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Yesterday I planned on doing a post with my wedding pictures that I mentioned in the previous post.

However, I never had time, so it will have to wait.

Luke and I are headed out on a little trip, and there were lots of things to take care of before leaving.

Actually there are still a lot of things to take care of before leaving, but let's not talk about that.

Why are preparing for trips so stressful?

Probably because I never know what to pack.

Last night as I was attempting to get my clothes together for the trip, the following thoughts were going through my mind:

Do I need dressy clothes?
Is it going to be cold or warm?
Should I bring walking shoes?
Should I bring heels?
Do I need jewelry?
Do I want to wear my hair curly while I'm there?
Do I need sweatpants to wear at night?
Or shorts?
Did I pack enough layering tanks?
Should I go buy new walking shoes?

My mind was spinning.

After MANY trips back and forth from my closet to the living room, I had assembled several piles of clothes.

Each pile contained one outfit: A shirt, a layering tank, a jewelry option, and pants (several pants doubled for different outfits)

I had 12 piles for a 4 day trip.

My OCD was out and kickin.

I told Luke to start getting his clothes together for the trip.

He brought me:

One pair of jeans.
Two T-shirts.
One Jacket.
One button up shirt.

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to throw the clothes back at him and tell him to get his head in the game.

Packing for a trip is a serious deal and requires a lot of thinking and contemplating.

It requires a whole heck of a lot more than just two t-shirts.

When I asked him if he wanted to bring another pair of jeans he told me he would have 2 jeans because he would have the pair he wore on the plane

So I calmly asked him what he planned to do if a bird pooped on one pair of jeans, and his backup jeans were already dirty.

He calmly explained that he would just wash off the bird poop.

This is when I chose to stop talking.

What kind of person packs like that?

A boy.

And I'm still getting used to boys.

I finally got done packing after calling 3 different friends to get their opinion on what to pack, and also emailing a friend some outfit options.

Chances are I over-packed.

Chances are I will end up thinking, Why didn't I just pack more T-shirts like Luke did?

But at least I know I have backup options if I bird poops on me.

I will not be around the blog world this weekend so I hope you have a great one!

I have a feeling my google reader is going to be really full when I get back!


  1. Yep, women overpack. Even if we're not obsessed with clothes, we overpack. Men could care less.

  2. I am just like you, I ALWAYS over pack and over-contemplate what to pack... I end up with a bag for one night bigger than a bag my bf would pack for 3-4 nights! We're girls, we can't help it :)

  3. You are cracking me up! I love your line "get your head in the game!" I am still getting used to boys too. It was all girls growing up and we always over packed, b/c that's what girls do! But after getting married I can't for the life of me get the logic behind man packing! Hubs can take a duffel bag with shoes, jeans, shirts, toiletries and I have a full on suitcase and 2 side bags??

    Have a blast on your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  4. This is the story of my life. At least the story of my life whenever any sort of packing occurs.

    Have a fantastic trip!

  5. My motto is, more is better, haha!!!!!! :O) Have fun wherever you're going!

  6. this sounds like me and my husband exactly!! So I think it's very funny when we get somewhere (like Mexico last summer or California this Christmas) and he actually hasn't packed enough underwear! And runs out a day or two before the trip ends!! I havent' said anything yet, but next time you might here "I told you so"

  7. I wish my husby packed like that. He overpacks. And so do I. It makes for a nightmare.

  8. At least he responded that he would wash the bird poop off. Too funny! Have fun!

  9. I always over pack but was so proud that on my last trip I only brought a carry-on for 5 days. You know, I survived!

    Good luck packing and have a wonderful trip!

  10. haha - I used to be really bad at overpacking! However, with all of the hassel of flying these days (and having done it more often) I have decided less is more. I still pack more than my hubby, but I somehow figure out how to get it all in a roll-on suitcase.

    I hope you have fun!

  11. I feel you! I do the same thing! You can never be too prepared... after all, you never know what you might want to wear!

    Have fun!

  12. I wish that my boy packed the way yours does, but instead he throws pretty much his whole closet into a bag. Sure he'll be prepared, but he NEVER needs that many clothes! I try really hard to be a light packer, but I'm like you and like to plan things out (matchy matchy style) and try to have at least one extra ensemble.

  13. i ALWAYS overpack but i tell chad reach time i do this... i would rather have too much than not enough! you never know, so take it all (or most of it!!) haha

    have a fun trip!

  14. Yep, JD and I pack pretty much the same way you and Luke do. JD waits till about 10 the night before we leave to start packing and it stresses me out! Y'all have fun and take lots of pics!

