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Ryan Issues

Tonight is American Idol and I am so excited.

Is it weird that I get excited for American Idol each week?

It has become something that I look forward to every Tuesday.

Plus tonight’s episode will be extra special.


Well our good friends Chris and Kelsey are back in town from NWA and will be watching the show with us.

What is better than good food, good friends, and semi good singers?

We were supposed to go out to eat, but then due to Kelsey’s extreme obsessive desire to watch every episode of American Idol we decided to order in and eat in front of the TV.

Because what’s a better way to catch up with friends than to have your eyes glued to the TV?

But who am I to talk? I fully understand extreme obsessiveness. Kelsey’s obsession with AI might be a little bit worse than my obsession with Ry Ry.

Speaking of that obsession, I have decided I might need to tone it down a bit.

Sunday at church I saw Luke before service and I commented that his outfit was just a little bit too casual for a worship leader who would soon be on stage in front of the whole church.

His reply?

“Well I remember Ryan having a casual clothing night on American Idol, if he can go casual once then so can I”


I think someone might have some Ryan issues.

Seriously, what male on a Sunday morning remembers what Ryan Seacrest wore on American Idol like two months ago?

Apparently my husband.

And it’s probably my fault; I may have created this monster and it’s time to deal with it.

Plus, my love for Ryan might be fading, or perhaps it’s not just limited to him.

You see, the other night while watching DWTS I found myself cracking up hysterically at every little joke the host Tom told.

I looked over at Luke and casually said, “Oh I just love that Tom”

That’s when Luke brought to my attention, the fact that I have a strange infatuation for corny hosts of reality TV shows.

Perhaps this was an intervention?

I can’t help it, their cliché jokes and charismatic personalities just get me everytime, and leave me wanting more.

However, I only have one place in my heart for a guitar playing, music singing, crazy-haired Indian.

Even if hosting a reality TV show may not be in his future.

But I must say, I don’t think Tom on DWTS would ever have a casual night.

I’m just saying……


  1. You seriously crack me up!! I get excited for AI every Tuesday too, you're not alone!

  2. Hilarious that your husband took into consideration Ryan's outfit compared to his...
    And, I too, am an avid AI watcher!

  3. You are too cute!! I laughed out loud seriously!!
    I so love some American Idol. I watch it with friend EVERY Tuesday!!
    Yay for AI!!

  4. I am the exact same way...I get SO excited about Idol on Tues and Wed!!!! I even made brownies tonight to celebrate! BTW- besides your good hair, you may indeed be the funniest person I "know!"

  5. I LOLed as usual. And I'm really cool for saying that right? Anyways, cant wait to watch Idol tonight too - but I have to wait because I'm not sure how anyone watches it without DVR -- way too much filler for me! :-)

  6. Uh Tom would never do casual! That just wouldn't fly.

    I think you might watch just as much reality tv as me!!

  7. I, too, am extremely obsessed with American Idol. I HAVE to be in front of the TV at 7 on the dot on Tuesdays and at 8 on Weds. I am a Danny fan all the way!! Ryan isn't bad to look at either!!

    My poor child has to make an appt with me to get me to pour him a drink during those times!! Poor Baby!!

    Just want you to know that I look forward to all your new posts! You are so funny!!

  8. i will post soon about our new adventure... maybe next week when all the packing is done!

  9. Crack me up! You're so funny. I am so sad I haven't been able to see one episode of American Idol, (or any other show for that matter) darn German TV!


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