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I'm so glad to find out that so many other blog friends get scared very easily also. It sure makes me feel better and a little less ridiculous!

I have decided I should share another fear of mine. Possibly you will relate?

But maybe this isn't so much a fear, as it is a phobia.

I have Dentophobia. - A fear of dentists.

Growing up my mom would make our dentist appointments every 6 months and I would go every 6 months, get my teeth cleaned and a receive a new toothbrush. This lasted until I went to college.

In college I had full control over my teeth - and my hatred for the dentist office won over the thought of having clean teeth.

No longer was a flimsy new plastic toothbrush worth the pain and suffering of getting my teeth cleaned.

Everything about the dentist office creeps me out:

The drilling noises

All of the creepy looking tools

The spit rag you have to wear

The ENDLESS questions they pound at you: How often do you floss? What kind of tooth brush do you use? Do your gums ever bleed?

And don’t even get me started on the fact that you are put in a motorized chair, a man (or woman) comes in forces you to lay down against your will, and then begins to pick around in your mouth with sharp objects, all the while trying to MAKE CONVERSATION.

Then where do you look? If you look at him its weird because you can only see straight into his eyes, then if you just close your eyes you feel rude.

Its an awkward situation I just like to avoid.

Last year before I got engaged I realized that it had been YEARS since I had gone to the dentist. I figured it was time to get over my dentophobia and get these ole teeth checked out.

Plus everybody seemed to be disgusted when I told them how long it had been since I went to the dentist. Apparently personal hygiene is an important thing around these parts.

So I made the dreaded trip to the dentist office

I’m not even going to tell you how many cavities I had. Not because I would be embarrassed, but because my mom would be embarrassed and would say ‘that it looks like she didn’t raise me right.

She did raise me right. I just can’t help the phobia’s I developed in life.

So after I went to the dentist like 20 times to get all of my cavities filled I vowed to never go back.

Which doesn’t make sense, but its how I work.

Then the dentist's office started stalking me and calling me all the time telling me it was time for my check up. They even left a message telling me to call back they had a question about my account. My account is paid in full, I know it was just a trick to get me to make an appointment.

I wasn't falling for it. My dentist days were over.

Until recently when not one of my teeth but two of them started hurting, baaaaad, and I knew I better make an appointment.

So next week I will venture out to the dentist once again, be forced to sit in a motorized chair wear a spit rag, and asked questions like "Why dont you use an electric toothbrush"?

How am I supposed to explain that: 'I did use an electric toothbrush, until it was time to get a replacement head and I went to buy it and the replacment head was $25 and a regular toothbrush was $3 and I would rather buy a new shirt from Target than a replacement head for my electric toothbrush so I opted for a cheaper toothbrush but cuter shirt' all while my mouth is wide open? I have no idea.

Do you have a fear or phobia of a something as silly as the dentist? Prehaps the eye charts at the eye Dr. freak you out?

I was on good terms with my eye dr. until he told me to stop drinking Diet Coke and I told him to just stick to the eyes Doc and lay off of my precious DC.



  1. I have to say that I LOVE going to the dentist. I always have faithfully gone every 6 months. People think I'm weird because I find it very relaxing.

    However, I do NOT like the eye doctor! That's the appointment I dread every year!! I hate when they dilate my eyes making me practically blind for the rest of the day!

    I'll go to the dentist for you if you go to the eye doctor for me :)

  2. Ugh I actually LOOOOOVVEEE the dentist. Or, well, did. I adore getting my teeth clean and the squeaky feeling afterwards. Then I broke my tooth this fall and the dentist thought he should drill it. Then I had to have a root canal. And now I need a sedative to get back into the office haha.

    Take care of those teeth though, a root canal is NO fun!

  3. What's wrong with the two commenters above - LOVE the dentist? Seriously? You ladies are just wrong!!1 :-)

    I'm with you - its just not a fun place... but being there for 6 root canals & 5 crowns... I'm used to it... I just hate the cost of it all!!

    And luckily, I have a very updated dentist that has a tv over your head so you have something to watch... takes the "awkward eye glances" away...

