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Ryan Issues

Tonight is American Idol and I am so excited.

Is it weird that I get excited for American Idol each week?

It has become something that I look forward to every Tuesday.

Plus tonight’s episode will be extra special.


Well our good friends Chris and Kelsey are back in town from NWA and will be watching the show with us.

What is better than good food, good friends, and semi good singers?

We were supposed to go out to eat, but then due to Kelsey’s extreme obsessive desire to watch every episode of American Idol we decided to order in and eat in front of the TV.

Because what’s a better way to catch up with friends than to have your eyes glued to the TV?

But who am I to talk? I fully understand extreme obsessiveness. Kelsey’s obsession with AI might be a little bit worse than my obsession with Ry Ry.

Speaking of that obsession, I have decided I might need to tone it down a bit.

Sunday at church I saw Luke before service and I commented that his outfit was just a little bit too casual for a worship leader who would soon be on stage in front of the whole church.

His reply?

“Well I remember Ryan having a casual clothing night on American Idol, if he can go casual once then so can I”


I think someone might have some Ryan issues.

Seriously, what male on a Sunday morning remembers what Ryan Seacrest wore on American Idol like two months ago?

Apparently my husband.

And it’s probably my fault; I may have created this monster and it’s time to deal with it.

Plus, my love for Ryan might be fading, or perhaps it’s not just limited to him.

You see, the other night while watching DWTS I found myself cracking up hysterically at every little joke the host Tom told.

I looked over at Luke and casually said, “Oh I just love that Tom”

That’s when Luke brought to my attention, the fact that I have a strange infatuation for corny hosts of reality TV shows.

Perhaps this was an intervention?

I can’t help it, their cliché jokes and charismatic personalities just get me everytime, and leave me wanting more.

However, I only have one place in my heart for a guitar playing, music singing, crazy-haired Indian.

Even if hosting a reality TV show may not be in his future.

But I must say, I don’t think Tom on DWTS would ever have a casual night.

I’m just saying……


The Jumpsuit?

I usually don’t blog about fashion. In fact I don’t think I have ever blogged about fashion.

But due to all the comments on the last post about my amazing hair I decided I now have freedom to blog about fashion.

Totally kidding, but really, I was kind of blown away by you girls saying I have pretty hair.

I have never in my life been complimented on my hair. Never. Ever.

It was really weird to me.

So thanks!

I give complete credit to my hair stylist, Melinda and my Paul Mitchell styling products.

They are amazing.

When I asked my mom why she thought I got so many compliments on my hair, she said it was because I finally got away from that dark color and lightened up.

Clearly she is not a fan of my natural color.

When I asked Luke about it, he said it must have been because my hair is finally starting to grow out.

Clearly he is not a fan of my short hair.

Needless to say I made the biggest mistake of my life when I cut my hair and went back to my natural color.

Anyways, this is a fashion post. Or more of a fashion question.

This morning I received an email from Express announcing this season’s hottest look and telling me I needed to go out and buy one RIGHT NOW.

The season's hottest look?

A jumpsuit

I’m not kidding.

A one-piece jumpsuit.

So this is what I want to know.

Do you own one?

Would you wear one?

Do you think this is the season’s hottest look?

I’m curious.

Because I have definitely been that girl in the past that said I would NEVER wear something only to run out to the store and buy it just a few weeks later.

And then wear it just about every day after that.

Eample: Uggs, straight leg jeans, gold jewelry, big belts, etc etc.

So, is this a quick fad, or will I soon find myself wearing a black jumpsuit while wearing roller-skates and singing 'Carwash'?

I don't know why thats the image that pops in my mind, but it is.

What do you think?


Weekly Weekend Update

We headed into the weekend with predictions and warnings of a HUGE winter storm headed our way.

We got a couple of snow flakes and some heavy rain. So much for that snow storm!

Friday night Luke and I ventured out to the mall so I could spend my gift cards. The mall was practically empty! Everybody was saying inside in expectation of the 'winter storm'. Our normally crowded Forever 21 was pretty empty and I loved it! I loaded up on some cute new outfits!
Going shopping, can you tell I'm excited??
Next we went to a restaurant that usually has a minimum of an hour wait on Friday night. We walked right in and got a table! We really enjoyed the 'winter storm'!

