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Time to Shred

Today I logged into my google reader and saw that a new recipe had been added to Mimi's Making Meals.

I mention this blog often, and I am probably scaring Miss Mimi with how many times I mention it, but every recipe I have ever tried is simply amazing!

So when she posted Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas I knew I HAD to try it TONIGHT.

But I had a problem: I had a hair appointment after work and I wouldn't get home until around 6:30 and I don't like to start cooking that late.

So I emailed the recipe to my cute hubby and asked if he would please, pretty please cook the enchiladas.

After a bit of begging he agreed to cook the meal.

So when I got home from getting my hair done there was a wonderful meal being in the oven.

I have a GREAT husband!

While we ate dinner we watched American Idol, and my favorite Idol Kris completely rocked it.

I don't think he is going to win - I think it will be Adam or Danny, but I still stand by the fact that Kris is my favorite.

After dinner we headed to Target to purchase materials to completely revolutionize our bodies.

I have heard rave reviews of The 30 Day Shred, and by rave I mean people say that they can't move and basically want to die after doing it for just one day.

Well Luke and I have both gained some weight after marriage, so we are determined to get back into shape.

So we got the video and the dumbbells.

Then we came home.

Luke is on the computer.

I am eating chocolate chip cookies, drinking diet coke, typing to all of you fine people.

We are still searching for the motivation.

Hours earlier I had the motivation and was ready. to go.

As you can tell from our clothing we went jogging earlier, so at least we had motivation to do that!
In our effort to get back in shape we didn't buy any cookies when we went grocery shopping.

Yesterday I was craving cookies like you wouldn't believe.

I found some cookie dough in our refrigerator that I forgot was in there.

How do you forget about cookie dough?

I took it as a little gift from God.

However they are gone (yes only a day later) and it is time to get to shredding.
This should be interesting. Jillian scares me. But not as much as Luke does when we go jogging together.



  1. Haha- good luck with the motivation- I have yet to find mine . . .

  2. Man, I've heard good things about the shred. I might have to jump on that band wagon. Jillian scares my husband too, haha:)

  3. let me know how you get yourself motivated to do the video! I've had it a month and can't make myself do it!

  4. Ha too funny! I just got 30 day shred from Amazon the other day! Have yet to try it, but it is definitely time! Hopefully I can get motivated soon!!

    Oh, and those enchiladas look amazing!

  5. I started the DVD about 3 weeks ago, and Jillian will most definitely kick your ass. It's the most intense 20 minute work out I've ever experienced. Good luck with your motivation!

  6. I'm buying it this weekend....after I eat the cookie dough I JUST BOUGHT!

  7. Don't worry, Jillian isn't scary on the Shred DVD- there isn't even any yelling! Good luck getting motivated- that's always the hardest part for me too, but once you get started, you don't want to stop!

  8. I love Luke's shirt, and I want one! Memories...

  9. I did day one yesterday and I am definitely sore today. But, I can move. I really didn't think I would be able to though. It was tough, but I think it will work!!

  10. Great husband for cooking you dinner!! :) Mine would've said no and to pick up some takeout on my way home! LOL

  11. I want to try that recipe, as well! Everything Mimi makes is so good.

    Let us know how the workout goes. You don't look like you need to lose any weight. Just fyi. :)

  12. 1) Kris is my favorite too!! he is sooooo good.

    2) I've been doing the 30 day shred {slash... I've done the workout 1 and a half times.} I am in no shape whatsoever and the first time I did it, I couldn't finish the video. but it's okay... baby steps. I was SUPER sore from the squats... but then I just did the video again last night. made it through the whole thing... and feel GREAT today!!

    if I can do it, anybody can do it!! :)

  13. I jumped on the 30 day shred yesterday too. This morning, as I lay in bed blogging and eating a bagel, it is still in the Target back sitting on my kitchen island. hmmmm priorities?? LOL!!

  14. You are just the cutest!! That picture totally made me smile!

    I think I have to jump on the "Shred" band wagon - I'm hearing so much about it!!!

  15. MMMMM I love me some MiMi's Meals. She is simply the best ~~ better than all the rest ~~ sang in my best Tina Turner (or are you to young for TT ~~ or say it isn't so?) How in the world did this turn into a song lyric comment...anyway...

    Good luck on the shredding. It is 8:42 am and I have already had cereal AND a protein bar ~~ and I haven't even showered yet!! I seriously need to do some shredding myself!!!

