Fun

Today was a fun day because my Sister Kati and one of my best friends Kara, along with her baby boy Isaiah came to visit me for the afternoon.

Kara and Isaiah:

Kati has a test tomorrow to get her Cosmetology license and the test is in the same town where Luke and I live so she came to spend the night. Kara drove down with her and hung out with us this afternoon and then drove back this evening.

Me and Kara before she left:

We had a really great day today just hanging out, talking and laughing. We spent a majority of the day running around town getting supplies for Kati's test. It is ridiculous the amount of hair supplies they have to bring to their test!

Tonight we spent our time eating dinner and catching up on all the finale's on TV. I love this time when all the finale's come on, but then get sad that we have to wait all summer for new episodes of our favorite shows.

Kati has been studying up for her test. Check out that freaky doll head. She uses that to practice hair. Seriously that thing freaks me out.

I have spent the night putting all of my picture Christmas cards in a memory book. I wanted to do it for awhile but never got around to it. This has been a week of picture projects for me! Notice the other doll head above me. They are everywhere and they are seriously scary. I think I will cover them up tonight before I go to sleep. Could you imagine waking up in the night and seeing that thing?

It was a great day and I am glad I was able to hang out with two of my favorite people!

Kati is pretty nervous about her test so I will be praying that God calms her and she remembers everything she has learned!

Time to get back to my memory book! I need to finish it before Christmas '09 :-)



The Great 7-Up Incident

This time last year I was in crazy wedding planning mode.

I was a crazy woman, and was on high-stress levels at ALL times. It was a crazy/interesting time of my life.

But at the end of my wedding day I could honestly say it was all worth it.
There is one story surrounding my wedding that I never shared because it was too traumatizing, but I want it in writing to remember it. So here goes.

It was mid to late May and I had just picked up all of my envelopes from the lady who did my calligraphy.

I was very fortunate because all the calligraphy on my invitations was done for completely free. My grandma had a friend who wanted to do this for us as our wedding gift.

We are forever grateful.

Actually I am forever gratefuly because I'm pretty sure Luke wondered why we didn't just hand write them ourselves.

My calligraphy lady addressed over 200 sets of envelopes (both inner and outer). She was my hero.

One Saturday morning I picked up the envelopes and she told me to be very careful with them and to not spill anything on them.

I of course laughed at this in my head thinking "I would never be so stupid"

Lord help us all.

That day Luke and I got the necessary supplies for our invitations, and then spent several hours stuffing, gluing and stamping envelopes. It was a tedious project but by the end of the day we were so thankful to have that project done!

After we were completed I sat back and looked at two boxes full of precious invitations that needed to be mailed out that week. I didn't want anything to happen to them and wanted to keep them as safe as possible.

As I was looking at them I suggested to Luke that we pray over the invitations that they would stay 'safe and sound' and would arrive at the correct homes (I took my wedding very seriously) Luke thought I was absolutely crazy. So I silently prayed over the invitations myself.

That night I went home, placed the invitations on my floor in my room and went back to my car to get a 12 pack of 7up that had been sitting in my car for about a month.

Why I chose to get that 12 pack that night.....I will never know.

The next part of the story happened very very quickly.

