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The Jumpsuit?

I usually don’t blog about fashion. In fact I don’t think I have ever blogged about fashion.

But due to all the comments on the last post about my amazing hair I decided I now have freedom to blog about fashion.

Totally kidding, but really, I was kind of blown away by you girls saying I have pretty hair.

I have never in my life been complimented on my hair. Never. Ever.

It was really weird to me.

So thanks!

I give complete credit to my hair stylist, Melinda and my Paul Mitchell styling products.

They are amazing.

When I asked my mom why she thought I got so many compliments on my hair, she said it was because I finally got away from that dark color and lightened up.

Clearly she is not a fan of my natural color.

When I asked Luke about it, he said it must have been because my hair is finally starting to grow out.

Clearly he is not a fan of my short hair.

Needless to say I made the biggest mistake of my life when I cut my hair and went back to my natural color.

Anyways, this is a fashion post. Or more of a fashion question.

This morning I received an email from Express announcing this season’s hottest look and telling me I needed to go out and buy one RIGHT NOW.

The season's hottest look?

A jumpsuit

I’m not kidding.

A one-piece jumpsuit.

So this is what I want to know.

Do you own one?

Would you wear one?

Do you think this is the season’s hottest look?

I’m curious.

Because I have definitely been that girl in the past that said I would NEVER wear something only to run out to the store and buy it just a few weeks later.

And then wear it just about every day after that.

Eample: Uggs, straight leg jeans, gold jewelry, big belts, etc etc.

So, is this a quick fad, or will I soon find myself wearing a black jumpsuit while wearing roller-skates and singing 'Carwash'?

I don't know why thats the image that pops in my mind, but it is.

What do you think?


  1. You do have gorgeous hair!! And no, you couldn't pay me enough to wear that jumpsuit!

  2. YIKES!! I think it's pretty hideous!

  3. I am cracking up over what your mom and Luke said about your hair! And, I can't believe that you have never gotten compliments on your hair...seriously??

    Now, to answer your questions...
    1. No
    2. No
    3. No

    Just not gonna happen!

  4. Okay first I can't believe you don't get compliments on your hair more often. I love your hair. It is gorgeous!!

    Second I'm not sure how I feel about them, but I've seen a lot of jumpsuits that are shorts - not pants. Part of me thinks they are cute and part of me says no way. Will just have to try one on and see how it looks. I'm short though - so I don't think I could pull off the pants.

  5. Ewwww. Not a fan especially cuz it's pants?! Yucko

  6. May the Lord protect the eyes of the world should I ever answer YES to the jumpsuit question.

    And I am stunned about your hair. Everytime I see a picture of it (short, long, light, dark, straight, curly) I have hair envy. Not even kidding, my friend!

  7. Your hair=lovely. A jumpsuit of any kind=not so lovely. That is one trend or fad or whatever it is that I will most certainly not wear. Ever. In a million years.

  8. The jumpsuit is horrible in my opinion! I won't wear one!!

  9. No to the jumpsuits...Yes to your hair! Short or long!

  10. I can't believe that jumpsuits are coming back in style!!!

    I have to admit that I was the proud owner of SEVERAL jumpsuits in my day and my husband used to love for me to wear them! How funny!

  11. I'm not a fan of them. I do feel like though, they are back now like they were what 30 years ago and in probably another 30 years they will be popular again. So if you do invest in any, save them, so you can wear them the next time they come around or give them to your future daughter. I think a lot of the recent styles are just that! Things our moms wore when they were our age!! :)

    Oh and your hair is great! Very envious!!

  12. Not feeling the jumpsuit. When I hear jumpsuit I think inmate. Eeek!

  13. Okay I am like you in the fact that often times I first see something and think it is hideous only to later find it adorable! So for now I am not a fan of the jumpsuit but I am pretty sure that after I have seen it a few times I will think its cute. But it is not something I would buy for myself because certain fashions are only meant for skinny people - ie straight leg jeans... so even if the jumpsuit comes into fashion I don't think I will be purchasing one!

  14. no..that is not "style" that is a fad

  15. I ran across your blog from the Averitt's and thought this post was too funny! I don't have a jumpsuit and can't picture myself ever wearing this fashion. The pics look kind of cute but I pray this fashion is in and out quickly. Next it will be Hammer pants!

