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A Yummy Dinner

Today has been 9 months since Luke and I got married, and in those nine months I have taken up the art of cooking. Before we got married I didn't really like cooking. Maybe this was because I never had my own kitchen or nice utensils, but now I have both and I LOVE cooking.

At one of our wedding showers my grandma gave me a recipe book filled with some of my favorite recipes that she prepared for me while growing up. I use it all the time!

After I got good at those recipes and became a little more confidant in my cooking abilities, I started seeking out new recipes online and trying out new dishes.

One thing I love about blogging is all of the great recipe blogs, and I love when blog friends share their favorite recipes.

I found myself using recipe blogs so much, that I went and bought a notebook so I could print out all the recipes and keep them in my very own notebook. I use it all the time!

One of my most favorite recipe blogs is of course Mimi's Making Meals.

Tonight I tried her Stuffed Pepper Soup. Can you say AMAZING??

It was SO amazing and SO easy to make! We gobbled it right up!

Here I am preparing the soup. This is what I look like at 7:00 at night, I have not applied makeup since 6 in the morning and I put sweats on as soon as I get home from work. Please excuse my look.Luke loved it! Here he is at our kitchen table. There is no room in our apartment for a table so we eat all of our meals on the couch. Tonight was the perfect night for this soup, it is cold and rainy here. We are supposed to get a wintery mix of snow and ice tomorrow.

The university that I work at even cancelled classes tomorrow afternoon! How crazy is that?!!? Nothing has even happened yet, and they already cancelled I thought it was kinda weird.

But I have the afternoon off, so I am fine with it! I plan on going shopping and using gift cards that I got for my birthday!

Forever 21 here I come!!!

Yay for a snow day in March!!



  1. Yum!!! That sounds so good. I am the same as you, I never cooked until Jon and I were married, now I cook ALL of the time. Actually every night!

    And I love the blog world too, because you're so right there are so many wonderful recipes out there!

  2. I have also gotten some wonderful recipes from my blog friends - I love a good recipe!

  3. This is totally me too - I've begun to love cooking and the blog world is such a good place to find recipes! I've tried 4 recipes from mimi's making meals!!!

  4. That sounds good!! I also LOVE cooking blogs! I'd say 75% of the things we make come from blogs!

  5. Oh!! I am going to have to try that!!! I think you look adorable!! I love going home and throwing on sweats!

  6. Thanks for the link to Mimi's Making Meals- my mouth watered when I saw the Pecan Cinnamon Bun Bread she's got in her latest (March 6) post. It's great to try new recipes... but only when they turn out well! And I think you all have the same couch/dining table as my husband and I.

  7. Yummy! Looks like it was a success!

    Enjoy your snow day. :-)

  8. Way'ta be domestic! :) And I am eagerly awaiting the snow with you!

  9. How fun!! I hope I catch the cooking bug one day too!!!

    Yay for an afternoon off!! And for gift cards!!! And for forever 21!!!

  10. Thanks for the recipe site! I will have to check it out! I love trying new things! And things that are EASY! :)

    Wow sunshine and 70's one day, tornadoes the next, and then snow.. Gotta love it!!

  11. Yea for you having the afternoon off! I can't believe they cancelled already...that's nuts. We are supposed to have have a Sunday School party at our house tonight...maybe we should cancel that too!

    Have fun at F21! I got a couple of cute shirts there for a great price a couple weekends ago, and I'm already itching to go back!

  12. Look at you all domestic!!

    I'm still waiting for the desire to cook to kick in.. And I've been married 4 years!

  13. Great job on a great meal!!! WOOHOO!

    Enjoy your afternoon off and have a fab weekend!

  14. I pretty much look the same way in the evening too! No new make up and sweats, and I think my hubby hates that he never sees me in real clothes because I change before he gets home. Oh well. We also eat on the couch, and we have a house and room for a table and we still don't eat there!

    That soup sounds yummy :)

  15. I love Mimi's Recipe Blog, as well...I saw this recipe on there and wanted to make it! Yummy!

    Have fun shopping!!

  16. I too wanted to try out that soup! Sounds like it was a popular one!

    And girl - you ooze cuteness - you could never look bad!!!! :-)

    Happy 9 month anniversary!

  17. That sounds super yummy.
    I will have to try it out..

    I don't think we will get much..
    down here in the Mac! But we will see..

  18. Forgive your appearance???? Are you kidding me?? You're GORGEOUS!!

    I need to check out that recipe blog...I looooooove cooking...

  19. Thanks for the link to the recipe blog.. now that Im feeling better.. i have been trying to find some good new recipes too cook:) the soup sounds amazing:) i think you look super adorable cooking... ur hair is getting longer!!so cute

  20. I bought a notebook to keep all of my blog recipes too! I'm so glad that I am in Alabama and missing all the winter weather. I hope my flowers survive! Enjoy your afternoon off!

  21. oh how i wish i was good at cooking! And you look cute in your sweats - are there people out there who don't change into sweats when they get home? hmm - who knew!

    and we have a kitchen table and everything and STILL eat on the couches all the time!

  22. That sounds yummy. And, you look just like me after work. Ha!

  23. I bet you are a good cook! I love soup..esp on a day like today! We are bound to see one another at F21. happy weekend! stay warm!!

  24. Look at you, Suzy Homemaker! I'm so glad you guys liked that soup...I need to make it soon because it does sound yummy.

    Hope you found some good bargains and got lots of cute things on your shopping trip!

  25. What a great idea creating a book to stick recipes in! And girl, I am jealous that you look so good at 7 wihtout reapplying makeup.. I only wish... You're a doll!

  26. Love forever 21!! Glad y'all like your meal, I love putting recipes on my blog, I just love food!! Hope all is well and you had fun spending your b-day money!

  27. Happy 9 months to the super cute Tree's!!!!

    You look like such a natural there manning the soup! Glad it was yummy!

    Hope ya'll have a great weekend, my friend!

  28. It totally cracks me up when you're like "here is me at the end of the day" and "here's what I look like after working out" and you still look GREAT! Amazing, actually! You are just too cute!
    The meal sounds yummy and what a blessing to be enjoying the cooking. I am still working on it... :)

  29. Darling I hate to tell you that it has been 8 months not 9. how are you guys I miss you.

  30. Oh how fun! I would love to try the recipe sometime! YOur gorgeous with out make up on as well!;)

  31. I wish that I could look that adorable at 7:00 at night! (or any time for that matter!)

    I am behind on my blog reading, but just wanted to say thanks so much for the shout out. I am so glad that you and Luke liked it and it sounded like it was the perfect night for it.

    That particular soup is one of my favorites, too, because I am a huge fan of Stuffed Peppers. Not sure if you saw my post on my blog about my husband making it the other night. Look out ---we might have a "Poppa's Making Meals" soon!


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