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Weekly Weekend Update

We headed into the weekend with predictions and warnings of a HUGE winter storm headed our way.

We got a couple of snow flakes and some heavy rain. So much for that snow storm!

Friday night Luke and I ventured out to the mall so I could spend my gift cards. The mall was practically empty! Everybody was saying inside in expectation of the 'winter storm'. Our normally crowded Forever 21 was pretty empty and I loved it! I loaded up on some cute new outfits!
Going shopping, can you tell I'm excited??
Next we went to a restaurant that usually has a minimum of an hour wait on Friday night. We walked right in and got a table! We really enjoyed the 'winter storm'!

Enjoying our dinner:

Saturday morning I woke up to some unexpected news:
My hubby informed me that due to our excessive eating-out-like-rock-stars during the month of March we needed to tone it back a few notches and not eat out again until Wednesday (the beginning of April).

I screamed.

I cried.

I begged him to just let me stay in bed and sleep the weekend away.

What good is a weekend if you can't eat out?!?!

Luke informed me that I was being ridiculous and we had just eaten out the night before.
I still don't think I was being ridiculous but I got his point, and got out of bed.

Saturday was a yucky weather day so we just stayed inside the whole day and relaxed.

I got Luke a retro Nintendo system for Christmas so he set that up. It is a video game system that plays both old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. We are a fan of these games so I knew it would be a perfect gift for him.

He had a great time playing all of his old school Nintendo games on Saturday.

I knew it was going to be a good day when my 25 year old husband threw his fist in the air and yelled "YES! the rat king is dead!".

After awhile of watching him play old school Ninja Turtles I asked Luke if I could watch TV now. He said: "Well you can play this video game with me if you want."
Yes, that is why I asked him to stop playing, I secretly wanted to defeat the rat king with him.

I'm glad we have such high levels of communication

Later, in the day I decided to take up modeling.
Luke has been working on putting information on his brand new website for his band so he needed me to model the band T-shirt to go on the website.
He said he wanted me to model because I have a good neck.

Whatever that means....
Modeling the shirt: The rest of the day consisted of watching movies, eating and not showering. It was one of those great relaxing days that comes along every so often!
Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Ok first of all --- both of you NEED to be hair models. Phew had to get that outta the way. ;)

    Second I'm glad you had fun this weekend enjoying your games and shopping!! Happy Sunday!!!

  2. the retro nintendo sounds so much fun!!!! i'm not sure i'd ever get up if i had one of those in my house!

  3. I feel the same way about eating out. I really believe I NEED to eat out often. :)

    And that retro nintendo is awesome. Where did you find it? I love me some old school nintendo - especially TMNT

  4. Your hair looks so pretty in these pictures!! I feel your pain on eating out my fiance and I are trying not to eat out at all unless its a social event. Its soo hard not too!

  5. The Retro Nintendo sounds like SO much fun. I like the old school Mario games way better than any of the new stuff.

  6. I feel you on the eating out....we have been majorly cracking down the last couple of months and we kinda splurged a couple of times on Spring this week will be "eat at home boot camp!" I am NOT looking forward to it!

  7. sounds like a GREAT weekend! xo.

  8. That's what we refer to our major spending...livin' like rock stars. :) There always comes a time in the month when it has to come to an end...but usually I'm the one telling Alex! He loves to eat out and I would rather eat in. Your weekend sounds FAB...and Luke is right, you do have a nice neck. :)

  9. Eating in will force you to think up some creative alternatives. :)

  10. Umm.. If hubs pulled the no eating out thing on me, we would quite simply starve.

    Second of all. When you guys have kids, they will have amazing hair. End of story!

  11. I agree with the previous poster..You two have such awesome hair! haha.

    And my hubby looves the video games as well...especially old school nintendo and duck hunt! I'm glad the storm didn't hit you guys hard!

  12. A few things:

    Your hair color is SO pretty!! It looks awesome on you and you are the cutest thinge ever. The End on that.

    Also, BIG congrats to Luke on defeating the Rat King. I am all about the death of rats - real and/or animated.

    Lastly, your weekend sounds perfect!! Glad ya'll had a good one!

    Love ya friend!

  13. So glad you had the mall to yourself when you went shopping! And, speaking of modeling, you need to model your new outfits soon!

    Glad y'all had a great weekend!

  14. What a great weekend! Is that Texas Roadhouse where yall were at?! It's one of my favorites!

    ps you do have great hair!

  15. Sounds like a terrific weekend- muc like ours. We have been looking EVERYWHERE for an ottoman coffee table- yours is adorable. Where on earth did you find that?

  16. oh my gosh! that retro nintendo is so awesome! I only had the original, but our dogs chewed up all the controllers....thank you for this amazing discovery!

  17. I had never heard of the retro nintendo before this post! How cool! I want one now, to play some super mario kart!

  18. Sounds like a great weekend! I always LOVE shopping on a rainy weekend. That totally brightens my spirits! And that Nintendo rocks! Jon saw it while I was reading your blog and now wants one.

  19. Sounds like a relaxing weekend!! And, I hate not eating out on the weekends too!

  20. When did you back to a lighter color on your hair? I LOVE it! Its such a pretty color! I'm so glad I missed the snow by being in alabama. I think we got a lot more than you all did.

  21. okay, y'all sound just like us! we loooove to eat out, and it sometimes kicks us in the butt at the end of the month! its crazy to think about how much money we could save if we just ate at the apartment, but where's the fun in that??

    also, i've tried playing video games with my husband but i am FAR too competitive, and it's fun for neither party involved :)

    glad y'all had a great weekend!

  22. your hair looks great!! Love the restaurant pics! : )

  23. I feel the same exact way when we can't eat out!!!

  24. You guys are so cute! Glad you could get out without all the crowds and long waits at dinner time!

  25. Megan,
    Where in the world did you eat? Those plates looked huge and full of yummee food!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  26. Seriously, could your jaw line be any more defined?? Your plate of food looks great!

  27. Because you have a good NECK??!! Ummmmm that is so funny and random! You're a thin gorgeous woman that looks great in a t-shirt...that's reason enough!

  28. haha you crack me up so much. Reading your blog brightens my day. And I totally feel the same way when we can't eat out. but at least you know how to cook! :-) happy monday!


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