Enjoying our dinner:

Saturday morning I woke up to some unexpected news:
My hubby informed me that due to our excessive eating-out-like-rock-stars during the month of March we needed to tone it back a few notches and not eat out again until Wednesday (the beginning of April).

I screamed.

I cried.

I begged him to just let me stay in bed and sleep the weekend away.

What good is a weekend if you can't eat out?!?!

Luke informed me that I was being ridiculous and we had just eaten out the night before.
I still don't think I was being ridiculous but I got his point, and got out of bed.

Saturday was a yucky weather day so we just stayed inside the whole day and relaxed.

I got Luke a retro Nintendo system for Christmas so he set that up. It is a video game system that plays both old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. We are a fan of these games so I knew it would be a perfect gift for him.

He had a great time playing all of his old school Nintendo games on Saturday.

I knew it was going to be a good day when my 25 year old husband threw his fist in the air and yelled "YES! the rat king is dead!".

After awhile of watching him play old school Ninja Turtles I asked Luke if I could watch TV now. He said: "Well you can play this video game with me if you want."
Yes, that is why I asked him to stop playing, I secretly wanted to defeat the rat king with him.

I'm glad we have such high levels of communication

Later, in the day I decided to take up modeling.
Luke has been working on putting information on his brand new website for his band so he needed me to model the band T-shirt to go on the website.
He said he wanted me to model because I have a good neck.

Whatever that means....
Modeling the shirt: The rest of the day consisted of watching movies, eating and not showering. It was one of those great relaxing days that comes along every so often!
Hope you had a great weekend!


A Yummy Dinner

Today has been 9 months since Luke and I got married, and in those nine months I have taken up the art of cooking. Before we got married I didn't really like cooking. Maybe this was because I never had my own kitchen or nice utensils, but now I have both and I LOVE cooking.

At one of our wedding showers my grandma gave me a recipe book filled with some of my favorite recipes that she prepared for me while growing up. I use it all the time!

After I got good at those recipes and became a little more confidant in my cooking abilities, I started seeking out new recipes online and trying out new dishes.

One thing I love about blogging is all of the great recipe blogs, and I love when blog friends share their favorite recipes.

I found myself using recipe blogs so much, that I went and bought a notebook so I could print out all the recipes and keep them in my very own notebook. I use it all the time!

One of my most favorite recipe blogs is of course Mimi's Making Meals.

Tonight I tried her Stuffed Pepper Soup. Can you say AMAZING??

It was SO amazing and SO easy to make! We gobbled it right up!

Here I am preparing the soup. This is what I look like at 7:00 at night, I have not applied makeup since 6 in the morning and I put sweats on as soon as I get home from work. Please excuse my look.Luke loved it! Here he is at our kitchen table. There is no room in our apartment for a table so we eat all of our meals on the couch. Tonight was the perfect night for this soup, it is cold and rainy here. We are supposed to get a wintery mix of snow and ice tomorrow.

The university that I work at even cancelled classes tomorrow afternoon! How crazy is that?!!? Nothing has even happened yet, and they already cancelled I thought it was kinda weird.

But I have the afternoon off, so I am fine with it! I plan on going shopping and using gift cards that I got for my birthday!

Forever 21 here I come!!!

Yay for a snow day in March!!



The Woes of Technology

I have a love/hate relationship with our DVR.

Tonight we got home from our small group only to find that our DVR cut off the last 6 minutes of both Lost and American Idol.

There was yelling, screaming, and gnashing of teeth.

After I picked myself up from my puddle of tears, I decided that 54 minutes of Lost and 1 hr and 54 minutes of American Idol was better than nothing.

And I only have myself to blame because our DVR is completely full and out of room for more shows.

I'm telling you, keeping a DVR up to date on watched shows is hard work.

