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Back Home!

Hello Friends!

We are back from our Spring Break Ski Getaway (I just named it that) and have entered back into the real world. We had a BLAST on our vacation and we were NOT ready to come back. Vacations fly by waaaaaaaay too fast!! I will have pictures up to recap our vacation soon.

I have Thursday and Friday off of work this week thanks to Spring Break so I decided that I would be spend the next two days relaxing. I had visions of pedicures, shopping and watching endless hours of trash TV in my mind.

Then I had a thought. One silly little thought that took away any dream I had for my mini home-vacation.

The thought? To organize our bedroom closet.

If only I could turn back time. I would take that thought and send it back to the pits of hell where it belongs.

You see, before I got married I had a HUGE closet all to myself. I kept it nice and organized. Everything was in its own category and I knew what shirt or pant went where. If somebody took a shirt out of my closet I would very nicely ask them to just put it on my bed and I would put it back in its spot. I didn't want to take the chance of them putting one shirt out of place.

Then I got married and I no longer had a HUGE closet to myself. I have one side of a medium sized closet.

Shortly after I began using my new medium sized closet, my strict closet rules went downhill and now I barely even recognize who I have become.

I am ashamed to admit, I have winter sweaters mixed in with short sleeve shirts. I have tank tops mixed in with long sleeve shirts. Heaven forbid, I have stripes mixed in with solids.

Apparently, I decided to follow up my 5 days of relaxation and vacation with complete and utter torture. Well, closet torture.

So here I go....time to go back to organizing my clothes.

I hope you all have had a great week. I have been reading your blogs through my phone but I wasn't able to comment.

I hope to finish organizing my closet by tonight!



  1. So the closet goes when you get married, huh? I might never get married - because I am psycho about my closet. Scary psycho.
    I'm glad you had fun on your vaca! I know you hate the vacation letdown though!

  2. Welcome back! Can't wait to see pictures. Good luck organizing!

  3. I absolutely LOVE how crazy you are about an organized closet!! Do you like to organize everything? or just your clothing? Because I'm pretty much obsessed with organization in general...

    however, a husband brings a whole new dimension to that. So... I am a teacher and my classroom is PERFECTLY organized, my home... I hold with loose hands... because of a sweet boy named Ty.

    Post pics of your closet!! yeah~!

  4. Welcome back!! Good Luck with the closet!!! I am waaaay too ashamed to tell blog world what my closet looks like =)...

  5. So glad you're back! I took a day off last Friday and also had my closet torture. It was long overdue, and I, too, had stripes and solids, and winter and summer, all mixed together.

    I WILL say that the finished product will make you feel SO proud of yourself, though! Keep going! You'll be glad you did!

  6. YAY so glad your back Megan!!! Can't wait to see those pics, girl.

    Have a Blessed evening,

    PS Please come do my closets ~~ please, I'll pay with food =)

  7. Haha sounds like my closet. Just yesterday I thought "hey I have a novel idea! maybe I should PUT AWAY all my sweaters!"

    glad you're back!

  8. oh goodness have fun superblitzing that closet! boys take up so much space don't they!

  9. I left something for you on my blog!

    Good luck with the closet; don't work too hard!

  10. That is so funny because I just organized my closet tonight. Took out all my winter sweaters and replaced them with summer tops...I just hope it wasn't too early to do that! I'm so glad you had fun on your trip :)

  11. I used to be very disciplined about my side of the closet. You have encouraged me to work on min.. That may be a good project for me to do tomorrow!! I love have an organized closet to walk into!!

  12. I used to have the perfect closet too....till I got married! LOL Those dreams are long gone!

  13. I used to have the most organized closet before I was married too! I haven't been brave enough to reorganize it yet, you are my inspiration!

  14. Can't wait to see pics from your trip.
    I kicked my husband out of the closet when I moved in! hahaha!

  15. With spring & summer coming - its time to organize my closet... I need Stacy & Clinton to help me this year! :-)

  16. I LOVE a closet clean out!~! You will feel so good when it is all organized! So glad you are back and that you had a great time!

  17. Glad you're back, cannot wait to see photos and hear stories!

    My closet is so OCD its not even funny. It might even be a little embarassing...but I love it that way too!

  18. missed you!!! have fun organizing! (i need a closet the size of my room!!)

  19. oh gosh how i need to organize my closet! im kinda scared too haha

  20. So glad you had a great vacation! I am envious for sure :)

    Girl, my closet looks the same :)

  21. I'm so glad you had fun on your vaca! I have slowly been working on our closet too, I am the same way, and mine looks the same way right now too!! :)

  22. I too lost my closet when I got married. Oh the things we give up for these boys!!!

    I am still 4 years later trying to make my closet organized enough to make me happy. I started with moving his stuff to the guest closet!!!

    Glad you had a great vacation!

  23. Hope your vacation was wonderful and that your closet re-org doesn't take too long!

  24. Have fun! When you are done with your closet, you are more then welcome to come over and tackle mine!

  25. As the song goes, "back to life, back to reality", haha!!!! SO glad you enjoyed your trip :)


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