  15. Hahaha you guys sound just like Garth and I!

  16. Haha you're hilarious! That is such a boy thing to wanna know what Hayden does? He takes his clothes and rolls them up (yes I said rolls) and puts them in zip lock bags, then he gets the vacuum cleaner and vacuums the air out so that it gets really flat...that way they won't take up much room in the suitcase. Who packs like that? A boy!

  17. Oh megan.. I just love you.. you and me are soo much alike.. we just like to have options.. how do you know what you are going to want to wear on saturday morning when you wake up? U dont.. so you might as well just pack extra.. and I would bring a pair of flip flops... heels.. walking shoes/tennis shoes.... another pair of heels.. another pair of flip flops:)
    Ryan is always like... Emily it only takes me 5 minutes too pack.. chill out:)
    Have fun:)

  18. I wrote almost the exact same post before I left for my trip last week . . . I mean how are we supposed to know what we're going to want to wear?! :-)

  19. haha, that is so us! i was cracking up as i was reading. i have to have options and all the just-in-cases. i hope you guys have a great trip!!

  20. I feel so much better, knowing its not just me who does this. I ALWAYS over pack. And before our honeymooon my husband told me I could only take a carry-on, as he didn't want to check any bags. For some reason I didn't argue and managed to pack for my honeymoon in the world's tiniest suitcase. And I am the girl who usually brings 8 shirts for a 2 day trip! Funny how different we girls our than husbands :)

  21. sometimes traveling causes me so much stress, I'd rather just stay home have fun!

  22. I am laughing out loud. You are a hoot. And I can only laugh in good conscience because our packing tendancies - they are the same. :-)

    Ya'll have a GREAT trip!

  23. Okay so I would be the Queen of overpacking!! When we went to Mayo in March, (only two days), huband told me to pack light ~~ light?!! But what if I need a sweater, or if the weather becomes suddenly sunny and warm in Minnesota in March I would need some capris and a light jacket. And what if he decided to take me to that little Greek jacket (that is so come as you are, but still) anyway.........yes I am an overpacker =)

    Have fun friend,

  24. Hahahaha that is suppose to be Greek Restaurant not Greek jacket, but you get the idea....I hope =)

  25. You always make me laugh! Your reaction to Luke is exactly how I would have reacted! I overpack everytime, but I never know what mood I'll be in and how I will want to dress. I NEED options!!

  26. Ack at least Luke packs!! Zach makes me pack for him!! Otherwise, he'd forget underwear and his toothbrush hahaha.

  27. This cracked me up. It could have easily been B and I having that convo. I always overpack.. but I like to have my options!! Have a great trip!!

  28. *lol* I am the same way...anytime I try and pack conservatively I always end up not having what I need. I carry three big bags anytime we got anywhere even if it's just for the weekend. I'd rather be overly prepared and feel like I brought just the right thing instead of underpacking and feeling uncomfortable or underdressed! Have a fun weekend!

  29. I'm headed to ny next week and don't even want to think about the amount of clothes I am going to try to pack! Have a great weekend!

  30. I always overpack...I like to have lots of options for when I arrive at my destination. :)

    Have a great trip, girl!

  31. Packing is always somewhat stressful. What I dislike more than packing is unpacking. I currently have two suitcases laying on our bedroom room - both in desperate need of emptying and hauling back to the closet. Boo.

  32. Just wait to you throw some kids in the mix and you have to pack for someone other than you! Not that kids aren't great, but it's alot! Oh to be on the google reader! ha ha, have a fun trip!!!

  33. I'll admit..I do pack for's just easier! plus he is usually at work and swinging home to get me and our bags! I do have the same problems about now knowing WHAT to pack...I'm a huge over-packer!! Hope you are having fun on your trip. Can't wait to hear and see about it!!

  34. I always over pack!
    It's much harder for us girls, huh?
    Plus, if the weather is "iffy" like it is here in Oklahoma, you have to have options.
    My hubby packs the same way.....quick and simple.
    Hope y'all have a good trip.

  35. I also tend to stress a little and over pack. Guys just don't care if their shirt is worn 3 days in a long as it doesn't smell. And if it does smell they just put on more deodorant.

  36. This post is TOO funny! Bird poop- but it does happen! lol I overpack myself- boys don't know how to pack hehe

  37. I teeter back and forth on packing. One trip I'll pack too little. Another trip I pack too much!! Packing is vicious indeed!! I understand your dilema.


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