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The Woes of Technology

I have a love/hate relationship with our DVR.

Tonight we got home from our small group only to find that our DVR cut off the last 6 minutes of both Lost and American Idol.

There was yelling, screaming, and gnashing of teeth.

After I picked myself up from my puddle of tears, I decided that 54 minutes of Lost and 1 hr and 54 minutes of American Idol was better than nothing.

And I only have myself to blame because our DVR is completely full and out of room for more shows.

I'm telling you, keeping a DVR up to date on watched shows is hard work.

There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

So we watched the 54 minutes of Lost and a good friend informed me on the happenings of the last 6 minutes. Pretty heavy stuff. If you don't watch Lost I strongly suggest you start from season 1 and catch up. It's pretty much the best show ever.

Next I watched American Idol and LOVED Motown night. Seriously. That's some good music.

And once again it got my little mind thinking, and I started begging Luke to try out for me. I just want to know what song he would sing, because I think he would pick a song somewhere from the Motown world.

And I think he would rock it.

I have no idea why he insists on keeping this mystery in our marriage.

Plus I want to know what type of judge would I be? Would I be mean like Simon, or clueless like Paula?

Then I started wondering if the wives of the finalists get a stylist also? If not I fully think they should.

Every male musician needs an amazingly dressed woman by his side.

And when the camera pans to the wife in the audience she needs to look good.

Whenever I become BFF with Ryan I will ask him about this.

Speaking of Idol, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Paula and Kara don't really get along.

I'm just saying.....body language shows that they can't stand each other.

I have this whole theory about how Paula feels threatened by Kara, and Kara tends to be a know-it-all.

But its just a theory, and believe it or not my theories have been wrong in the past.

Like the time that I had a theory that I would like my hair better short and I should chop it off. That theory was proven WRONG.

Luke just walked in the room and told me if he tried out he would sing the song Adam sang tonight.

I have no idea what that song was but I am one stop closer to getting him to try out for me.

Which means I am one step closer to my own stylist.

So who was your favorite tonight? Has it changed since the beginning? Mine has.



  1. You crack me up! We watched Idol (while playing games :)) and then turned it to abc and caught the last minute of lost!! We were going to watch it online! We knew it was going to happen, haha! But we still have to watch!

    Oh wouldn't it be great to have a stylist! Luke should def try out! and are paula and simon in high school with the way they flurt?! =) We're diggin' Allison!

  2. I too have a love/hate relationship with my DVR. And let me tell you, it ALWAYS cut off at the very very end for no reason at all! I have put much time into clearing out the shows I have saved, and it still does that once in a while. My DVR is out to get me I think. :-)

  3. We always mess up our dvr haha I constantly record the wrong shows, miss the important ones etc -- luckily I have a friend/neighbor who is much more highly skilled at dvr management than I am.

  4. My favorites are Adam and Danny. The guys are totally rocking it this season!!!

  5. My DVR did that one time with LOST due to a basketball game.. I FREAKED OUT because you know the last 4 minutes are always the most suspenseful... you can go onto & watch it... you can fast forward to the end so you dont have to watch the whole thing!

  6. I hate when our DVR cuts off the last part of a show! Last week it cut off the last part of the results show, and I was so mad.

    This post was hilarious...and if it helps your case at all, I totally think Luke should try out! I doubt that will help you though, since he doesn't even know me:)

    I never thought about the Paula/Kara thing...hmmmm. I'll have to watch out for that.

    And btw, I don't think cutting your hair was a mistake bc it looks super cute...and if you hadn't cut it you'd still be debating about whether you should or not!

  7. My DVR is going nuts too! not sure what happened- but since last week, it just keeps freezing, not recording, needing to be reset, etc.

    So last week, it chose NOT to record The Office or 30 Rock. I was ticked!

    It was working last night, so I paused AI to go do something. Came back, started watching- and it froze on Kris. So I had to reset it again. Which means it lost some recording and I never saw Kris.

    My husband was out last night, so I watched in the bedrooom to make sure the DVR would keep recording for him to watch- and it recorded- but all fuzzy. UGH! must call cable company.

    that was a long comment. my favorite is Danny. The end.

  8. I am so upset - our DVR had some issue and completely missed idol!!!!! We were frantically trying to find it last night and it didn't record!!!! Talk about a crazy pregnant woman!!!

    You crack me up!!

  9. Ahhh I love lost and I am two weeks behind but I plan on watching those two weeks today at work.. yes I know I am bad but my boss(my dad) is out sick and I dont have much to do.. now I want to start watching like right now.. the suspense.. I loved motown night too!! Loved all the songs!!

  10. i watched idol and then plan to watch lost tonight. i'm going to be so so upset if it cut off six minutes!!! :(

  11. I love AI last night!! Go Danny!!
    I would vote for your hubby if he tried out and made it!! Woot Woot. Tell him to go for it!!

    PS - Do you know how to adjust recording times on your DVR to make sure things don't get cut off? If not let me know and I will help you with that. I had to do it too after my DVR cut of the RESULTS show from AI last season. Talk about mad at DVR that night. Thankfully my friends had recorded it old school on their VCR. lol.

  12. You are so right, keeping up with the tivo is hard work, and that is why I've given that job to Chad ;-)

    Sorry you missed out on the last six minutes!

  13. My dvr didnt even record Idol last night! sooo mad! I hate when i miss previews for the next week because the dvr shuts the program off! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  14. I don't know who my favorite is... I like Danny and Adam and some others too. I feel like I don't have a #1 person just yet... I think there are several people who could win it this year...

  15. My theory is Paula and Simon are shameless flirters with each other and, if they aren't already, will be dating soon. I like your theory about Kara and Paula, I'm going to watch that body launguage tonight!

  16. You are so funny! I didn't get to watch AI yet. In fact I get to go home right now and watch it on my DVR. Hopefully it didn't cut off the last six minutes too!

  17. Technology has a strange sense of humor and causes me fits of rage every few days. I will add your Tivo woes to my personal outrage at this time. :-)

    Girl, you crack me up. I love your posts below about being scared after that movie and of the dentist. You brighten my life with LAUGHTER.

  18. You know, I liked Adam and Allison in the beginning, but now Adam has gone all weird. Not liking him to much. He pretty much freaks me out. I still like Allison though, and the guy that is Justin Timberlake-esque. And the guy who with the classes whose wife passed away. God knows their names. I surely do not.

  19. The wives should totally have a stylist.

    And I heard (you know, from my BFF Simon) that Kara and Paula don't get along. Not shocked. Women always have problems with new women in their territory!!

  20. our DVR had to be reset by Verizon today...NO LOST LAST NIGHT--I thought Dale was gonna have a cow right there in the middle of the living room!

    Good thing for online tv--we watched it tonight and boy! it was good!


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