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Weekly Weekend Update

The weekend got off to a rockin' start. I say that as sarcastic as possible.  Because Friday was not fun.  I was all. by. my. self. 

Something you should know about me: I am not a fan of alone time, never have been and may never will be (although I have been told this will change after I have kids)

So Friday night I decided to treat myself to some BBQ. I got online, found a local BBQ restaurant, picked it up, came back home, ate some fried okra and watched TV.  

I started watching The Amazing Race and texted Luke to ask him if we went on the show and one of us had to bungee jump 70 ft who would do it? He said "You would have to, I couldn't do that" So then I told him he needed to Man Up and jump off the cliff.

Clearly we will not be going on The Amazing Race anytime soon, although I do think its the best reality show to go on. 

As I was sitting on the couch texting Luke I heard a creepy noise coming from our computer room.  I do not deal with creepy noises very well.  

I turned down the TV to investigate the creepy noise, you couldn't have PAID me to get up and go into the room. 

Upon my investigation, I realized that the creepy noise happened about every 5 seconds and sounded like a fish tank.  I was fairly certain there was a masked man in my computer room going to attack me with a fish tank.

I texted Luke and said "there is a creepy fish tank noise coming from the computer room." He wrote back "haha"

HAHA?!?!?! My life is in danger and you type back haha???  

I would have gotten mad, but I was frozen with fear.  

So to ease my mind, I just turned up the TV even louder so that I couldn't hear the creepy noise.  
Although, my curiosity got the best of me and every once in awhile I would mute the TV to see if I could still hear it.

Yup, I would hear the fish tank and then I would turn up the TV again.  

As I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out how a fish tank got into my computer room Luke got home.

I have never been so happy to see that crazy haired Indian.

I told him to go into the computer room and find the noise.

My brave husband found it.  Remember that BBQ food I ordered earlier in the night?  Well I had left their website up and running on our computer, and for some reason the marketing people at this particular restaurant decided to have horses running across their website, every 5 seconds.

So all night long what I thought was a masked man with a killer fish tank, was really wild horses running along the top of a website.  

Its amazing what kind of tricks your mind can play on you.

Saturday was monumental because it is the day I started Twittering, and I am now addicted.  

Sunday Luke's parents came into town and went to church with us and then took us to lunch. 

That's it. That was our weekend.

Now we are hanging out and cleaning the ole APT.  

And I have officially decided I never want to own a fish tank.  Those things are creepy.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Haha! This is soooo something I would do!

  2. I may or may not have repeatedly called Mr. Newlywed one night while he was out of town for work telling him there had to be a man in my closet. I kept hearing a noise of things being moved.

    The REAL culprit?

    I locked the kitten in my closet.

  3. Oh, yes, I've heard of those killer fish tanks....deadly. ;-)

    I just started Twittering, too...still trying to figure it all out.

  4. I hate being at home alone...I have been known to get in my closet and lock my bedroom door. Home alone overnight = Jill gets no sleep at all. It stinks.

    I've heard of such Twittering...what is it? Do I need a new addiction, as well?


  5. You are so funny! I can't believe that wild horses were running across your computer! Isn't it funny how your imagination can just run away with you when you hear a noise and you're home alone. Bet you WERE glad to see that "crazy haired Indian"!

    Have a great week!

  6. I hate hearing creepy noises. Jax and I were alone Friday night too.. overnight! I just signed up for twitter today along w/ my sister... I don't really get it yet!

    Have a good week!

  7. Found your blog through another's and can totally relate to hate being alone. I don't like it either, I love your blog!

  8. ha ha!! that always happens to me. my mind plays tricks on me!

  9. That's hysterical. I hate it when websites do that kind of stuff. I feel as though noise shouldn't be a part of a website unless there is an actual purpose for it. Just sayin'

    anyways, glad you've found twitter - isn't it great?!

  10. I hear strange noises all the time! The worst is when the dog hears something and starts barking like crazy. He never barks so it really freaks me out! I've heard twitter is addicting.

  11. "Its amazing what kind of tricks your mind can play on you." So very true!

    Once again you had me cracking up. I'm so glad that there wasn't a crazy masked man with a killer fish tank =)

    P.S. I am so with you on the not liking being along thing. I am a big scaredy-cat!

  12. Crack me up! I sooo let my mind wander! I get scared so easily it's not even funny ;)

  13. I would so do something like that! It's amazing how out of whack your imagination can be :)

  14. I busted out laughing at this... that you are scared to death & Luke texts back laughter!!! That's a funny visual! And to see what it really was... made the story funnier! I'm sure you found no humor in it..but I like how you handle it - turn up the volumne! You are the cutest thing ever!

  15. I hate being alone...when Mr. Cup is out of town I spend the night with my parents at their house! I seriously hate it. I always hear weird noises that scare me, and I NEVER investigate. Especially if it's upstairs. It just makes sense that the bad guys would hide upstairs, right?!

  16. You are so funny! And this is totally something that I would've done. One time when Grant was out of town, the fire alarm battery started dying, and it was beeping. It didn't start until I was in bed, and I was so scared. I wouldn't get out of bed to find out what it was until the next morning. It was awful! :)

  17. That's hilarious. I'm always imagining things in my mind, too. It's ridiculous!

  18. Let me just tell you, I am the biggest scaredy cat EVER! I can completely relate.

  19. Oh my gosh...I hate being alone at night. I am the most paranoid person, and I get worked up at the smallest things! Seriously. I'm so glad it was just the wild horses!

    Thanks for the funny story...and I'm glad you had a good weekend!

  20. Haha - I do the exact same thing! One night I accidentally didn't get our back door to our yard latched all the way and the wind blew it open. Well, I didn't realize this so when I walked in the kitchen and saw this I freaked and assumed someone was hiding in our closets (we had just moved in and my husband was hundreds of miles away on business). I walked around the house with my phone on 911 so I could call quickly if I needed to. My imagination definitely goes wild when I'm alone!

  21. Oh girl I hear you! I seem to hear weird noises in the shower and I am certain there is a man in the apt. It is always my mind playing tricks, ahh! I should have never watched Psycho all those years ago!

  22. haha. thats so funny it was on your computer. I always think i am hearing things!

  23. Oh yes, the mind can definitely play tricks on you. I've heard some pretty weird noises myself.

  24. i was home alone saturday night and I get soo spooked at stuff that I go into the bedroom with the alarm on and lock the bedroom door;) he he:) Glad freaking fish tank guy didnt get you;0
    Would the running horse be ribcrib.. because I have heard them before:)

  25. You're funny. I'm glad you're weekend was good minus the killer fish tank.
    Have a good week!

  26. Glad your "crazy haired indian" rescued you!!! You are too funny!

  27. haha- that totally sounds like something i would do too. It's amazing how our minds can play tricks on us like that.

  28. I know you did not call him "that crazy haired Indian" You are so stinking funny!


  29. Megan,
    You are totally making me LOL over this. You are so funny!!!

    I thought you was going to say there was a mouse in your computer room at which time I would have had to walk out of my computer room. period.

    Have a Blessed evening funny girl,

    PS YAY your Twittering -- love it. I will have to find you =)


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