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A Little Bit of This and That

Tatiana? Seriously? Tatiana?
This is like train-wreck week for all reality television.

Where have the morals gone? Where has the common sense gone?

Actually reality TV doesn't have morals or common sense, and that's why I like it. I heart reality television.

But Still, Tatiana? When Ry Ry and I become BFF I'm going to ask him if it was just a publicity stunt for ratings.

Because that has to be the answer.

Last night I got color put back in my life. And I am thankful.

I tried to go with my natural color for awhile. It just wasn't working.

Apparently when God was forming me in the womb and numbering the hairs on my head, he decided to make those hairs dirt colored. Which is cool with me, but I needed to lighten things up a bit. Thank you Lord for the creation of bleach.

In today's most important news Luke will arrive home tonight after being gone for 5 days in Colorado.

I have kept myself busy while he was gone, but I sure do miss the boy.

The Bachelor and American Idol just weren't the same without his sarcastic comments and snide remarks.

However I did enjoy being able eat cheese and crackers for dinner, because sometimes when Luke asks me whats for dinner and I say "Oh I just thought we could do cheese and crackers" he looks at me like I have lost my mind. I'm not familiar with boys and their big appetites. But I am learning.

SO he is coming home today and I am ESCACTIC. He didn't even have cell service where he was (which was obviously the BLACK HOLE OF AMERICA, what place in 2009 doesn't have cell service?) so we have hardly even had conversation. I can't wait to see him in person and hear his voice!

Plus out of boredom I redecorated while he was gone so we will need to talk about this month's budget.

I will just remind him of how much he missed my face and that any money I spent was for the best interest of our bare-white-walled-apartment.

I'm sure he will understand.

And if he doesn't, I will simply reinstate the fact that I go to stores everyday, try on clothes and don't buy a thing.

That should get him.


  1. I've been wrestling with the idea of adding color into my life again. I stopped a year ago..but my hair is just boring... I'm hoping a new cut will do the trick...if not, let there be bleach!!

    Anywho, we need a pic of the added color!

  2. oh can you make a post about your recent decor? I can't wiat to see what you have done!

  3. Ugh! I'm with you about Tatiana!

  4. i totally feel the same about tatina!! what the heck were they thinkingj????!!! that ticked me off!

  5. Aaaww your hubby is coming home!!! I know you are excited!! And I know that your explaination about not buying all those clothes you try on will work!!

    You are too cute!!

  6. Meg I laughed outloud about the cheese and crackers for dinner. I am still pulling stuff like that on Stephen - he didn't even think soup and salad was a real meal when we got married = )
    Also, I posted about American Idol and The Bachelor tonight as well. How are these shows so addicting??
    Have you ever tried Biggest Loser??

  7. I'm so with you on Tatiana! I think she and Jason need to get together - they would really enhance the sale of Kleenex with all their crying!

  8. Happy to hear you will have your hubs back, today! Budget is a dirty word...I don't like it at all.

  9. Well you're a tease...posting about the hair and not putting a picture up! I bet it looks great

  10. I am so happy for you that he is coming home today! I have yet to be left alone without chris- but when I am, I will not be held accountable for redoing the whole place out of boredom and loneliness.

  11. so agree about tatiana.. but she wont make it through. Yea for the hubs coming home!!

  12. I'm trying your lunch work out plan today! I love your blog...I'm coming up to OKC this weekend.

  13. No cell service?? Sheesh, where was he?? Goodness!! I'm glad you survived and he's back. :)


  14. I want to see your hair!!!

    Amen and amen about reality TV these days. Train wrecks all over the place.

    Glad Luke is coming back!!

  15. I get that look, too. Likfe was much simpler back the days when we didn't have to plan dinner for two. I eat my crackers and cheese for lunch at work!

  16. Yay that you finally get to see your hubby! That's exciting!! And I'm sure he will love your new decorating!

  17. I'm sure he'll be so happy to see you that you can slide in the price of everything in a subtle way that he wont think anything of it :-)

    I too love an easy night of cheese & crackers - or chips & salsa for dinner!! Why dont men enjoy that?

  18. I'd love to see what you did to your home! And I don't like budgets either, you could just pretend like they were gifts! Aparently I need to watch American Idol because I had no idea what you were talking about, if that even was what you were talking about!

  19. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And how FUN that you got to re-decorate while your hubby was gone! You should post some pics! Have fun with your honey tonight!

  20. I know EXACTLY what you mean about dirt hair!

  21. I agree about Tatiana! I will not be upset if tonight is the last time she cries on the Idol stage... she's too over the top for me.

  22. Oh girl, I am SO with you on the Tatiana thing...seriously???

    You are cracking me up talking about being bored while Luke was gone. I hope the budget talk goes well ;-)

  23. I'm so mad about Tatiana!! I mean.. come on!!! It'll be interesting to see who goes through!

  24. Okay seriously Megan,
    Tease us with new hair color and don't share...what in the blue blazes is up with that? =)

    So glad your hubby is home. 5 days for real? I don't think I've ever been apart from my hubs for 5 days especially with no cell phone.

    Have a fun evening with your boy.


  25. HAHA!!! I loved this. YAY for Luke coming home and I want to see the hair and redecorating is always fun, we want pics!!!!! :o)

  26. haha this post cracked me up. I also enjoy cheese and crackers for dinner :-)

  27. I know! Tatiana= blah! And, cheese and crackers.. yum! Except my husband doesn't like cheese... or crackers.. LOL. And he definately has a big boy appetite and would NEVER go for that.


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