There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

So we watched the 54 minutes of Lost and a good friend informed me on the happenings of the last 6 minutes. Pretty heavy stuff. If you don't watch Lost I strongly suggest you start from season 1 and catch up. It's pretty much the best show ever.

Next I watched American Idol and LOVED Motown night. Seriously. That's some good music.

And once again it got my little mind thinking, and I started begging Luke to try out for me. I just want to know what song he would sing, because I think he would pick a song somewhere from the Motown world.

And I think he would rock it.

I have no idea why he insists on keeping this mystery in our marriage.

Plus I want to know what type of judge would I be? Would I be mean like Simon, or clueless like Paula?

Then I started wondering if the wives of the finalists get a stylist also? If not I fully think they should.

Every male musician needs an amazingly dressed woman by his side.

And when the camera pans to the wife in the audience she needs to look good.

Whenever I become BFF with Ryan I will ask him about this.

Speaking of Idol, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Paula and Kara don't really get along.

I'm just saying.....body language shows that they can't stand each other.

I have this whole theory about how Paula feels threatened by Kara, and Kara tends to be a know-it-all.

But its just a theory, and believe it or not my theories have been wrong in the past.

Like the time that I had a theory that I would like my hair better short and I should chop it off. That theory was proven WRONG.

Luke just walked in the room and told me if he tried out he would sing the song Adam sang tonight.

I have no idea what that song was but I am one stop closer to getting him to try out for me.

Which means I am one step closer to my own stylist.

So who was your favorite tonight? Has it changed since the beginning? Mine has.



I'm so glad to find out that so many other blog friends get scared very easily also. It sure makes me feel better and a little less ridiculous!

I have decided I should share another fear of mine. Possibly you will relate?

But maybe this isn't so much a fear, as it is a phobia.

I have Dentophobia. - A fear of dentists.

Growing up my mom would make our dentist appointments every 6 months and I would go every 6 months, get my teeth cleaned and a receive a new toothbrush. This lasted until I went to college.

In college I had full control over my teeth - and my hatred for the dentist office won over the thought of having clean teeth.

No longer was a flimsy new plastic toothbrush worth the pain and suffering of getting my teeth cleaned.

Everything about the dentist office creeps me out:

The drilling noises

All of the creepy looking tools

The spit rag you have to wear

The ENDLESS questions they pound at you: How often do you floss? What kind of tooth brush do you use? Do your gums ever bleed?

And don’t even get me started on the fact that you are put in a motorized chair, a man (or woman) comes in forces you to lay down against your will, and then begins to pick around in your mouth with sharp objects, all the while trying to MAKE CONVERSATION.

Then where do you look? If you look at him its weird because you can only see straight into his eyes, then if you just close your eyes you feel rude.

Its an awkward situation I just like to avoid.

Last year before I got engaged I realized that it had been YEARS since I had gone to the dentist. I figured it was time to get over my dentophobia and get these ole teeth checked out.

Plus everybody seemed to be disgusted when I told them how long it had been since I went to the dentist. Apparently personal hygiene is an important thing around these parts.

So I made the dreaded trip to the dentist office

I’m not even going to tell you how many cavities I had. Not because I would be embarrassed, but because my mom would be embarrassed and would say ‘that it looks like she didn’t raise me right.

She did raise me right. I just can’t help the phobia’s I developed in life.

So after I went to the dentist like 20 times to get all of my cavities filled I vowed to never go back.

Which doesn’t make sense, but its how I work.

Then the dentist's office started stalking me and calling me all the time telling me it was time for my check up. They even left a message telling me to call back they had a question about my account. My account is paid in full, I know it was just a trick to get me to make an appointment.

I wasn't falling for it. My dentist days were over.

Until recently when not one of my teeth but two of them started hurting, baaaaad, and I knew I better make an appointment.

So next week I will venture out to the dentist once again, be forced to sit in a motorized chair wear a spit rag, and asked questions like "Why dont you use an electric toothbrush"?

