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Weekly Weekend Update

Friday - Luke and I had a date night and tried a new Italian restaurant. It was good but not our favorite. We debated about whether to go to a movie, but eventually decided that our recorded Desperate Housewives on our DVR was a better idea. We love that show.

Saturday - we woke up bright and early and headed to the church for a work day. This is where Luke continued to remind me that he prays our children do not inherit my manual labor skills. Because when it comes to those skills, I have zero.

I love my job and when it comes to event planning and administration skills I am all about that.

But when it comes to painting, moving furniture, and heavy lifting, I am NOT all about that. I still do the work - but there could be a bit of whining and complaining involved.

Just a little.

But would you believe that I left the work day extremely sore??

And it did not involve any manual labor.

I was standing on a chair that is made for a Kindergartner to sit on. As I was standing on the chair I was loudly explaining to Luke why manual labor is not my thing and he needs to get over it, or else there will be some problems down the road. And during this explaining I may or may not have been flailing my arms, the next thing I know the chair slipped out from under my feet and I was laying on my back on the chair that was now upside down.

My entire life flashed before my eyes.

I now have a fear of teeny tiny chairs. Those things are deadly.

Do Not Stand On Them.

So now my back hurts, my neck hurts from whiplash and my entire butt is bruised.

I never realized how much my butt jiggled until it was bruised. And let me tell you, it jiggles a whole lot. Every step is like a stabbing knife pain.

Sunday I spent the day cleaning my apartment with.....My new Vacuum!!!! I didn't get the Dyson,) I just couldn't spend the money. I know, I am all talk and no action.

So I went for a less expensive, but still great vacuum. The sales man told me that it would get deep down in the carpet and get out all the junk and it would help my allergies. It is possible he was just trying to make a sale, but it worked.

This is me vacuuming. I always pose like this while vacuuming. And looking at this picture my butt looks bigger - I blame the tiny chair completely. bruises=swelling.

My BFFAPRWIMAALM (best friend forever and former roommate who is moving away and leaving me) is over and we ate some AMAZING crock pot coney's courtesy of Mimi and now we are working on wedding stuff. I am so thankful to be helping somebody else on their wedding and not planning my own. Those were some stressful days.

Cute Tambra with her wedding materials. Don't let that smile fool you, she means business.

Time to get back to helping Tamba.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Awww, poor thing, that sounds like something I would do, haha, ouch!!! YAY for the vac. Happy cleaning!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Haha I laughed out loud at the chair story. I mean, not that I was laughing AT you. More with you.

  3. Darn those teeny tiny chairs! Why do they even exist if we can't stand on them while complaining about manual labor?!?!

    Hope your backside feels better soon. I know that vacuuming will definitely alleviate some of the emotional pain of the experience. :-)

    Glad ya'll had a great weekend. Have fun with the wedding planning!!

  4. Glad you're alright!!!

    Other than that looks like a good weekend and you are too cute in that vacuum pic!! Haha. Love it! :)

  5. Look at you vaccum queen! Go..go...go!!! I fell off my chair at work not too long ago, so I feel your pain there. It was a good week before my booty felt normal again! Glad you had a great weekend! (besides the chair incident)

  6. aww sorry about the tini chair experience! They are scary!! What was the Italian place you guys ate??

  7. Tiny chairs *are* dangerous! When I was a kindergarten teacher, I fell out of one while trying to hang crayon shaped curtains in my classroom. Not fun. And...not pretty since I was wearing a dress that day....:(

    Glad you're ok! Cute picture w/the new vacuum!!

  8. Ha! That's so funny, but I'm glad you're ok! Those things are deadly!! :D

    BTW, that looks like my vaccuum <--Can't spell - and it works like a charm!

  9. I can't believe you fell off that chair! Girl! And your butt is going to hurt for a while! I never realized how detrimental to your health a hurt butt can be til I broke my tailbone ( x 3!) I kid you not. Glad you're okay!

    PS- I love that your hubs watches Desperate Housewives with you. Mine is totally addicted as well. Don't let him know I told you that =)

  10. I know exactly what you are talking about with those teeny chairs... I dont even like SITTING in them much less stand on them! Bless your heart!

    And does Luke know you totally sold him out on here telling the world he likes Desperate Housewives? hehe!!!

    You could totally be a saleman for the vaccum!! It makes you look so happy! :-)

  11. I'm so sorry you had such a tragic fall!! It sounds really painful. I hope you start feeling less sore soon!

  12. ouch! glad your ok!!! Love the vaccum pic!

  13. Ouch! I bet your bum is sore...

  14. Ah, I hope your tush feels better in no time, haha! I went for a FIFTEEN minute jog on Saturday and have been sore since. My husband said I'm probably sore from doing somethiing while we were out and having drinks with friends on Friday night, and not really from the brisk jog. But no, I firmly believe it is from the RUNNING. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Feel better! And I wish I looked that cute when I vacuum!

  15. Aww you poor thing - too funny!

  16. Ummm your butt couldn't look big if you tried!!!

  17. ekkkk... that pains me just thinking about your fall..... that stinks... Love your new vacuum:) I love getting new cleaning stuff for the house:) joys of being married;) Looking forward to new cleaning stuff!
    Also, the commercial below is one of my all time favs:) makes me smile ear to ear everytime!

  18. Who knew those chairs could be so dangerous? Hope your bottom is back to normal soon...that is NOT a good place to be sore!
    I love the pic of you vacuuming....totally stylin'!

  19. I'm so sorry but I totally laughed at the new fear of tiny chairs! I am so sorry, I hope your bum recovers quickly :) His story would have sold me on the vacuum too! haha

  20. Megan,
    Seriously OUCH!!! I do not dig falling!! It is seriously one of my least favorite activities =) Hope everything is feeling better soon.

    Okay still loving that name Tambra!! Have fun planning that wedding.

    Have a Blessed week,

  21. That post totally made me laugh out loud! Love the vacuming pose!

  22. dang that tiny chair! haha!
    Love the vaccuum pose!

  23. Love the vacuum pose! You are just adorable! Hope everything feels much better soon!

    Thanks for the "shout out", too!

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