I brought in the 12 pack, tripped over something, the 12 pack came flying out of my hands, and I watched in what seemed like super slow motion as 3 cans of 7-up exploded all over my room.
The same room that held my invitations.
As soon as the spraying quit I opened my sugary, sticky eyes to find my room COVERED in 7-Up. Covered is an understatement, there was not a part of that room that did not have 7-Up substance on it.
Except for my invitations that were mere inches from one of the cans.
Not one invitation was injured in the great 7-Up spray of '08.
It took me hours that night to clean up my room and I'm still not sure I got it all. I spent about 3 hours that night with a bucket of water and a cloth trying to clean the walls, ceiling, TV, fan, basically anything in the room.
I only lived in that room for a month after the incident and up until the day I moved out, I found spots where 7-Up had sprayed. I'm pretty sure the carpet will never be the same.
Aftet that incident I wrapped my invitations in plastic bags to ensure that nothing happened to them until they were sent off.
Then I called Luke to make sure he knew that even though he made fun of me for praying over our invitations, God totally listened.
Every time I think of this story I thank God that he listens to our prayers, all of them, even the one's that seem so insignificant.
All of the supplies:
Working hard on the invitations:
SO happy that they were all done and ready to be sent out: (this was about 30 min. before the incident)A picture I snapped right after it happened, you can see one of the cans to the right of the picture, on the left side are my invitations, you can see the box underneath it has 7-Up stains, yet my invitations were safe!


Tuesday TV Night!

Tonight was a pretty stressful night. I somehow had to manage my time between: Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, and American Idol.

I spent my night from 7 to 10 flipping through these channels like crazy, trying to catch every moment. Yes I have DVR but I was too impatient, I wanted to watch them all at the same time.

Luke does not watch any of these shows and claims to not like them (although I am convinced he really likes DWTS, he would just never admit it) so I am glad that I had my Twitter Friends to keep me company. We had a good time together! :-)

I didn't watch The Biggest Loser enough this season to really be rooting for somebody, but I was definitely a fan of Tara. And I think the lady who won looked like she had lost too much weight. Tara looked adorable.

As for American Idol, I have decided I don't care who wins.

I'm not a big fan of any of the three. Danny and Adam both get on my nerves, and Kris just doesn't have the chops (yes I am channeling my inner Kara) to win.

But you can bet I will be tuning in for the finale!

As I was watching tonight I noticed a sign in the audience that said: Kiss Me Kris. I thought this was completely inappropriate, he is married!!!!!!

Do you think it is inappropriate for girls to hold signs up like this to married men, even if they are celebrities? Do you think that it just 'comes with the territory' of that world?

Luke didn't think it was a big deal and thought I was weird for thinking it was wrong.

I know I wouldn't want people holding up signs that said "Kiss Me Luke!"

Am I overreacting? Am I too possessive? Too conservative?

I'm interested to see what people think.

Also, who do you WANT to win Idol/ and who do you think WILL win. Those could be different answers!


Eating and Reality TV

At the beginning of my freshman year of college I was so scared.

I wasn't scared of not making friends.

I was not scared of making bad grades.

I was not scared of living on my own.

I was deathly afraid of the Freshman 15.

Perhaps you have heard of it? This is the supposed amount of weight that the average student gains during their freshman year of college.

The first thing I bought in my college town was not my books for my classes, it was not a new T-shirt to proudly display my love for the University, it was a gym membership.

I went to the gym everyday and worked my little heart out. Rain, Sleet, Snow, I was there.

I am here to tell you I gained around 20-25 pounds that year.

It was not muscle weight. So please do not tell me it was, it bothers me when people say that.

See the problem was I would go work out for hours, and then go back to my dorm room and satisfy my working out with lots of food.

I didn't know how to balance the two.

So, my sophomore year I met a cute Indian, we went out to eat every night and I quit working out.

I lost all the weight.

Every pound I gained, I lost, by eating at McDonald's with that cute boy.

For the rest of my college experience I was too scared to work out because I was afraid I would gain weight.

Well recently I have started to feel sluggish, like my heart needs a little pick-me-up.

Sitting at a desk, followed by sitting on the couch doesn't seem to be doing much for my heart and blood flow.

In fact I remember feeling 'winded' after climbing some stairs the other day.

Well you all know the story, Luke and I are doing Jillian's Shred.

And once again I am gaining weight. I am working out and I feel better, but yet my pants, are getting tighter (and I will reinstate it is NOT muscle weight).

This could be because after I started doing The Shred Ihave started eating a lot more lately

I do not do it on purpose, I think its a mental thing. Because I'm working out, then I subconsciously start eating more.

