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Special Gifts

Hello Blog Friends,

Well that is assuming that I still have blog friends.

After my debacle yesterday of confusing a Dodge for a Ford F150 I’m not sure anybody would stick around.

Luke was quite disgusted with it and my sister called me around midnight to inform me of my tragic mistake.


Anyways, last night as I was looking around my apartment I realized that a lot of the items that make up our apartment came from our wedding showers.

Aren’t wedding/baby showers the best things ever?

I get excited when I am invited to one.

I become a crazy woman when I am throwing one.

So I was thinking about how I am so grateful that we got so many great dishes, sheets, towels, etc.

All of the necessities we needed to start our life together.
And then I thought about two very special gifts that we received at one of our showers that are irreplaceable.

The first one is a quilt my mom made us.

My mom is an amazing seamstress and in a very short amount of time she made us this quilt with pictures from our entire 5 year relationship on it.

In the top right hand corner is a picture of us with Luke’s family, and then in the bottom left corner is a picture of us with my family to signify the families coming together.

I just love it so much.

Receiving the quilt at our shower last April:

Another present that I love so much is the one that my grandma gave me.

Before Luke and I were even engaged (we are all just assuming he was going to marry me, thank the Lord he did) she began collecting various holiday items.

She gave us a basket complete with decorations for every holiday.

Fourth of July

I have placemats, kitchen towels table runner and little decorations for every holiday.

It is so great!
Going through the basket at the shower:
Some of the contents of the basket:
Some Easter decorations:
These gifts are so special and they have encouraged me to really think about a gift before I give it to someone I love.

I want to give something that is sentimental and has special meaning.
What is a really sentimental gift you have received and who gave it to you?


  1. I think I gave a pretty sentimental gift to my friend for her bday this year....I created a photo album of pics of just her and me.....there were about 60 some photos and in the very back i put letter we sent to eachother when we were little! I love that album, it has the best memories!!

  2. Aww these are great! I love showers too!

  3. That is a great gift!! I love the decorations basket!!!

    And don't worry, I still confuse what truck my hubby drives. All I know is that it is big and black hahahah.

  4. we received a quilt too from drews mom! Also Drew's grandma always gives us homemade gifts for christmas! so nice : )

  5. So fun!

    My favorite shower was the Christmas shower I had. I got a Christmas tree and everyone brought an ornament along with their gift, so my first Christmas was totally complete. It was so great!!

  6. The most sentimental gift I ever gave still chokes me up. My best friend & I were knitters. She saved up for yarn to make a sweater she always wanted - it was EXPENSIVE yarn. She passed away before she completed it - I received all her knitting stuff. I took what she had knitted & unraveled it into a blanket I made for her son. I used the rest of the yarn she saved up to purchase in it as well... it is the most beautiful blanket I had ever made. And now, it wraps her son up every night & he knows that yarn once was through his mom's own fingers!...

  7. I confuse trucks and cars all the time... all the time... im not good with cars... no my for te:)
    My aunt gave us this plate.. it says Happy everything and you change the top part of it for what holiday it is... I LOVE IT:) my mom gave us our tree skirt, stockings and a ton of christmas decorations and I think of her everytime I get them out at christmas time!! I lvoe gifts that have meaning:) and I love decorating for the holidays!

  8. The quilt is gorgeous!! And I just adore the basket of decorations for each holiday, so clever!

  9. wow the quilt is awesome! and i love the idea of of the gift basket of decorations! such a great idea!=)

  10. I so wish I could sew like that, I can't sew a button on to save my life! What great gifts!!

  11. Megan,
    I LOVE to give meaningful gifts. Something that means something to the person receiving. LOVE IT!!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  12. Those are the BEST gifts!! What sweet women you have in your family - obviously genetic :-)

  13. that quilt rocks!!

    is it sad that I barely remember what we got for our wedding!?

  14. Those are great presents! I wish someone would have given me a basket filled with holiday decor. Ty's sis is getting married this summer and I bought a few Christmas items this winter to put in her shower gift. It took me 2 years to build up my Christmas decor.

  15. I love the idea of holiday decor for a wedding gift - what a fun, fun idea! :-) Anything I got that was personalized for Jayci (my baby) was a great gift -- pretty much anything my hubby MAKES not only makes me smile (because it looks like my 6 month old may have made it) but also brightens my day . . . that's why i usually try to make gifts for people!

    also, Adam's grandma made us some extra big flannel baby blankets that are a life-saver with our baby - so I've decided for all the baby showers i go to (now that i have my own baby i know what they will actually need) I will make them BIG swaddling blankets (they dont sell them big enough in stores) and cute headbands.

    oh and sorry for this novel of a comment!

  16. We got a really nice quilt too- not quite like yours- but I love the homemade quilt we got for our wedding.

  17. Don't worry about confusing the trucks. To me.... a truck is a truck.

    One of my guy friends got mad at me for not knowing that his Z06 Corvette was different from my dad's Corvette. Hello, I drive an Accent. What do I care about fancy cars?

    I actually have that Easter table runner! That's a totally cool wedding gift idea... all the Holiday items.

  18. LOVE the quilt!! What an awesome gift from your sweet momma!!

  19. What a GREAT post, and what neat and special gifts!!!!

  20. That's a great idea you grandmother had about the holiday gifts.

    I love the quilt your mom made. You'll treasure that forever!

  21. hey girl! just shot you an email about your trip out here! so excited for you!

  22. I love your blog!!! I also love the idea of the basket of seasonal things! I introduced your blog to my new daughter-in-law, because you remind me of her...and now you are one of her favorites too! I just did my 100th post today and am having a giveaway....come on over!

  23. Ca-yuuuute!! What precious memories. :)


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