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Band Battle and Video Games

Friday night was the Battle of the Band's night for Luke's band and THEY WON!!! Yay!! We were so excited!!

And in this case, winning means they move on to another round.

So next month they will be in another Battle of the Bands.

And then I have no idea what happens if they win that one.

Clearly, I do not handle any of Luke's band business.

As you may or may not know I tend to get nervous before Luke's shows. Well I am proud to say that I never once got nervous on Friday.

However, before the show Luke told me that he has observed something:

Before all of his shows I either get very nervous or very mean.

He said that particular night I was very mean.

Apparently he likes the nervous Megan better.

Here is Mean Megan at the show. I was giving a thumbs up to how cute the lead singer is. This could be misinterpreted as a thumbs up to the man's butt next to me. It is not.
During the show:After Luke gets done playing he is always FAMISHED so we left while the other band's played and got him a hamburger at 11PM. It was hard to find an open restaurant.This picture is after we found out they won. At this point it was 1:15AM. I was either really excited or really delirious. Or perhaps this is my mean face?All in all it was a great night! We are so thankful to all of our friends that came out to support the band and to vote for them. It means so much to us to have the support of friends!

Saturday we woke up to a beautiful day. And according to all of my friend's tweets it was a beautiful day everywhere in the USA, which makes me happy! I love a beautiful day, and what is more great than everybody experiencing a beautiful day together?

In a previous post I mentioned that we are the proud owners of a Retro Nintendo System.

Well, every since we got it I had been on a mad hunt for Donkey Kong. This is my favorite game of all time and I needed to find it to play on our new system.

We decided that this Saturday would be the day we found that game no matter what.

So we began our search in our own town, we went to a local store that told us they didn't have it but a store 30 minutes away had it.

Because we had nothing else to do, and because we are obviously complete losers we got in the car and drove 30 minutes to get my Donkey Kong game.

Here it was waiting for me:

Then Luke had to pick out a game, which for him is much more complicated than it sounds
He picks up almost every game and tells me how old he was when he first got it, what childhood friend he played it with, how many times he beat it, and also which games he asked for at Christmas time but never received.

It is pretty hilarious. It's my favorite part of the video game hunting process.

So three games (we could have gotten a lot more we had to restrain ourselves) later we got in the car and took the 30 minute drive back home to play our games.

I was seriously so excited it was kind of pathetic.Once we got home, it didn't take me long to start busting out my old Donkey Kong skills:And this is how I spent the majority of my Saturday evening. I stopped to eat dinner, and then I stopped when I couldn't beat a hard level. I wanted to throw my controller through the TV.

So apparently Mean Megan shows up at Battle of the Band's shows and when I play Donkey Kong.


Oh, and some of you asked about Luke's music. Sometime soon I will post a link to their website, which will have audio available.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I seriously LOVE Donkey Kong! I haven't played it in years though! Good luck to Luke's band!!!

  2. Crack me up, your donkey kong skills! Isn't it funny how you remember all of the cheats? I still remember them......

    Congrats to Luke's band!

  3. That's AWESOME!!!! Congrats to the band!!

    PS You guys look absolutely smitten together in all your pics. I love it!!!

  4. Congrats to Luke and his band!!

  5. Haha, I am loving the thumbs up. Xoxo-BLC

  6. That is WAY funny!! Did you at least beat the hard level??? haha :O)

  7. Thats one of my favorite games too! I have the same one! Isn't it crazy how our fingers remember exactly what to do to play each game??

  8. I love men's observations of our moods, lol. I also love it when they decide that a mood that they don't really hate, but don't necessarily love (ie, nervous Megan) is better than the alternative (mean Megan), lol.

    Congrats to Luke's band!!!!

  9. You guys are too cute!! Congrats to your hubby's band on winning, that is so awesome!

  10. Congrats to Luke and the band!! That's awesome.

    And yay for Donkey Kong!! I love that game and most definitely would have driven to the ends of the earth (or at least the aforementioned 30 mins) to get it!

    Hope you have a great Sunday, my friend!

  11. The "mean Heather" shows us usually right before mealtime...and she gets meaner the longer she has to wait to eat!!! This post made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! You are so crazy-funny, friend! Congrats to Luke and the band!

  12. Congrats to Luke and his band on winning! Very exciting. You sure do look Mean in all of these pics! :) My nephew just got the old nintendo for his b-day and it took me back, we played Mario brothers. It was a blast! ha!

  13. haha, I love your retro nintendo!! Congrats to your hubby and his band:)

  14. congrats to luke and his band!!!

    my husband and i were JUST talking about donkey kong country and how it was my favorite game! so jealous you get to play!

  15. I have 2 copies of donkey kong .. You could have had one.

  16. A classic Donkey Kong... SCORE!!! You need FROGGER next! :-)

    And YIPEE for Luke!!! How exciting... I had to laugh at the thumbs up for the man's butt though! :-) hehe!! (I know - it wasn't - but your comment was hilarious!)

  17. Way to go on your hubby and his band! And what is it about video games bringing out the worst in people? I have the same issues. You look really cute in all those pictures!

  18. Donkey Kong really is the best :-)
    and congrats to your hubby -- you sure don't LOOK mean . . . but i guess you never know because that's also what everyone says about those serial killers and stuff . . .

    :-) i often wish i could throw my video game controllers through the tv. And by often i mean once a month or so when i try and play our Wii.

  19. Congrats to Luke and his band! I am cracking up that you are mean megan. That is hilarious!

  20. donkey kong is the best! Love the pics! Congrats to your hubs : )

  21. Congrats to Luke's band!! Donkey Kong is seriously the BEST!!! My hubs thinks it is weird that I play all the old school games on our Wii, but they were SOO fun! :)

  22. Donkey Kong rocks! Don't you love that your husband can be so honest with you? Hayden and I are able to tell each other all the time "I love you but I REALLY don't like you right now."

  23. YAYAYA Congrats on his band winning Battle of the Bands!!

    And yay for getting Donkey Kong, love it!

  24. yay congrats to luke and his band!! that's awesome! def post some footage of them=) that is so cute about the adventure to get donkey kong, so something hubby and i would do!

  25. Congrats to your hubby!!! How fun!

  26. Yay for Luke! Y'all are such a cool couple =)

  27. You are so funny, Mario Brothers was always my #1 game.

    Congrats on the win!!!!!!


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