On Saturday I had 3 hot dogs for lunch, with Salt and vinegar chips. THREE HOTDOGS.

What kind of person eats three hot dogs other than a 13 year old boy going through puberty?

Surely not a 25 year old girl whose metabolism is slowing down at an incredibly rapid pace (quite ironic)

So I am trying to figure out whether I should stop working out to help control my eating, or just try to learn self control.

Self control is hard to learn.

I do want to say, the hot dogs were actually turkey dogs, so atleast I am thinking along the lines of healthiness.

On to reality TV:

Did anybody watch The Amazing Race this season?

I won't give away who the winner was, but I have to say I was very happy!

If you did watch it did you think that red headed girl was the meanest girl ever? I don't remember her name, but if you watched it you know how I was talking about.

I would LOVE to go on The Amazing Race.

What Reality show would you want to go on?


Weekly Weekend Update

One of my favorite things about my blog is updating how we spent our weekend. I am one of those weird people that saves ALL my planners of years past. I have all of my planners from college and sometimes I dig them out just to see what I was doing on this day 4 years ago.

Yes it is weird, but I am sentimental like that. SO, I love having all of the weekends of Luke and I's first year of marriage recorded. That way I can look back and see exactly what we did!

This weekend was a fun one.

Friday I got my Mexican Food fix with some yummy enchiladas, followed by the movie Marley and Me. We won't discuss my state of mind after this movie. I had already seen it once in the theaters but thought I could handle it again.

It was hard to get through.

Saturday I spent the night tackling this project:I finally decided to put all of my wedding pictures in the wedding book. It was hard. I had a specific order I wanted to put them in, and each page held only 2 vertical pictures and 3 horizontal. So I had to match them accordingly. It was difficult, but I tried to maintain a smile while doing it. (or maybe just for the camera)Sunday we decided to drive to my hometown to spend Mother's day with my family, because not only was it Mother's Day but it was also my Mom's birthday! This is how we spent the majority of the day: Just hanging out, it was so nice!Then we headed out to grab some yummy pizza.
At the restaurant:Thank you Dad for cooperating in the picture taking segment of the day.After dinner we headed back home and just hung out before Luke and I had to hit the road. Luke and his favorite nephew:Maxton listening to some tunes. He prefers John Mayer and Coldplay.
It was such a great weekend!
Sometimes it is hard not living close to our families, so it is nice when we have impromptu time with them!
I am excited for the week because I have a short work week! Woo Hoo!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Ramblings on a Friday Morning

This morning I woke up feeling nice and refreshed.

I immediately knew this was a problem.

I looked at the clock, and yup, sure enough I was supposed to be at work at that exact time.

Even though I was running behind, I still took the time to get ready and decided I would just be going in a bit late.

I was once told that I am a 'one speed' kind of person. Whether I am on time or running late I only use one speed. This has cursed me. Now when I am running late, I think: "Well it doesn't matter because I only have one speed."

I was told this my senior year of high school.

I don't hold on to things forever.

This week is graduation week at the university I work at and for the past 3 days my office has hosted a come and go reception for graduates.

ALL DAY for 3 days straight.

I am exhausted of 'small talk'.
Over the past 3 days I have asked these three questions endlessly:

1. Are you done with finals?
2. What did you major in?
3. What are you plans now that you are graduating?

Those are the three questions I asked, when all I really wanted to do was scream at them:


But I didn't, because that might have been considered crazy.

However, my husband did tell me the term 'Quarter Life Crisis' is just a nice word for crazy.

I will embrace it.

After reading several comments on my last post, I was relieved to see that others can relate to the QLC. I will discuss this phenomenon in a later post.

I just don't have the energy right now.

In fact, I basically don't know how to have a conversation if we aren't discussing what you majored in and how you are so ready to be done with finals.

Luke and I don't have any plans this weekend, which is fine with me. I need to sit on the couch and not talk to anybody.

