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Moody and Happy Birthday

Do you ever have hours, days, weeks where you feel like you are so moody?

I feel like I have been in a moody rut for about the past week and it has not been a good moody week.

My sweet, innocent husband can testify to this. I have been very irritable and not exactly fun.

We went jogging yesterday and I ended up asking Luke to just jog ahead of me and not talk to me.

In other words. Don't mess with me.

I have realized I have been in this 'mood' so I have been working on getting out of it.

I can't even blame it on 'that time of the month'. Its just all me.


I realized while I was on our mini vaca I missed my Dad and Sister's birthday.

I gave them their gifts before we left, but I didn't give them a special blog shout out. Which I know would just make their day!

So happy birthday to my dad and sister! They share the same birthday.

I was 4 when Kati was born and I can remember it very clearly. I remember going to the hospital late at night, and I remember my grandparents coming and sitting with me in the waiting room while my mom was in labor. And I remember going in an seeing her for the first time. I don't remember any emotions such as excitment, etc, but I am thinking I was excited. I mean look how excited I look in this picture below.

Here we are when she was a couple of days old: A couple of years later:
And Now:Kati is such a good sister and as I have mentioned before, so giving! Plus she is such a sweet and good little mama to Maxton, I love watching her with him. Happy Birthday Kati! I love you!

And my dad: I don't remember when he was born, but I do remember him being a great and fun dad throughout my life.
And he still is, he still helps me through life, for instance explaining to me that I HAVE to buy a new tag for my car, its not optional like I thought it was. Who would have known?

Here is a picture of us at my wedding about to walk down the aisle: Mere moments before this I told my dad I had 'nervous pee' and I really had to use the restroom. He was insistent that I use the bathroom before we walked down the aisle.
I didn't have time to explain to him that there really was no time for me to go to the bathroom because there was a sanctuary FULL of people waiting for me. I ended up not using the restroom the rest of the night. My favorite pic of us doing the father/daughter dance.
I had to use pictures from the wedding because my dad has a camera phobia and closes his eyes every time his picture is taken. He says the flash hurts his eyes, which is why I never really have good pictures of him. Me, my mom and sisters find this very strange. But we still love him! Happy birthday dad! I love you!

The birthday peeps with sweet Maxton: (notice my dad's eyes)


  1. Um, I know the feeling...obviously since my husband said, "G'night Satan!" the other night, he could attest as well! ;-)

  2. You and I had matching bangs as little girls :)

  3. Being moody is inevitable. Of course, yes, it's easier to blame it on "that time of the month" but let's face it, it's not always the case.

    It'll pass and you'll move on. But don't you fret my pet, the moody-ness will return again!

    But hey, we all get through it and move on!

    Happy Birthday Dad and Sis! xo

    My Birthday was Monday! April 20! Yey!!

  4. We all have those moody times...and sometimes we just don't need or have a reason!!!
    Hope you have a good weekend! I loved seeing the pics of you when you were little. Also- You made my day when you said you were four and you remember your sister being born...Connor is going to be 4 when AK comes and I have been wondering if he will remember it when he gets older.

  5. I know what you mean about moods, I get like that also. I think it's that we are all ready for the spring/summer already.

    Of course love your pictures from the wedding. You are such a beautiful bride! More pictures please!

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister and your sweet Dad! I love all the pics!!

  7. your family is just ate up with the cuteness!!

  8. You look exactly the same from where you are little!!! How cute is your family!!!

  9. Whoa, that last picture she looks like Victoria Beckham!! She is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to them both!! Great post!!

  10. How sweet! I hope they both had a wonderful birthday :)


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