How am I supposed to explain that: 'I did use an electric toothbrush, until it was time to get a replacement head and I went to buy it and the replacment head was $25 and a regular toothbrush was $3 and I would rather buy a new shirt from Target than a replacement head for my electric toothbrush so I opted for a cheaper toothbrush but cuter shirt' all while my mouth is wide open? I have no idea.

Do you have a fear or phobia of a something as silly as the dentist? Prehaps the eye charts at the eye Dr. freak you out?

I was on good terms with my eye dr. until he told me to stop drinking Diet Coke and I told him to just stick to the eyes Doc and lay off of my precious DC.



Lights On Please

Friday night Luke and I went and saw the new Nicholas Cage movie “Knowing”

I won’t go into a discussion about this movie, but I will say, it was NOT at all what I was expecting from the previews.

In fact, it pretty much scared the crap out of me.

I should clairfy by saying, the movie proably wouldn't be scary to most people, but I get scared very easily.

For my own sanity, and those around me I try to stay as far away as possible from any movie that could possibly resemble a scary movie.

I felt like I spent the whole movie jumping out of my seat, or as Luke says, ‘clawing into his arm like a cat’ Thankfully he was the person sitting next to me, I’m fairly certain I would have clawed whoever was sitting next to me.

So anyways that night we got home from the movie and I was feeling pretty good.....until it was time for bed.

I just kept picturing images from the movie. Which in all reality wasn’t that scary, but my imagination just got away from me and I had worked myself into a tizzy.

So I did what any self respecting 25 year old woman would do. I begged my husband to let us sleep with the closet light on.

I could not handle the thought of waking up in the middle of the night in the pitch dark, I needed some sort of light.

So my VERY sweet husband agreed to sleep with the light on for my comfort.

Then I begged him to try and let me fall asleep before him. You see, when Luke’s head hits the pillow he basically goes into a sleep induced coma. I think it takes .2 seconds from the time he hits the pillow to the time he falls asleep.

Which was definitely the case this night. And there I was lying wide awake with my thoughts. I tried waking him up, but it was no use, he was gone for the night.

So I got my ipod, put my ear buds in, put on some Kari Jobe music and tried to make myself fall asleep.

Then I heard it.

It was a strange deep voice, muttering something,

Have you ever had that feeling where your entire body freezes and you would rather die then face your fear?

This was that moment.

I peered out from my covers, and took out one ear-bud out, only to find my husband was TALKING IN HIS SLEEP.

He has NEVER done this, and he decided to do this the night when I was already scared out of my mind.

I started screaming for him to wake up.

He woke up and wanted to know why I was screaming at him.

Only because there was a crazy man talking in his sleep.

He ofcourse thought it was hilarious and wanted to know what he had said.

I have no idea what he said. I don't really care. I'm just thankful it was him and not some crazed person in our apartment.

He went right back to sleep and I manged to somehow fall asleep. I'm not really sure how.

However, I am proud to say we have slept with the closet light off every night since then.

I plan on sticking to sweet, sappy and comical movies only.



Spring Break Recap

For our Spring Break Getaway we went to Red River, New Mexico. We went with Luke's parents and some family friends. It was a great time!

The trip began on Friday afternoon when we got in the car and ventured out to Red River. Luke's family has gone there his whole life, so it basically feels like a second home to him. This was my 3rd trip there, and while its not beach vacation I am beginning to love it.

We traveled for 10 hours and arrived in RR around midnight. We stayed in a lodge that we have stayed in before, however this time I am fairly positive the lodge was poisoning me. My allergies took a turn for the worse while we were in the cabin.

We spent 5 nights there and had such a great time!! Here is a quick recap of our trip.

First Day: We spent the day walking around Red River going into all the little shops around town. It was a great relaxing day and we just took it easy.

Me and Luke in front of one of the ski slopes:

Kelsey and I in town.

The first night we celebrated my birthday! Yay! It was a lot of fun!

Opening my presents:Luke checking out my presents:The whole group before dinner: Our friends Kelsey and Chris went on the trip with us. We haven't seen them since they moved to Arkansas so we had a great time hanging out with them for a couple of days!

The Tree Family:At a Steakhouse for my birthday dinner!The next morning we woke up and we snowmobiling. Luke and I have done this before, but every time it is so much fun!

