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Today is Friday and I am pretty excited about that.

I try not to live each day looking forward to the weekend, because I don’t want waste away each day looking ahead (see how I incorporated my self-taught-lesson from my last post, pretty good huh?)

But, once Friday comes: I am all about the weekend.

Tonight my husband’s band is in their second round of a local Battle of the Bands.

Usually before his show, I am a nervous wreck.

Today I seem to be doing ok.

So far I haven’t broken out in any cold sweats or called him to tell him that I don’t think anybody will come to his show.

Either, this will all come later, or I have simply learned to handle the life of a rockstar’s wife.

It is still pretty early, only time will tell.

Luke’s parents are coming to his show tonight, so I have been cleaning our apartment like a crazy woman, in case they come by the ole APT.

I am very lucky in the fact that I have great in-laws and I have a great relationship with them.
However, they are the cleanest people I have ever met in my life.

And it is my goal in life to make sure that they think I am the cleanest person they have ever met

However, I may have ruined that when Luke and I were dating, and I told them that Luke washes his clothes entirely way too much and no article of clothing needs to be washed after ever single wear*

I won’t even tell you how many times I wear my jeans before washing them.

A well worn-in pair of jeans that hasn’t been washed in awhile is the best feeling.

But my laundry preferences have nothing to do with how clean I keep our 800 sq ft apartment.

And, when I say I have been cleaning like a crazy woman, I mean I loaded our dishwasher and vacuumed the living room.

Don’t try and stop my crazy cleaning antics, they are unstoppable.

Oh and I simply shut the door to the extra bedroom, because there is nothing that can be done to clean that room. It’s just a disaster.

And isn’t that the best way to clean a room? Just shut the door and put a BEWARE sign on it.

I had full intentions of going home after work and putting the final touches on cleaning my apartment by dusting, but I feel that the mall is calling my name to come find a cute new outfit for the show tonight.

I need to find a cute outfit for the wife of a rockstar.

Where is that stylist that I requested?

So I hope that you have a great weekend! It is supposed to be beautiful and sunny here! Let’s hope that’s true!

*this does not include underwear, I wash those after ever wear


  1. HAHA I clean like crazy when we have people over. Hubby thinks I am nuts but I just LOVE having a clean house, especially with company. Have fun tonight - I am sure lots of people will show up!

  2. My mother-in-law vacuums like 4 times a day. Me? I'm lucky if I get four times a month. . . actually make that once a month. And my hubby washes his stuff entirely too much as well. I firmly believe that since 3/4 of the laundry is his (at least) he should clearly be the one doing the laundry. Unfortunately, he does not agree!!

  3. Good luck to Luke tonight!! Good luck to you on finding a new outfit. :)

  4. I'm the EXACT same way about my jeans!

  5. Oh girl I clean like a madwoman before the in-laws come!! My MIL is also ridiculous neat and I know I'm never going to get like her! Course she also has a maid... maybe I need to look into that!!

  6. I'm the same way about jeans... I hate freshly washed jeans... I will give in & wash them when they get so saggy.... comfy jeans - the best!

    Good luck to LUKE tonight!!!!

    Does he have a web site with his music or sell any CD's or anything?

  7. Ok you're hilarious. Have I told you lately how much I adore your blog??? :) Too funny.

  8. I suscribe to similar laundry techniques and my hubby just does not understand.

  9. Haha I LOVE the "close the door on a room and be done with it" trick. And I think the mall is calling my name also. Happy shopping and have a great weekend!

  10. Seriously I love reading your blog you always make me laugh!!
    Have fun getting your new outfit and good luck to your hubby tonight!!

  11. I agree about jeans, and there are some other things I'll wear a few times before washing!! Good luck to Luke's band! Have a great weekend!

  12. You are adorable and I love your new look! You will radiate in anything you wear b/c of all that love you have for him...


  13. Can't wait to hear how tonight goes! You are the perfect wife of a rockstar because you, yourself, my friend, are a rockstar!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. I think it's adorable that you get to use the line

    "I'm with the band"

    Hope he plays well and you find something fabulous to wear tonight!

  15. my husband washes stuff after every wear too.. wanna know a secret.. i sometimes smell hsi stuff in the dirty clothes and hang em back up with a lil febreeze:) he he! My jeans.. I wear them until they smell.. im bad:) Good luck to luke and have a grea weekend:)

  16. lol thanks for the distinguish between regular clothes and underwear! I'm with you on the laundry thing. And I definitely wear jeans a bunch of times before washing. Especially since I hate having to do lunges after putting freshly washed jeans on! TOO tight!

  17. oh a show definitey calls for a cute new outfit =) i am the same way with jeans and I'm cracking up at your cleaning commentary!

  18. I always wear my clothes a few times before washing. (except for the undies.) I hate washing my jeans. They never fit quite right when I first put them on after they have been washed. I wonder if that means I should be buying a bigger size...

  19. I forgot to say this...
    Yesterday at work I was up at Whitney's desk and I told her I had saggy butt today with my black pants on. She said thats how you know when its time to wash them. HAHA! Its so true!

  20. Hilarious! I clean like you clean!! Have fun tonight!

  21. I'm glad you put the disclaimer at the bottom... I was totally thinking that! ha! have a good weekend!

  22. Look at all those blog awards! Really cute blog...the wedding pics are great!

  23. this is hilarious! I have to tell you that when we've had people over to our house for whatever occasion, I usually shut all the doors (minus the guest bathroom) because what is inside and how it looks are completely and utterly embarrassing to me! I'm pretty sure only like my parents have gotten a complete tour of the house! haha

  24. Too funny, I was beginning to wonder about the cleaning of the underwear, haha!!!! I'm with you girl, your definition of cleaning is my definition, haha!!! :o)

  25. Oh sister, I am so with you on the worn in pair of jeans. In fact, I am with you on your whole cleaning definition. Hope last nights show was great!

  26. I hope that the show last night went well and I am sure that you were the most adorable wife of a rockstar those people had ever seen!

    Can't wait to hear whether the inlaws stopped by the apartment after all of your crazy cleaning antics!

  27. Haha - I'm the same way when it comes to cleaning. I do it right before people come over, and I always shut the guest room door, which is a problem when people are staying with us! Hope the show was great :)


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