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Friday Ramblings

I love warm weather.

I love it so much.

I love the smell of it, I love the feel of it, I love the sound of lawn mowers cutting the fresh green grass.

Can you tell its warm here today?

I feel like Cinderella, singing and dancing around her room while all of the animals flock to her.

Warm weather makes me that joyful!

It is supposed to get cold again next week.

I won’t mention what Disney character I resemble when it’s cold. But let’s just say that Luke quickly learned there are two reasons why I get grumpy 1. I’m hungry and 2. I’m cold.
It’s really bad if I am hungry and cold at the same time.

But for today, I won’t worry about this cold weather that might be headed our way. I will just enjoy the warm weather.

Last night Luke arrived home and I was SO happy. I made celebratory brownies for his homecoming.

He hates brownies. The celebration was for me.

However we may not be celebrating when we get the electric bill, because I totally sleep with the TV and at least one light on when I am alone.

Who says night lights are for preschoolers?

Some of you asked for pictures of my new hair color and my new decorations. My hair looks the same as it does in the first picture of me and Luke on my sidebar.

I like change but I don’t like risk. So I change it up, but really it’s the same it was before.

As for the decorations, well friends, I am not one who has great ‘decorating skills’ but I do have some ‘decorating pieces’ that I love. I will show you those next week.

Only because I don’t currently have pictures of them.

We are headed to my family’s house in celebration of my birthday this weekend.

I am fully expecting a cookie cake (hint hint for my family) and I can't wait to see that cute nephew of mine!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that you made celebratory brownies for yourself. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times - you are my kinda girl.

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Yay for warm weather!!
    I love it too!!
    I am thankful its warm here for now too!!

    You are just the cutest!!

    Can't wait to see pics of your decorations!!

    Have a Happy Birthday and a GREAT weekend!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you can soak up a lot of warm weather :)

  4. It's perfect weather here too this week. And. I. Love. It. Everything is better when it's warm!!

    Have a great birthday! Have fun with your family!!

  5. Haha, do you have enough of those brownies to go around??? Enjoy your birthday weekend, girl :o)

  6. Have a great weekend with your family and I too love the warm weather. down here in Houston today is hot! Gotta dig some shorts out soon!!

  7. Alex traveled to Tulsa, yesterday...said it was in the 80's! Crazy. I love it though...I'm so ready for spring!!

    Happy Birthday, girl...enjoy that cookie cake!


  8. Have a fantastic birthday!!! MORE BROWNIES!!!

    I know your twirling because Luke is home... the warm weather is just a bonus!

  9. You're so cute, I can't wait to see the hair.

    Have a fantastic BIRTHDAY weekend!!!

  10. You definitely deserve a cookie cake!!! I cracked up at "He hates brownies. Those were for me." :)
    Happy birthday weekend, friend!
    P.S. It is Spring here, too, and I am loving it!

  11. I'm loving warm weather today too!!! Cant wait for SPRING!!

  12. Happy Birthday! cookie cakes are my favorite!!! I'm loving this weather. Its amazing!

  13. ahhh! I need some brownies right now.. drop some off to me... im in jenks:) Have a great weekend and have fun loving on your nephew:) he is a cutie!

  14. It is warm here today, too, and I am loving it. (Hmmm....Maybe I should make some celebratory brownies tonight!)

    BTW...WHO hates brownies?

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and the best cookie cake ever!

  15. Happy Birthday!! I know exactly how it is when the Hubby is away! I stay up waaayy too late with the tv on :) and then my eyes fly open every time I hear a sound, oh so good to have the Hubby home :) Have a great b-day weekend!

  16. I KNOW! I love this weather! I'm trying not to think of the cold weather that will no doubt follow this warm spell.. I can't wait for summertime!
    Oh, and hope youhave a great bday!

  17. I'm the same way-I'm a niiiiightmare when I'm cold and/or hungry.

    Have a great bday!!!!!!!

  18. Making yourself celebratory brownies? brilliant my friend.

    and warm weather really is the best!

  19. Hope you have a great weekend, and have fun celebrating you!!

  20. Happy Birthday Megan!! I always remember your birthday... you and Taylor Hanson. :)

  21. I am loving this warm weather too.
    Can you believe it's supposed to get cold again though? Our pear trees are blooming...hope the cold doesn't kill them.

    Happy Birthday Megan! I hope you get the cookie cake. ;)

    Have a great time with your family. I agree...that little nephew of yours is adorable.

  22. pleaseee answerrr,
    where did you get your layout for your bloggg?

  23. I am new here! What an awesome blog! Hope you are having a great weekend!


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