    I've been known to fall asleep in all my root canals though... seriously! They're not bad at all.. just time consuming!!!

  4. You sound JUST LIKE ME!!!! I hate going to the dentist. I had no cavaties until I was 24. 24!! Then, it all went downhill. I can't even tell you how many fillings I have in my mouth. Yes, it's that bad. And, the last time I went (in October-ish) they told me I needed to get a crown over two of my teeth!!! No way Jose!! So, needless to say, I haven't been back yet. :D

  5. I have issues with the dentist too. The last time I went, he told me that my gums are receding and that I'd been brushing my teeth TOO MUCH! Really?? Cause I've had it drilled into my head since I was little that brushing teeth was a good thing. I told him I like having fresh breath and he said, "Haven't you ever heard of gum or mouthwash?" Rude! I'm currently looking for a new dentist. I need a second opinion on that.

  6. I despise the dentist seriously. I had to have braces three times as a kid to correct my jaw and my teeth weren't even crooked!! I'm terrified, sooooo terrified of the dentist it's not even funny. Just thinking about it is making me sweat. When we moved overseas, right when we got here my back tooth really started hurting, come to find out I had to get a root canal. Nothing like a doctor wearing a clown doctor's mask while drilling in your mouth. I'm terrified of clowns, let alone dentists.

  7. I am TERRIFIED of the dentist!!! Wait until you have kids - those little stinkers drain all your calcium and your teeth start falling apart!!!! My husband is going to take me to a dentist here that puts you under to work on you and he will stay with me just so I will go!! I am really bad about it....

  8. Hey thanks for your prayers...I REALLY felt them! I was a basket case yesterday :) Oh and P.S. I am soooo in need of going to the dentist it's not even funny!

  9. This cracks me up! I've never understood why they try to carry on a conversation with you while prying around in your mouth and you are leaned back so far that you start to choke on your own spit! It makes no sense! And yes...where do you look?? It's so awkward!

    I can't believe you were told no DC from your eye doc! I couldn't handle that!!

  10. I really need to go to the Dentist but am so dreading it! I KNOW I have cavaties!

  11. Hi... Jess here, from All-American Jess. I don't really remember where I found your blog from, but I am a new reader.

    Anyway, yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with the dentist. I'm TERRIFIED of getting cavities or receding gums or anything that will make my smile unpretty, lol.

    So, I usually get really nervous before going to the dentist... but, I've also been known to randomly make appointments because I'm convinced I have a cavity and want it checked out.

    I'm also terrified of going blind and therefore have the same situation with the eye doctor.

    My semi-solution to this problem? When I got out of college, I didn't have insurance for about 3 years (3 PT jobs, no full-time benefits), which drastically cuts down on dr visits, lol. Only the essentials. Now, I'm back to working ONE full-time job with insurance and therefore can go to the doctor anytime I want, lol.

  12. You crack me up :) I feel the same way. I put off having a cavity taken care of and then ended up having to go when I was 8 months pregnant. Now try lying down in that motorized chair with 25 extra pounds on top of you...I haven't been back since ;)

  13. Dentists. Who needs 'em?! I haven't been in far too long.

  14. While I have no fears I just can't figure out why they ask questions when their hands are in your mouth - it makes no sense to me? However I do find the eye doctor more awkward - I just have the urge to laugh out loud when they have their face in my face and all I can see is their big eyeball! It reminds me of being in church and you have to try so hard not to laugh because it would be inapropriate!

  15. My husband is a dentist but I don't like going to the dentist either. (He is not my dentist, ha ha!) I hate when they are trying to talk to you while they have 5 instruments in your mouth!! I rarely floss, and I hate how they make me feel bad about it! And don't worry about not using an electric toothbrush. My hubs says when people use them all the time it can be bad because it wears off your enamel.