I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to go, because I woke up this morning very sick and without a voice, but ultimately decided I don't have the opportunity to do this very often so I should go. I am glad I did!
Luke and I on the snow mobile. Although we are unrecognizable, yes that is us! I was very sick and didn't want any cold air going in my body! The whole group:The Tree family (minus Luke's brother)That afternoon and the next day we went skiing.

I have a problem when skiing; I do not know how to go slow.
I would try and try to go slow but I would end up flying down the mountain as fast as I could go. Most times this worked out perfectly, however when I fell, it was a good fall!
Skiing was so much fun and defnitely a great work out. Not just from skiing but from all the laughing we did!

We left Wednesday morning and headed back home. I managed to cough every 3 seconds the entire way home. No cough drops, allergy medicine, or soothing throat spay could help me.
I spent the rest of the spring break cleaning the good ole APT and getting mentally prepared to go back to work.
Hope you had a great weekend!



Back Home!

Hello Friends!

We are back from our Spring Break Ski Getaway (I just named it that) and have entered back into the real world. We had a BLAST on our vacation and we were NOT ready to come back. Vacations fly by waaaaaaaay too fast!! I will have pictures up to recap our vacation soon.

I have Thursday and Friday off of work this week thanks to Spring Break so I decided that I would be spend the next two days relaxing. I had visions of pedicures, shopping and watching endless hours of trash TV in my mind.

Then I had a thought. One silly little thought that took away any dream I had for my mini home-vacation.

The thought? To organize our bedroom closet.

If only I could turn back time. I would take that thought and send it back to the pits of hell where it belongs.

You see, before I got married I had a HUGE closet all to myself. I kept it nice and organized. Everything was in its own category and I knew what shirt or pant went where. If somebody took a shirt out of my closet I would very nicely ask them to just put it on my bed and I would put it back in its spot. I didn't want to take the chance of them putting one shirt out of place.

Then I got married and I no longer had a HUGE closet to myself. I have one side of a medium sized closet.

Shortly after I began using my new medium sized closet, my strict closet rules went downhill and now I barely even recognize who I have become.

I am ashamed to admit, I have winter sweaters mixed in with short sleeve shirts. I have tank tops mixed in with long sleeve shirts. Heaven forbid, I have stripes mixed in with solids.

Apparently, I decided to follow up my 5 days of relaxation and vacation with complete and utter torture. Well, closet torture.

So here I go....time to go back to organizing my clothes.

I hope you all have had a great week. I have been reading your blogs through my phone but I wasn't able to comment.

I hope to finish organizing my closet by tonight!



No idea what to call this....

I will spare you tonight and not talk about my friend-love for Ryan Seacrest. But seriously, did you see how sweet he was to Jasmine when she got the boot. He. Is. Adorable.

I'm done.

I do have to say I am mildly embarrassed to admit that I am sick again. I feel like I have been sick this whole Winter. Today I woke up and my throat hurt so bad, my head was congested, and my body was achy all over. I went to work in the morning but had to come home for the afternoon and slept for several hours.

I had started to get worried because I feel like I have been sick so much. I started to google my symptoms and I asked Luke what was wrong with me, and he said: "you have one of those really rare and dangerous things called a cold"

I may or may not have thrown something at him after his sarcastic remark.

It is a bit ironic because the last time we went to our ski destination (it was in the Fall, we didn't go to ski) I was sick, with the same exact symptoms. This was when I lived every moment thinking that Luke was going to propose to me and I was fairly certain he was going to propose on that particular trip and my sickness had ruined it.

I got engaged 5 months after that. He had no intention of proposing that weekend.

The first time we went to this ski destination I was a senior in college and I was fairly certain Luke was going to propose that week because it was my birthday.

Let's just say my 'fairly certain' has never been very accurate.

But here we are going back for the first time as a married couple and I am excited!
And it has nothing to do with the fact that I am now Luke's wife and I can make him ski with me. Last time he wouldn't ski with me (he says he doesn't enjoy it) but this time I'm his wife and he told me he would ski with me. Woo hoo!