I got a couple of new magazines, and fully intend to fill my mind with trash, and figure out whether Jon cheated on Kate, which by the way I totally think he did.

Also, I am craving Mexican food, so I plan on satisfying this craving.

Jillian, I am taking a break from you, Mexican food is calling my name, and well, I have priorities.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Mother's day to all you mother's out there!!!

Love you Mom! Thanks for always being there when I need you:


A Behind the Scenes Look

Well I was going to write a blog about how I discovered I am going through a Quarter Life Crisis, but it just wasn't coming together.

Maybe it's because I am still processing the fact that I am going through a quarter life crisis.

So instead I decided to post some wedding pics. Cause wedding pics make everything better.

Including a quarter life crisis.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how I went through my wedding pictures and it brought back memories, or made me discover things I didn't even know about my own wedding.

Due to a quarter life crisis induced blogging blank, I decided to share those now.

So please enjoy these while I figure out what the heck to do about my QLC.

Things I do not remember at all:

1. I do not remember what I was looking for, but I do remember those shoes were killing me and I had to get them off, actually I think I was looking for my mom to give them to her. (thats my cute cousin with me)2. I do not remember this river of vegetables. It looks pretty, I have no idea where this was in the reception room.3. I do not remember a baby party in the middle of the reception. I recognize all the faces, but I had no idea this was taking place. Call it a wedding-play-date if you will.4. I do not remember holding my bouquet as high up as I could get it like it was a torch and I wanted to get the flames away from me.4. I do not remember what we were laughing about. This was our 'first glance' before the wedding (which I highly recommend to any future brides). Look at us laughing, and I was scared he was going to back out :-)5. I do not remember Luke giving his brother a 'fist bump' even though it looks like I am looking directly at it. FYI: it is completely out of Luke's nature to do this.6. I do not remember what my family was taking about here, but I love this picture. Things I do remember but had forgotten about until I saw the picture:

1. I remember my mother in law giving me a gift of diamond earrings before the wedding, along with a really sweet card 2. I do remember my dress having like 6 million buttons and my mom had to use one of those button latch things to button me up. We didn't have time to do it before our 'first glance' so we did it after that.
3. I do remember telling my family the night before the wedding that I had nothing for my 'something borrowed'. My youngest sister (15 at the time) Went all through the house looking desperately for something I could use for my something borrowed. It was just about the cutest thing ever. She eventually found one of her small beaded bracelets that I could wear on my ankle as my something borrowed. Here I am showing some friends my Wedding Ankle Bracelet 4. This is my friend Tambra, I do remember her necklace breaking, I do not however remember looking at her like this.........Geez look at that face. I think I was thinking: "What the eff"
7. I do remember my sister waking up sick that day (see her coughing in the background) I do not however being mad at her for being sick. My mom was kind enough to remind me. When I asked another bridesmaid about it, she reminded me yes I was indeed mad at my sister for being sick.

Despite these accusations I can assure you I was not a bridezilla.

I do remember being tired and thinking I needed to get in bed.
Oh wait, that's how I feel right now.
Time to get in bed!
Thanks for looking at the pics!


Love, Don't Love

If you have read this blog in the past you have probably read about my immense love for my Paul Mitchell straightener. This thing revolutionized my life.

Well I have another love, my Paul Mitchell blow dryer. This thing rocks my world.

I recently got it for Christmas, and it cost more than I care to say.

Some people think all blow dryers are equal, those people probably have bad hair.

Totally kidding, but trust me, a blow dryer is NOT just a blow dryer.

I knew the first time my hair girl used this dryer on my head I had to have it.

So you can imagine how distraught I was when Sunday morning my blow dryer quit working.

Just stopped.

I plugged it and there was no blowing of hot hair. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

I wanted to cry, in fact I think I did a little.

I immediately texted my hair girl to make sure she would be at church that morning. This was no time to skip church, I had an EMERGENCY.

