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Thursday Thoughts

Random Thoughts on a Thursday:

1. Did you know that on the April 1st episode of American Idol Ryan Seacrest had food poisoning and almost didn't host the show? But he toughed it out, and went out on stage even though he felt like he was going to pass out. I think that speaks volumes about who he is.

2. This morning I texted a friend and asked if I could wear white pants before Easter. She said "yes, This isn't 1950". I am thankful for friends who tell me like it is.

3. Mornings like this I wish I had my own personal Stacy and Clinton (from What Not To Wear). I would love them forever and never take them for granted.

4. I follow Heidi from The Hill's on twitter. She always tweets about filming scenes for The Hills. CLEARLY it is not a 'reality' TV show, she doesn't even try to hide it.

5. I have new white pants on today, but I don't want to take the store-tags off in case they are see-through and I need to take them back.
What is more embarassing?
1. Having pants that are see through?
2. Getting caught at a business luncheon with the store-tag hanging out of your pants?

6. When I asked Luke if my pants were see through I think he took his eyes off of the TV for .2 seconds to look and then said no. I was NOT confident in that answer.

7. It has been a rough getting used to not having another girl to ask "does this outfit look ok"?

8. This could be why my sense of style has gone down imensely since we got married.

9. This week I took a break from blogging in the evening. I felt like I was neglecting my husband so I wanted to spend quality time with him. Every night this week we have gone shopping trying to find me something to wear on Easter. I wonder if this is his idea of quality time? Obviously I have an amazing husband, who puts up with me.

10. I have just about given up on Donkey Kong. I can't get past world two and I want to cry. I think I will take a break and then try coming back to it. Perseverance is my middle name.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Pretty much LOVE white pants and Im sure you look fabolous in them! I am wearing my linen pants tomorrow:) We are going shopping all day for Cate:) For her bedroom furniture:)
    I miss not having a girl around too.. Ryan says everything looks great.. unless he thinks something is too short then he will say.. that isnt approriate!ha! I cried last night during american idol!!ha!
    So I dont think the wives on american idol get stylist.. ha! Because some of them need help!! When they pan thru the audience Im like ekkkkk....:)
    Plus... Ur sense of style is amazing... :)

  2. I work with an older lady who is my supervisor that FREAKS out if I wear White before Easter... seriously!! FREAKS OUT!!!

    Fashion is NOT seasonal!!!

    And keep going on Donkey Kong!!! Get that gorilla!!! Don't let him win!! ;o)

  3. I was forced to watch Idol last night by my husband who wanted to catch up and when Ryan was next to Flo Rida and was like "I need to get to the gym" I thought of you and your love for Ryan. :)

    ps I LOVE stacey and clinton and also LOVE that you are wearing white pants WITH the tags on. I would so do that!

  4. Ok, what was Luke watching? If I asked my husband if something I was wearing was see-through, he would definitely look, and then whether it was or not, he would tell me to change. LOL

    I don't think he heard the question. LOL

  5. I Lam slightly obsessed with Stacey and Clinton!! I told hubs that I would dress in the worst outfits ever and he could film me and submit the tape to them! I would die if I was chosen!

    Love white pants and love that you are wearing them before Easter! IS that even a rule anymore???

  6. I wear white pants too. There's nothing wrong with it. I hope you find an Easter outfit.

  7. I am cracking up at the fact that you follow Heidi on Twitter! That is so funny! Although I shouldn't laugh too much, I am following Ellen Degeneres and Sarah Jessica Parker. oh, and Katie Lee Joel--Billy Joel's wife.

  8. hahaha! I agree with Stephanie...I think he must have been zoned out because anything that could potentially be see through would be out! lol!

    p.s. I love your fresh & cute! ;)
    p.s.s. I haven't played Donkey Kong in a million years, but it sounds like fun. Not the crying part in world two...but I miss the theme song and the parts where he gets to swim under water! haha!

  9. I can hear you on #3! I feel like I'm stuck in my high school fashion days. I need help!

  10. where did you get your white pants? I've been looking for/wanting some!

  11. i love white pants! I bet you look super cute!! I didnt know that about ryan seacrest! crzy!

  12. Yes, I knew that about Ryan and it further solidifies my love for him. You will find an Easter outfit - it's at the last minute that the best outfits are born!

  13. If you lived in NY, there would be no doubt that you can wear white pants before Easter. :) Wear those white pants, girl!

    I'm watching What Not To Wear right that show!

  14. I think Ryan has to hit his quota of "jobs worked in a day" everyday. I think his quota is like 8. So he had to go on! I love the boys determination!!

    I'm still stuck in the Deep South way of thinking and would be paranoid to wear white before Easter.. but I'm sure you are rocking that outfit- tags or no tags!

    Ryan by Flo Rida made me laugh last nite.. Or maybe I was still laughing at Flo Rida's ridiculous name!

  15. I do not follow the wearing white rules - heck, I don't even remember what the rule is! I wear what I want to wear when I want to wear it! haha

    And poor Ryan, I never suspected anything...!

  16. Girl, I love your randomness, that's when blogging is at it's best. And I so follow Heidi too, I thought I was the only one, lol! Your love for Ryan cracks me up and I know you'll find that perfect Easter outfit and you have one great husband, but then I don't have to tell you that :o)

  17. i started with the white pants last weekend... i hope it's not too early! :(

    gosh... i would love to get into some donkey kong right now!!!

  18. i so want to get a pair of white pants but haven't done it yet =)! i bet you look super cute! and i'm glad your bff ryan is ok, what a trooper!

  19. Ryan is definitely the consummate professional!!! I hope you find the perfect easter outfit!!!
    Clinton and Stacy would DIE if they saw me on a daily basis...but I truly think you would get their stamp of approval!!! You are a fashionista, my friend!

  20. My husband and I moved not too long ago so we haven't made any friends here yet! I desperately miss a girls opinion on things! Same thing with my sense of style too.

    Is that really Heidi on twitter? I'm always skeptical if it's really them or not. Haha, but even if it's not it's still so addicting!

  21. i accidently leave tags in my clothes all the time. i try them on & then decided to wear them, never taking the tag off. haha

    i took a little blog break too - just too busy with the move & then nothing creative to write about.

    we ate mazzio's pizza again sunday... i was hoping to run into you again so we could meet. :)

  22. I just got some white linen pants from Old Navy - I've been wanting some forever, so I was stoked to find some extra long ones that fit my long legs :-)

    I totally need girl's opinions too -maybe i should post on my blog what i'm thinking of wearing every day to get opinions -- that would be fascinating right?

  23. But The Hills is far more fun when you actually believe its all true!

  24. White pants are a tough one! you never know if they're going to be see through or not! I usually just don't wear them because I'd look like a blimp in them ;)


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