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It Was a Short Break

And I’m back.

I know, it was the shortest blogging break in the history of blogging breaks.

However I found that if I wasn’t blogging I distracted myself in other ways.

Blogging is not the problem.

My horrible time management is the problem.

So I am working on my time management.

I do spend too much time reading my google reader, so I am learning how to manage that time.

Why is there no manual for life?

O yeah the bible....

However google reader is never mentioned, so I am stumped.

Well I am back, and anytime I feel like my blogging obsession is getting out of hand I will take a little break, I probably won't always announce it, but a day off here and there is good for the soul!

Before I took my blogging break and during my blogging break I was tagged a couple of times to do this fun little 8 things thingy. (thingy is a technical term). Most recently by Tara

I think you all have done it now, And I am always one to follow the crowd, so here is mine:

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:

1. Buying a house
2. Having a baby (I’m not preggo, nor do I want to be right now, we are talking the future here people)
3. Watching Luke as a dad
4. Our vacation in October (forever away)
5. SUMMER (flip flops, tank tops, snow cones, it’s all just so beautiful)
6. Getting my hair colored today
7. Seeing my family this weekend, so excited to see Maxton!
8. Having lunch with a great group of bloggy friends this weekend!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Walked 2 miles
2. Cooked Dinner
3. Drank 2 bottles of Diet Coke, my drug of choice
4. Took a break from my blogging break and read all the blogs of the Compassion bloggers who are currently in India. Some amazing stuff already.
5. Talked to my mom on the phone
6. Put chocolate chip cookies in the oven
7. Ate chocolate chip cookies
8. Got mad at myself for eating so many dang cookies

8 Things I Wish:

1. I could sing
2. That our families, church, and best friends were all in the same town
3. God had an email and you could email him questions and he would respond, or even a Twitter account would be fine with me
4. That I could relive my wedding day once a year. Not a new wedding day, just the same one every time. It was such a great day! And I planned hard enough to relive it several times, not just once!
5. I wish I knew what my dream job was
6. That my metabolism would speed back up. Where did you go friend? This is no time to be slowing down, please maintain your pace.
7. That Luke and I could travel around the entire world and see everything we want to see – For FREE
8. That I could find the motivation to go back to school and get my Master’s (because that would be FREE)

8 TV Shows I Watch:

1. Lost
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. Dancing With The Stars
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. The Amazing Race
7. The Hill’s
8. American Idol

I’m not tagging 8 people because I have no idea who has and hasn’t done this. So if you want to do it go ahead!

Thanks to everybody who left encouraging words on my last post and understood my reason for taking a teensy tiny little break. You all are so wonderful!

If you are thinking about or feeling like you need to take a break, go for it, even if its for just one day. Mine was 4 days and it was nice and refreshing and I was ready to come back! It is always good to show that nothing has control over you.

One day I will fast diet coke.

And then you can all visit me in the crazy home.


  1. Hahaha I wish I could sing too! And I like the travel around the world for free wish too!

  2. Youre so funny! ..and im SO with you on number 3 from your wish list!!

  3. So glad you’re back, but completely understand the need for a blogging break. It’s good to get away. As for the lists, I am with you… Summer can’t get here fast enough, my dream job is out of reach, and traveling is just too expensive for my newlywed budget! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ugh, I wish my metabolism would speed back up too! Glad you're back. I think everyone needs a blogging break every once in a while!

  5. Welcome back! I'm supposed to do the 8 things thingy too but now I don't know what I'll write for my wishes cause you pretty much used them all! :-)

  6. your tv list rocks! if you lived closer, you and i would watch a ridiculous amount of tv together.. I just know it!

  7. great lists! Girl, chocolate chip cookies are my weakness!

  8. Welcome back! I missed your blog!

  9. You'll be running on empty if you fast Diet Coke for a day... I'm like you! And I was without it for like 6 hrs & had the WORST headache EVER!!!! One Diet Coke healed it all!!!

  10. Oh girl, I need some help in the time management area's so hard!

  11. ahhh love this post and I am glad you are back.. I missed you:) even tho i get to im you lots:) yeah:)
    yeah for hanging out saturday:)

  12. haha! You are so funny. Glad you're back and that you had a good break:)

  13. Uh yeah, step away from my Diet Dr. Pepper. There are many things I could fast... Diet DP would not be one of them.

    Welcome back!

  14. Glad you got a refresher!!! Loved the list, too funny!! :)

  15. Megan,
    Okay can I just say that I'm not sure what you said after you said you wish that God had e-mail or a Twitter account. Now did that get the ole brain waves a spinnin' a gazillion times a minute. What would God's Twitter say? There is something to chew on!!

    You crack me up you sweetsogladyourbacktoblogworld friend.

    Love you sweet thang,

  16. Glad you're back :-) And seriously, the time management? I'm not good at it either! Oh and i think it might be related to my self-control issues (see: eating way too much, drinking too much diet coke etc . . .)

  17. I took a 8 day break.:) thanks for encouraging me! I'm glad ur back...

  18. you crack me up!! love your lists and i'm so with you on so many of them! welcome back=)!

  19. Glad you're back!! You were missed, but I totally understand. I might need to take some time off myself.

    I am so there with you about buying a house. This apartment living is only fun for a little whole!

  20. Glad you're back!! :) I am working on my time management too!


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