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I'm not very good at math, but I am fairly certain this is my 9th month of being married, well on the 26th it will be.
And I finally ordered our wedding pictures.

I really don't know why I have waited so long, but I am glad I finally have them!

However, ordering them was a lengthy process.
In preparation for my wedding I made sure to get a top notch photographer. Which I am so thankful I did. But I had over a thousand pictures to go through and figure out which ones I wanted to order.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

But 400 photos later I narrowed it down and placed my order.

Yes, 400.

Yes, I know the average person doesn't want to sit and look through 400 pictures, but I would. So I went ahead and ordered them.

Plus I found this great photo album, that I thought matched our guest book perfectly. It only holds 200 pics so I need to find another book to coordinate with these two.

It was so weird looking at our wedding pictures. Up until this point I had only seen them on the computer.

While holding them in my hands, so many emotions of the day came back to me. And some memories that I had forgotten.

I remembered what is was like getting ready, anticipating the day.

I remember having no appetite but my bridesmaids were yelling at me that I need to eat (love you girls)

In one picture you can see my sister coughing in the background, and then I remembered that she woke up sick that day, with a red eye that was almost swollen shut. Surprisingly I was pretty calm about this.

Looking at the pictures of Luke and I together, I remember having a slight panic attack right before the ceremony that he wasn't going to show up. I never shared this secret with anybody until months after the wedding. My friends laughed at me when I told them.

He never had any intention of leaving me alone at the altar, I'm just crazy, and apparently have watched too many movies.

I had no idea that my dress showed so much dang cleavage. I sort of feel a little skanky.

I forgot that one of my bridesmaids necklace broke mere minutes before the ceremony.

And yet somehow in the pictures it is on her neck perfectly in place.

I have no idea how she fixed it back there in that bride room, I need to ask her about that.

And I love that the photographer captured the moment it broke.

I forgot that my shoes were cutting off the circulation to my entire body (can that happen?) and I walked around the majority of the ceremony barefoot.

I am so thankful for so many wonderful pictures to remember this entire day by.

In one picture I am waiting for my dad to come get me to walk me down the aisle, and there is a church bulletin board behind me that says: "Circle of Life". I felt that this was a completely appropriate way to wrap up the day.

I just now realized this post would have been better if I would have shown you the picture that triggered each memory.

Its 11:00 and I am tired. Maybe another time.
By the way I ordered all of my pictures from Mpix and I am VERY pleased with them!


  1. How sweet! Isn't awesome having those to hold on to and cherish! I love going back and looking at my wedding photos! It does bring back so many memories ;)

  2. Yes, we want to see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awww, how sweet. Don't you just love pictures so you can have the memories that you can't get back. But that's why they call them memories, you can tuck them away in your heart :O)

  4. Oh my goodness I feel the same way about all my pictures! The photographer was SO important to me. Please share some of your favorites! My wedding Wednesday is almost over and you should take it over. :)

  5. Pictures are wonderful - besides your spouse they are the most tangible memory of the day! We had something like 1600 proofs to sort through - my poor dear husband could hardly sit through it!

  6. oh goodness....I guess I still have 3 months before I need to order my wedding pictures!

  7. I ordered about 400 pictures too.. whre did you find your photo album? I need one.. I have all my pictures still in the box they came in and I have been married for over a year.. ekkk! I love pictures too.. bring back soo many wonderful memories:)

  8. This is our 9th month too (I think?) and I still haven't ordered our pictures! I plan on making an album online, I just haven't been able to make myself sit down and do it yet. Please post some pictures, I LOVE looking at wedding pics! Oh and Mpix is awesome. Have you tried their metalic paper? The colors absolutely pop.

  9. ummm... I have been married 4 years and still don't have pictures.

    don't judge! my photographer was a moron and it was by far the worst experience of my life!! at least i have candids from family and friends... i should do a post on the disaster that was my wedding pics... hmmmm

  10. ps.. can't wait to see some of these pictures!!

  11. I'm so glad you love your pictures! I love looking at ours too. I watched our video not too long ago, and I cried the entire time! You definitely need to post some of those pics asap.

  12. After 12 years, I still go back and look at our wedding pictures. I think married time goes by faster than single time! I love pictures.

    That album is just fantastic! I love the front of it. I cannot wait to try your chicken recipe!!!

  13. I love going to peoples houses and looking through their wedding albums. Your wedding was gorgeous! I love the memories a picture can bring back.

  14. I love looking at wedding pictures! We have been married almost four years, and I recently just got our photo put into an album. I ordered them a long time ago, but they sat in a pile in an envelope for a long time!

  15. I LOVE looking at wedding photos!!! And I'll still look at mine- 14 yrs later & still remember things like you did - the little quirks of the day. The memories a photo can hold!!!

  16. girl I went thru 750! haha I wanna see more of yours!! I look thru mine all the time, and it brings back all kinds of emotions!

  17. That is awesome! I still haven't ordered all of ours and its been 3 years! Haha. Where did u get your album?!

  18. This makes me feel better as I haven't order my pictures either! And up until now, I had no idea we were married on the same day! July 26 was a great day for weddings :)

  19. oooo, I love your pics!! Your wedding looked beautiful:)

  20. You are seriously one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I loved going back through my wedding pictures, it was nice to relive all of those little moments again!

  21. I had the exact same fear on my wedding day - I got to the church before Garth and freaked that he wasn't coming!

  22. I agree. I would love to see pictures!

  23. Girlfriend, I can assure you that if I lived anywhere near you I would come over for some coffee and look through all 400 of your wedding pictures. I LOVE wedding albums!

    And, my photographer friend told me about mpix and said they were really good. So glad you were pleased with them!

  24. it took us so long to get ours done too!=) i love your pictures i've seen so far and yes i would look through all of them with you too!! i know they are all gorgeous! oh weddings are so much fun!

  25. I bet your pictures are beautiful! :-) so fun to get them isn't it?!

    The photographer was the most important part for me for sure . . . I love looking at our wedding pics!

  26. It was a great day but I remember ALL of those things--including u getting mad at us for trying to make u eat! :)

  27. 400 does seem like alot but it YOUR wedding. you only have one & those pictures capture everything from that wonderful day.
    the picture on the right side is so amazing awesome... i want rent chad a tux, get my dress out of storage & try to get one like that. its just so cool!!!

  28. Looking forward to pics! Have a great trip...cracked up at the packing story. Luke and my husband have a lot in (packing) common.

  29. Love your post...I was married in November of '07 and I am still picking out pics for our album. I am a perfectionist what can i say!!


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