    Have a Blessed day girlfriend,

  16. That is hilarious because ALL DAY yesterday I was craving cookies!! I told a friend I wanted like 97 and all different flavors. It was intense!

  17. Those enchiladas look so good! I have been craving sweets lately (which is not normal for me) so I have to not buy it at the grocery store or I seriously lose all self control and eat it all! It is awful and I'm trying to get back in shape too. Cookie dough does sound tasty!

  18. go luke, what a great hubby!! i am definitely going to make those soon=)!

    i def understand your cookie craving=)! once you get it, you gotta have it, haha!

    even though you don't look like you need to lose a pound, you are going to rock the shred, i know it!

  19. What a cute picture! Ha!

    I totally agree about Kris. He is awesome! I really love his style and would totally buy his CD.

    J and I did shred last December before we started training for our run. We did it for 30 days and took about a day off each week. It's hard, but it's great for two reasons.
    1. It doesn't take very long. If you want to do it in the morning before you get ready, you only need to get up about 20-25 extra minutes early!
    2. It gets you results. I definitely saw changes in my body, and it felt so great!

    I think we're going to start doing it again now that the run is over.
    Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  20. so sweet of luke to cook! I wanna hear how you like the shred workout!

  21. I've heard that its a great workout! You will have to let us know how its going. I can never get motivated to work out. Although when the biggest loser is on it does make me run a little bit faster on the treadmill. Too bad its almost over--then what will I find to motivate me!?!

  22. HAHA I can't wait to hear how you like the Shred. I have moved up to level 2 and have done it all of 2 days in the past week. It's intense, but I know it's a good workout. However, I've gone back to my elliptical and now I'm scared to go back to Jillian. What if she knows that I haven't done it in a while???

    Major brownie points for the hubs cooking! What a nice thing to come home to!!

  23. Seriously funny stuff! But I think I'm jumping on the Shred wagon... buying it at lunch. LOL

  24. Haha you are too cute! Good luck, can't wait to hear what you think!

  25. I have that DVD you could have borrowed it. Good Luck with it.

  26. How sweet is your hubby?? Y'all are the cutest, I swear. I've been hearing all about the Shred and I can tell you now, I will not be participating. Jillian would wear me slap out, I just know it!

  27. Ok, I'm going tonight to jump on board with all you Shredders...GAH!

  28. Oh what a sweet hubby to make you mexican food. I tell you what, cheese is definitely the way to my heart. And motivation is constantly the one thing lacking in my life. . . so I will probably never do the Shred. Particularly because I have a strong aversion to physical activity. I hope it goes well though - keep us posted!

  29. I started shredding yesterday!! Actually I am procrastinating shredding right now by reading and commenting on blogs. You can do it!

  30. Kris has become my favorite, too.

    He won't win, but I adore him.

  31. omg Megan.. I love you.. your picture is soo stinking darling of you.. and u do not look like you need to shred anything.. maybe you should shred the video you bought!ha! because you are teeny tiny:) And what a sweet sweet hubby:)

  32. I'm still Team Kris too!! He's been my fave since the beginning!!

    Let me know how you like the shred.. I've heard a ton of people have liked it and I so want to try it!!

    And thanks for the sweet comments. I'm still strugglin' to feel better but I will beat this crap!!! Eat some cookies for me! (there's your permission!! =) )

  33. Well I'm glad your back!!! :) and what a sweet hubby!! let me know how the shred goes!

  34. Thanks for the blog welcome! Everyone has been SO nice! And everyone seems to be doing the shred, it sounds super hard but I heard the results are great! I'll be looking forward to more fun stories!

  35. That is so sweet of your hubby to COOK! Amazing is all I have to say! I love that pic of you with the are ready to SHRED it girlfriend! ha...ha..
    Good luck with that and give us all your review when you are done :)
    night night! Bekcy

  36. Today was the first day I started Jillian's 30 Day Shred. Ouch.

    Motivation is a constant struggle! But good luck! Come on you can do it!

  37. That meal looks delicious- yum! I jumped on the 30 Day Shred bandwagon last week too. I need to find the motivation to do it every day though! Good luck.

  38. i love the fact that luke was in a greenwood gorilla t-shirt!

  39. I always love Jillian. I do sweat alot when it comes to her LoL


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