  16. i had a HORRIBLE expirience with the dentist when i was little, scared me for life! I am better now , but still get anxious

  17. From one scaredy-cat to another...this post made me laugh so hard. I am scared of the dentist, as well....though I do go every 6 months. I fear that I will get cavities and have to hear the drill. Went today gums are so sore.:( Everything about the dentist is scary...the tools, the noises. To this day, I don't know what the needles looks like that they give you shots with because I close my eyes. It feels like it's long enough to stick your brain though. I use the sonicare and I too have a slight heart attack when I have to buy a $25 replacement head. I'm lazy though...I love not having to move my hand back and forth to brush my does it for you! Maybe you should have them give you some funny gas to relax you...that's what I do.

    I read your post about being scared after watching the movie and that is so me. I have Alex get up and pray over our house all of the time, because I hear things.

    You're not alone, sister!

  18. You sound just like me. I didn't go to the dentist for a long time and then went and had to get a mouth full of fillings. Ugh. It's awful!

  19. O my dear goodness! There's nothing about this blog that I find entertaining. I spent hours of my lifetime sitting in the dentist waiting room so that you could have beauty pagent teeth. And the first chance on your own you let them rot right out of your head. What kind of thanks is that? Please get over the dentaphobia.

  20. thanks for stopping by our blog... it's nice to meet you! yours is adorable!

    i have a fear of dentists too, so you're not alone :)

  21. I hate going to the dentist, dread it actually but I feel sooo good after it's over! I hate the eye doctor more because it seems my eyes just get worse and worse!

  22. I'm really not a fan of the good 'ol dentist. I thought about going into dentistry to face my fears, but then I didn't. I actually went to a children's dentist until I was 18 because it was the only way I would go (you were allowed to go that long). I go regularly now to prevent any bad problems and take better care of my teeth than when I was a child, but I still pretty much dread it. In fact I have an appointment two weeks from today!

  23. haha this cracks me up. I totally hate the dentist too -- except not as much as my hubby does because he had like 10 cavities last time he went. And get this, we were married and the only reason he went to the dentist is because his MOM made the appointment for him! How's that for grown up?

    I'm not scared of the dentist. I am however, insanely scared of birds. seriously.

  24. Oh I had such a horrible experience at the dentist years ago, I definitely have a dentist phobia!! Definitely! Oh it was horrible! Although the last two times I went it was not that bad! I'll pray for a good one for you too!!

  25. You are not alone...I have not been in FOUR years! And my boyfriends dad is a dentist. But I just really really really do not want to go! And I'm scared that when I do go I'll have tons of cavities like you did lol.

  26. Omg!! My hubbs has the sameeeee thing. And now feels it's best to brush for 3 min at a time. In bed. While I'm STILL in the bed... sleeping.

    Ree-dic. ;)

  27. I don't mind the denstist so much (probably because I rarley get cavities) but I hate, i repeat HATE the eye doctor. My eyes do not listen to me when I am there- they always close up right when the nurse person is trying to put drops in. It is so embarrassing. I just hate having stuff in my eyes!

  28. I hate the dentist too, so much in fact that I have been putting off getting my kids in to see the dentist! I am an awful mother. Crack me up about the DC!! BTW, it is thunderstorming here, just thought you would like to know! :)

  29. I'm actually not afraid of the dentist. And I've survived some pretty freaky teeth stuff. No cavities ever though.. Don't let me fool you into thinking I'm good to my teeth though! Couldn't tell you the last time I actually went to the dentist!

    I'm scared of eye doctors, yet I work for one. I hate eye exams!! I can't stand to have someone looking in my eyes. And that puff of air.. GAH! Makes me want to run for the hills!

  30. I'm not really a fan of the dentist either, but my mom works for one and is always calling to remind me I'm overdue for a cleaning! I thought my first cavity a couple of years ago was going to be the death of me...I was so terrified, but it ended up being not too bad.

    Hope your upcoming appointment goes well!

  31. I have always hated going to the dentist. I had a visit a couple of weeks ago and it was actually a good visit. It was my first time to visit one in T-town. They had flat screen tv's in each room that played Friends (season 2) while I had my teeth cleaned. It was great!!

  32. Wow! I'm like you! I went to the dentist on Wednesday and I am already dreading the next visit in September!

  33. I would hate going to the dentist, but he's my uncle... so yea. I defintely don't hate it, but It is not my favorite thing to do in my spare time... hehe


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