Our last trip to this destination: Fall 2007. I literally look sick in this picture. I was pretty miserable.
The other time we went, Spring Break 2006: This was our day of Snowmobiling. So fun! We will be doing it again this trip!

Well I need to get back to my resting up so that I will hopefully be healthy by the time we leave. I am still trying to get my DVR empty and I'm waiting on my hot tea, courtesy of the very cute husband.
And I just realized how random and rambling this post is. I blame it on the sickness.



Idol Night

Well I just finished watching American Idol and as usual my favorite was Ryan.

I mean there were a couple of good singers, but none that I would want to be BFF with.

Also, I feel that I must clarify; I stated before that Adam Lambert resembles my husband, which I still feel that he does , but not when he dresses like a girl. that's all I'm saying.....

I loved tonight because I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson's songs. Not him, the songs. I have said before that my parents had me at a young age. My parents are younger than most parents of people my age. So while other kids grew up on The Eagles and The Beatles, I grew up on Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown. Let's just say I was a big fan when Anoop sang My Prerogative.

However tonight my two favorites singers were Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Love them both. Not as much as Ry Ry though.

And I was glad that nobody tried to preform Billy Jean - because we all know that David Cook has full rights to that song now - nobody else should touch it (besides MJ).

In between commercial breaks I was running around trying to clean and do laundry to get ready for our Ski Trip next week.

I'm excited about the trip. I'm not excited about the cold. I fully intend on bringing my snuggie. Whoa, I think I just had a great idea:

A Snuggie Ski Suit.

You heard it here first people.

I now need to get back to preparing for my trip. I have to pack, clean, and watch all of my recorded TV shows. My DVR is 56% full and that is just unacceptable when going out of town.

Having a DVR brings an extra level of stress to my life, but the feeling of deleting a show after I have watched it is priceless.

I now need to get back to What Would You Do on ABC. Have you seen this? If not you should check it out. Its my new fav.

Who was your favorite on American Idol?




Last week I mentioned that I made some decoration changes while Luke was gone.

The problem is I am not a 'decorator' by any means. My mom is so good at this...I did not inherit this from her.

But I have found some good items on sale so I am trying my best to become a good 'decorator'. My goal is to be good at it by the time I get a house.

So here are some of the items I bought:

Stars: I have this giant white wall behind my TV and I haven't figured out what to do with it. If this were my home I would paint it a deep red color. But this is not my home. It is an apartment that blows cold air instead of heat. So I have to settle with bare white walls. So I bought stars. I got these half price and I love them:

Then I went a little Star Crazy. I sort of fell in love with them and purchased another star: I love this one!!! I got this 'Believe' piece half off and put it in our bathroom. I was tempted to purchase stars that had zebra print painted on them to match the believe sign, but I thought that might be considered VERY Star Crazy. I am still tempted to go get them. I think they would go perfectly with this sign:I purchased these frames (half off) to put some of our wedding pictures in. I'm not a big fan of these pics, I will probably end up changing them out, and I think I am going to purchase another frame. I need to decorate in odd numbers.

Also included with them is our wedding invitation I framed with our vows. I want to hang these along with the pictures on a wall in our bedroom. I went back and forth about whether to put our wedding pictures up in our house (and saw several other girls blog about this) but then I decided my parents paid good money for these pics, I am going to display them! I have a few other pics I want to hang up I just need to get some frames. Maybe if I put it on here it will give me motivation to get it done so I can show you the 'after' results!

So those were some of the changes made while Luke was gone. Not big ones, but Luke said when he got home he felt like the APT had been overtaken by stars. I told him they were our very own Star(s) of Bethlehem guiding us through life
He married me for my quick wit.
I'm not sure this was blog-worthy but its all I've got tonight!


Weekly Weekend Update

After reading all of the comments on my last post, I quickly realized that I may have misinformed you all and let you think that my birthday was this past weekend. Which it was not. It was just my birthday celebration weekend.

