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The Truck

My junior year of high school I proudly proclaimed to one of my friend’s that I was going to marry a boy that drove a Ford F150 truck.

Even though I live in the truck capital of the world I had never been a ‘truck girl’ until that year.

And it may or may not have had anything to do with the fact that I had a crush on a senior who drove the aforementioned truck.

Fast forward three years later. I was now a sophomore in college and my days of having a crush on that senior were long gone.

I was now a college girl.

But my requirements for a future husband still stood:
1. Ford F150 Truck
2. Had to play the guitar
3. Had to be able to sing

I didn’t mention the guitar and singing before, but it was always there. They just seem like natural requirements to me.

So it was sophomore year and there was this guy who had a crush on me.

His name was Luke.

He had long hair. I was not feeling it.

Not really long, but long enough to cover his eyes.

It was not cute.

But there was still something that drew me to him, despite his mounds of hair, I gave him a chance.

Then one night he called me and asked me if I wanted to go to McDonald’s with him.

Yes, McDonald’s, we were some big spenders back then.

But don’t get me wrong, this was not dinner.

It was an 11:00PM snack.

Oh the life of a college student and their crazy metabolism.

So I said yes, and waited for him to pick me up outside my campus apartment.

People, he pulled up in a Ford F150 truck.

To say it was love at first truck-sight would be correct.

I knew I was drawn to this guy for some reason, and here it was!

We are going to fast forward again, this time 4 years.

I had now been dating that Luke guy and he had gotten rid of is long hair (praise the Lord).
But he still had that truck.

Then, gas prices went up, and the beautiful truck started to lose her luster.

And my cute boyfriend decided that it was time to look into getting a car.

A CAR?!?!

I seriously had a break down when he told me that.

I loved that beautiful truck.

Well one Christmas break I was home with the family and I got a call that the truck had been sold and in its place was a car.

I wanted to cry, but then I remembered that whole don’t store your treasures here on earth verse and decided to just get over it.

And less than a year later I married Luke despite the fact that he drove a car.

He could still play the guitar and sing, so he had that going for him.

But I miss the beautiful truck and talk about her often.

I loved that truck.

Edit: Luke just informed me that his truck was a Dodge. So anytime I mentioned a Ford, just pretend I said Dodge. I just knew I liked the truck, I don't care about brand names!Photobucket


  1. Aw, how cute! Thankfully my husband drives a truck! I was always a truck girl, too! But, my first husband had a car...and later when we divorced, I told my dad that I should've known better because he drove a car!!! LOL

  2. Haha, ooooh the infamous college boy hair. The shaggy look. Gotta love it. You're too funny.

  3. I love that your hubby had long hair and that you weren't feeling it. I also love how you praised the lord when it was gone. Haha! My hubby wore a 1980s leather bomber jacket when we met. It was hideous. But luckily, that jacket magically found its way to GoodWill one day. I don't know how that happened ;-) It just cracks me up how the men in our lives always have that one thing we cann't wait to change, or cut off, or send to Good Will. haha! Cute story!

  4. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!
    I feel the same way about a man in a big ole truck.
    It's just hot!
    My man drives a car too!! Oh the things we let go of for our men!

  5. Megan I love this post.. it really just made my day... I love trucks too.. my hubby drives on and is really wanting a new one:) Maybe luke will get one someday:)
    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog yesterday:) I cant wait till we get to have a lunch date and hang out for real:)

  6. I can actually relate with that story... my husband actually bought my best friends camaro (before I met my husband) - when I met him & found he still had that car, I was excited - it was a SHOW car... HOT! He just got rid of it a few months ago cause we needed money. I told him, I'd rather sell the kids ;o) I totally feel you!

  7. My boyfriend drives a F150!! He was thinking about trading it in for a Jeep Grand Cherokee at one point and I was very much against that!!!

  8. haha your so funny! Maybe you can talk luke into getting a truck in the future ; )

  9. We do live in truck paradise! He can always get one when you guys get older. That should spice up the relationship!

  10. Ha ha ha - the edit part is my FAVORITE part of the story....I am sure Luke is mortified that you would confuse his Dodge for a Ford - tomato/tomatoe - it was a pick up truck and thats what matters!

  11. Hillarious!!
    A Dodge....Why a dodge!!
    Bryan drove a Ford F150 in high school and now he drives a chevy!
    A guy has to have a truck!!

    I loved this post!

  12. haha, that's funny! I had a guitar requirement and God blessed me too!

  13. Cute! You know they say that there's somethin' women like about a pick-up man! Ha!

  14. That's so funny.

    I've never been a truck girl, but there is something about a guy in just the right kind of vehicle.

  15. Haha- Ford - Dodge - whats the difference?

  16. Loved the story! Most girls in my town have a truck on their lists too.

  17. I love a boy in a truck... although I'd prefer to have my own! My friend used to have an old diesel and I loved that thing no matter how old and busted up it got. I was so excited one night when he actually let me drive it around!

  18. Oh my gosh, that was too funny. I love a good F150 myself... or a Dodge, whatever. :)

  19. haha the best part is that it was actually a dodge . . .

  20. Awe what a cute story! You guys are just precious together!

  21. haha that is sweet!! you like what you like...but at least the driver didn't change! I have 3 friends and a brother in law that drive huge ford trucks..they're all navy or black. ..truck land for sure!

  22. That's hilarious... that you got the truck wrong. I would have too. LOL

  23. Too funny!!!!!!!! Your husband sounds like a keeper though, even though he's truckless :o)


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