I gave her my blow dryer, explained how it quit working and asked her to do anything to get me a new one, short of stealing one. I was even OK with a little lying, I just needed my magical dryer back.

I told her to find a solution to this problem no matter what.

The next day she called me to let me know that she had found a solution, she plugged it in and pushed that little reset button on the plug in part.

It magically started working.

Another classic example of me freaking out, instead of taking the time to problem solve.

Now, this could be a little TMI, but do you know what I do not love? Peeing in a cup. Seriously, it’s a difficult task. I had to go to the Dr. today and use The Cup (and not for a pregnancy or drug test, don’t worry I’m clean in both areas). When they gave me the cup I was tempted to ask for a bowl. Why do they make those cups so dang small??? I knew I was going to have to use The Cup so I chugged two bottles of water on the way to the Dr.'s office. Apparently I forgot about the sitting in the waiting room part. When they finally gave me The Cup I pretty much sprinted to the bathroom.

Do you know what else I love? Rainy days. It has been raining here for around 10 days straight and while most are complaining I am enjoying it. I’m not a depressed person, I just love rainy, dreary days. Which reminds me that I have never had a good pair of rain boots. If it keeps raining this much it might be a good investment.

Speaking of love, here is an excellent picture of love.

My nephew Maxton LOVES animals and sometimes he loves them a little too much.

Yesterday he got a hold of the family cat Smokey and wanted to give him a hug. However he wouldn’t let go.

Case and point:

Yes, that is our gray cat trapped in the deathly grip of Maxton's love.

We should all have somebody who loves us that much.

*Several of you asked about my new shelf thingy, I got it at Gordman's*


Pizza and new Shelves

First of all I just wanted to tell everybody thank you for your kind and encouraging words on my 'discontentment' post. I truly appreciated everybody sharing their own feelings and/or words of encouragement.

It is so great to have an avenue where I can truly express what I am thinking and feeling and have so many friends who can relate, share their own stories, or simply just give encouraging words.

Today when I got home from work Luke was sitting on the couch in his workout clothes ready to Shred.

I was secretly hoping that he forgot about our Shredding pact.
That was just wishful thinking.
So we shredded, and I have to say it is getting easier with each day.

30 minutes and lots of whining later we decided it was time to eat dinner.

Which was much more difficult than it sounds.

We have no food.
It is time to go grocery shopping, but for some reason we just haven't done it yet.
So instead we go through our kitchen trying to find anything to eat.
And please no chicken, I am not a big chicken person, and currently the idea of eating chicken makes me sick.

In an effort to use food that we already have, I suggested that we eat eggs and waffles for dinner.

Luke said that waffles would be too fattening.

He then suggested pizza.

Because that's not fattening.

But pizza sounded amazing and we had just worked out so we felt like pizza was appropriate. On the way home we stopped and got some ice cream. (rocky road ice cream to be exact)

I'm not necessarily sure that we could justify the ice cream, but we tried.

I have to stop for a moment and say, I am watching Dancing With The Stars and Melissa's abs are amazing.

I blame this on Jillian. I have never noticed another girl's abs until Jillian came into my life. Now everybody is competition. And her abs are some heavy competition.

In other non-ab related news: I got a cute new book shelf thingy.

I call it a thingy because I'm not going to keep books on it so then is it still called a book-shelf?

I have been looking for some sort of shelf arrangement to go next to our TV but I haven't been able to find one that I wanted.

This shelf still isn't exactly what I was looking for, but people, it was only $24 and that is just pure goodness.

I plan on using it for awhile until I find one I really like, then this cute little $24 will go in our guest room or bedroom. I can't quit saying $24, its such a good deal!
The new shelf:

Well I only have one more show to watch and my DVR will be completely empty.
I consider this a personal victory.
And just in case you are wondering, we finished a large pizza between the two of us. We don't mess around when it comes to eating!