But since I will be gone on my birthday and far away from any computer, I will accept all of your birthday comments. Thank you for all of them. My blog friends are sweet!

My 'birthday' weekend was a fun one! As I stated before I will be out of town the weekend of my birthday so I went to my hometown to spend it with my family, and I got to see some friends while I was there, so it was an added bonus.

Luke and I met up with our friends, for lunch and some arcade games.

Jayma, Jodi, and Me. This is our version of the Real Housewives of Orange County, minus the Orange add a Skee Ball. Its how we roll.After lunch with friends we headed to my house to hang out with the family and celebrate my birthday! My cake (picked out by my sis Kati) was delicious! I am a BIG fan of cookie cake!

Me and my beautiful sisters. Luke and I with the cutest little boy. He definitely knows how to cheese it up for the camera!After a BBQ dinner with the family and my grandparents we headed back home. It was a great day!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. One of those days that's not too hot, not cold, not windy, just absolutely perfect.

Luke and I went jogging which sometimes ends in an argument because he tries to act like my personal trainer when nobody asked him too. Seriously if he tells me I just need to 'push through the pain' one more time, it is going to get ugly!

But it ended up being a great jog.

We then finished the night with grocery shopping and Desperate Housewives.

We record DH episodes that come on TV twice a day and we have a whole week to catch up on!

We have a lot of work ahead of us! :-)

Hope you had a great weekend!



Friday Ramblings

I love warm weather.

I love it so much.

I love the smell of it, I love the feel of it, I love the sound of lawn mowers cutting the fresh green grass.

Can you tell its warm here today?

I feel like Cinderella, singing and dancing around her room while all of the animals flock to her.

Warm weather makes me that joyful!

It is supposed to get cold again next week.

I won’t mention what Disney character I resemble when it’s cold. But let’s just say that Luke quickly learned there are two reasons why I get grumpy 1. I’m hungry and 2. I’m cold.
It’s really bad if I am hungry and cold at the same time.

But for today, I won’t worry about this cold weather that might be headed our way. I will just enjoy the warm weather.

Last night Luke arrived home and I was SO happy. I made celebratory brownies for his homecoming.

He hates brownies. The celebration was for me.

However we may not be celebrating when we get the electric bill, because I totally sleep with the TV and at least one light on when I am alone.

Who says night lights are for preschoolers?

Some of you asked for pictures of my new hair color and my new decorations. My hair looks the same as it does in the first picture of me and Luke on my sidebar.

I like change but I don’t like risk. So I change it up, but really it’s the same it was before.

As for the decorations, well friends, I am not one who has great ‘decorating skills’ but I do have some ‘decorating pieces’ that I love. I will show you those next week.

Only because I don’t currently have pictures of them.

We are headed to my family’s house in celebration of my birthday this weekend.

I am fully expecting a cookie cake (hint hint for my family) and I can't wait to see that cute nephew of mine!!!

Have a great weekend!


A Little Bit of This and That

Tatiana? Seriously? Tatiana?
This is like train-wreck week for all reality television.

Where have the morals gone? Where has the common sense gone?

Actually reality TV doesn't have morals or common sense, and that's why I like it. I heart reality television.

But Still, Tatiana? When Ry Ry and I become BFF I'm going to ask him if it was just a publicity stunt for ratings.

Because that has to be the answer.

Last night I got color put back in my life. And I am thankful.

I tried to go with my natural color for awhile. It just wasn't working.

Apparently when God was forming me in the womb and numbering the hairs on my head, he decided to make those hairs dirt colored. Which is cool with me, but I needed to lighten things up a bit. Thank you Lord for the creation of bleach.

In today's most important news Luke will arrive home tonight after being gone for 5 days in Colorado.

I have kept myself busy while he was gone, but I sure do miss the boy.

The Bachelor and American Idol just weren't the same without his sarcastic comments and snide remarks.

However I did enjoy being able eat cheese and crackers for dinner, because sometimes when Luke asks me whats for dinner and I say "Oh I just thought we could do cheese and crackers" he looks at me like I have lost my mind. I'm not familiar with boys and their big appetites. But I am learning.