  16. First of all, I don't understand why you've never been complimented on your hair before. It's gorgeous. Even in your slightly curly pictures (that you say you hate), I think your hair has the great "I'm not trying to look fabulous, I just look fabulous" look.

    Second, I will admit that I wore jumpsuits once. When I was 4 and 5, my mom would dress me in them. I was cute in them, then. There's actually a picture of us in matching jumpsuits from my Kindergarten field trip to the zoo.

    That said, I'm no longer 5 and I don't like to dress the same as my mom (though I love her). Plus, I'm far from a size 2 and the world doesn't deserve that. It just wouldn't be fair to everyone who has their sight.

  17. nah, no way. i really don't see the jumpsuit ever making its way into my closet. i, too, am guilty of falling into trends I said I'd never try, but this one is just way too 'out there' for me.

  18. I hope express gives you coupons to endorse their jumpsuits!

    I had my first "town dress" Old Navy sighting today. In my high school. It didn't look nearly as hip as on the modelquins or the girls at the beach last weekend.

    Boo to the chain stores with their bizarro fashion ideas!

    Hurray to you for calling them out on it!

  19. I just love your hair humor! I'm going to go with a big fat NO on the jumpsuit!

  20. You are too funny about your hair! I love it!! And I know that I could NEVER pull off the whole jumpsuit thing. I mean they look cute on the models in the pics, but no, I won't be buying one anytime soon! HA

  21. Never, never, ever would I be caught dead in a jump suit! Gross. I don't know what the fashionistas are thinking.

  22. I think they're semi cute, but would never own one!

  23. Not gonna lie...I tried on a jumpsuit at White House Black Market last year (just to see) and because I am 5'9 and almost all leg...I had a massive wedgie in it. It was soooooo not a flattering look on me. I also have wide hips which ruled out skinny jeans for me a long time ago too. Although, judging by your cute figure, you might look cute in a jumpsuit :-)

  24. haha I could never pull these off bc I'm so short! You however are tall and thin so it might look cute on! I could handle that black one for sure. It looks classy and not too roller skate esq... Target had one that was like chiffon but shorts... interesting! They are def trying to make a come back!

  25. 70's FLASHBACK!!! I think you'll see all the stars in them.. but seriously? For average women - what about peeing? When you're in Olive Garden with kids pulling at you - having to yank down your whole outfit isn't really smart!

    What's next? The Marie Antoinette dresses? Fashion always comes around! I'll stick with jeans & a tshirt!

  26. Okay - I totally am NOT feeling the jumpsuit. I'm not a huge trend follower, but every once in a while I will. However, this is not one I will be following.

    Also, I think you looked beautiful with your long blonde hair, but am I the only one who also loves it short and dark too :) I think it is great either way!

  27. i could NEVER pull off a jumpsuit and won't ever try! :)

  28. I am a fan of the jumpsuit! I actually own one of the above and I love the shorts ones. : ) maybe i am alone on this one

  29. First of all... I'm not sure I believe that you've never gotten compliments on your hair. Your hair is fantastic!

    Second of all...I think the jumpsuit is not too bad. I could never pull it off, but if I was a few inches taller and a few pounds lighter I would definitely try! They aren't made for my figure, but I have no doubt you could pull it off!

  30. No way jose! I would never wear the jumpsuit...they were also in style in the 90's but they were denim back then. Yuck!!!

  31. I'd wear it. BUT, I think it'd have to have some kind of belt to break it up. I like them. I bet they're super super comfortable.

  32. oh, but I do not like the tube top ones.

  33. Jumpsuits are iffy ...IF they fit right ad IF they look right ...they work ...but there are so many ways for them to be less than flattering. So, IF you find one and IF it looks fab, get it! :)

  34. UGG! In my opinion that is hideous, ugly dispicable and outdated. Gross!

  35. You have gorgeous hair and I love it long and pretty!

    I think the jumpsuit is kind of cute. If I still had my skinny bod, I would wear one. :)

  36. haha, the models and Tara! could pull it off, but I could not, ha! and you look so cute with short, long, and either color hair =)

  37. nope you won't see me in one of these... NEVER!!!

  38. EWWW!!! that jumpsuit is hideous.
    how could anyone pull that one off?

    Your hair is beautiful either way-short or long.


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