SO he is coming home today and I am ESCACTIC. He didn't even have cell service where he was (which was obviously the BLACK HOLE OF AMERICA, what place in 2009 doesn't have cell service?) so we have hardly even had conversation. I can't wait to see him in person and hear his voice!

Plus out of boredom I redecorated while he was gone so we will need to talk about this month's budget.

I will just remind him of how much he missed my face and that any money I spent was for the best interest of our bare-white-walled-apartment.

I'm sure he will understand.

And if he doesn't, I will simply reinstate the fact that I go to stores everyday, try on clothes and don't buy a thing.

That should get him.


I Need a New Work-Out Plan

I have come up with a new work-out plan.

Lately I have been discouraged by my entrance into Corporate America and the amount of hours I sit behind a computer.

Its quite disgusting.

So I devised a plan to help beat the office-induced tummy-flab.

I eat a quick lunch at my desk and then I use my lunch hour to run to different clothing stores, find clothes I like, try them on as fast as I can, hang them back up and then leave and go to another store.

I find that this is a great cardio activity, which doubles as a way to find out what is in style for the season. And believe it or not I have pretty great self-control. I can go into a store, see something I absolutely love and then turn around and leave the new found item. This self control was not inherited from my mother.

It might have been birthed from the fact that when I got married my cute hubby put the Fear of God in me about not spending obsessive amounts of money on clothes like I did when I was a single woman.

Anyway, back to the new calorie burning work out plan: Up until today the plan worked liked a charm.

However, that was before I stepped in our newly renovated TJ Maxx.

I went into TJ Maxx today at lunch to gather clothes to try on, I got a couple of super cute dresses, a pair of limited pants (only $14!) and a couple of shirts and headed into the new dressing rooms.

I had no idea the horror that was about to unfold.

In these new dressing rooms were brand new mirrors with brand new FLOURESCENT lights down each side of the mirror. I'm talking full legnth mirrors with full legnth flourescent lights.

I’m not sure who invented flourescent lights, but I’m certain it was not a woman at the end of winter season.

Just one glance at myself in the mirror I quickly concluded that I needed to BATHE in gallons of lotion, find a tanning bed quick to bring some color back into my life, and don’t even get me started on my shade of makeup which I clearly bought in the spring, or the size of my pores. It was all bad. Real bad.

As soon as I finished trying on my clothes (I still had to burn those extra calories) I ran out of the room like I had seen a ghost.

I wanted nothing to do with what I had seen in that room.

I think everybody can agree with me when I say Spring can’t come quick enough.

So now I am in need of a new work out plan. I am NOT going near flourescent lights again until my legs and arms have at least made contact with the sun (even if it is man-made sun).

Maybe I will try jogging again - I've heard its a good way to work out, it just won't bring me face to face with today's hottest new fashion styles.


Grandparent Shout Out!

March is my birthday month. This year I will turn the big 25 and I am excited!!
My birthday is in the middle of the month so I am hardly ever home on my birthday, because I am usually off traveling somewhere on spring break.

Which is fine with me. No better way to celebrate your birthday than off on vacation somewhere.

But my birthday is also significant for another reason. 25 years ago I was born on my grandma's birthday, and we always call each other on our birthdays.

Well this year my Grandma will be out of the country so I wanted to give her an early birthday shout out!!!

Both my grandma and grandpa (well we call him Pop) have been so important in my life. They were at every school play, basketball game, softball game, honor roll assembly, birthday party, and basically any other event in my life while growing up.

I have so many special memories with them, from spending every summer at their house playing outside in the tree house my Pop built for us, to the year they took me to Newfoundland, Canada and we went whale watching. And many other memories including several cruise vacations and many, many holidays! I could list hundreds of other fun memories with them. So much of who I am involves memories with my grandparents.....and we are still making fun memories!
Along with my parents, my grandparents helped shape me into who I am today. They are the most selfless/caring people I know; always helping others out. I have learned a lot from watching them!
I am so thankful to have them in my life!

So happy birthday Grandma and thank you Pop for all you do for me!!!