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Walk This Weigh

The place that employees me is currently doing a program called Walk This Weigh.

Apparently they think we are all a bunch of lazy slobs and need to get off of our butts and moving a bit more.

I say we can solve this problem by working less hours a day, but nobody asked me.

In an effort to get the employes up and moving, the fitness center located on campus gave us pedometers and told us our goal was 10,000 steps a day.

At first I was shocked. 10,000?!?! That seems like a million! Which I know doesn't make any sense because 10,000 is definitely not a million, but that is just a glimpse into the mind of Megan. Its a crazy world in there.

So the first day I wore my pedometer I decided to live life as normal, without trying to get any steps, just to see how many I got.

I am proud (and frankly shocked) to say that I easily reached over 10,000 without every trying. Apparently I am an active girl.

I use the term 'active' loosely because some of those steps involved walking down the stairs to sneak a candy bar from the candy jar.

But 10,000 steps is 10,000 steps baby.

The next day I wore my pedometer proudly and AGAIN achieved over 10,000 steps.

I was on a roll!

Saturday came and I just knew I was going to break 11,000.

At the end of the day I had reached a little over 3,000.

I seem to remember something in the bible about a 'day of rest' and not having to achieve more than 3,000 steps in that day. Saturday was that day for me.

The next day after I had only achieved 3,000 steps my pants felt a little tighter.

I believe this is all just a mind game.

So I'm curious...

Has anybody worn a pedometer? How many steps do you take in a day??



  1. That is so cool...I think I might try one just to see how active I am! Good luck!

  2. you have such a cute blog!! found you through someone else!! really enjoyed reading!

  3. i have never worn a pedometer but would be curious to see how many steps i take during a regular day.
    10,000 does seem like a lot.

    that is so funny about only taking 3,000 steps on saturday. isn't that what saturday's are for?!!

  4. I've never done this before, will seriously have to consider, haha!!!! :o)

  5. I've never worn a pedometer but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe something to look into it. And 10,000 does seem like a lot. What brand are you guys using?

  6. i've never worn one! I'll have to try it and see what happens!

  7. I haven't worn one, but I've been thinking about getting one!

  8. I'm a trainer, and I make some of my clients wear them, and a lot of more sedentary people struggle to hit more than 10,000. But it doesn't sound like you have a problem at all! And don't worry about the low-step-count on Saturday. That's normal, and recommended. Everyone needs at least 1-2 days a week where they are more restful! I promise, it's better for your body!
    Love your blog:)

  9. My work does that too! We have a competition and we log all of our hours online. In the fall we did it as a fundraiser. For every 50 miles walked, the program donated 5 dollars to a Children's Organization. We formed teams of four to do that one. We're doing it again now, individually, and the person who logs the most over a2 months gets a free personal trainer for a semester (I work at a university). It's a fabulous idea. I work behind a desk all day so some days it is a challenge to reach 10,000 steps. BUT, if you do any kind of aerobics or yoga or spin class, there is a convertor online that will tell you how many steps it counts for. That's what saved me. I could rack up like 4 miles in an hour (with is equal to like 8,000 steps). I found myself wearing my pedometer even after the competition was over just because it forced me to walk more. I don't want to see that thing say like 1.5 miles for the day so I'm more motivated to go for a run after work if I want to get my steps up. By the way, our program was called "Step it Up"

  10. You are too funny my friend. I like the crazy world of Megan's mind.

  11. I've never worn one myself. But my husband wore one when he worked at camp last summer to see how much he was walking -- it was something insane (like 100,000 steps - and the equivalent of like 20 miles or something . . . ) crazy! :-)

  12. I love that your school is doing this! I've never worn a pedometer, but I would love to know how many steps I take daily. I might need to get one.

  13. How interesting!! I want ta pedometer now to see how many steps I take in a day!

  14. I have never worn one.. but I think nowadays.. i would be way below that.... I sit at a desk all day and work at a computer and then after work.. go to bed! ha!

  15. My hubs got me a pedometer watch for V-day with time, distance, calories - very neat.. for when I run... but I want one to put on my shoe - that seems more accurate...

    Look at you easily achieving 10,000 a day - AWESOME!

  16. i would be very interested on how many steps i take a day! I know my number would be low on sundays though

  17. HAHA That is so funny. I have never wore a pedometer but know people who have and they have also been shocked at the amount of walking they really did do in a day. *Love the comment about walking to the candy dish - that is so me too!

  18. I a newbie to your blog (found you through glamlifehousewife) And you are just too funny. Never done the pedometer thing before, but you don't look like you need to worry about being active enough!

  19. Just found your blog, it's so cute! And I make trips to Chik-fil-a entirely too often. :o)

  20. Oh man, I don't even want to know how many steps I take during the day. It would be sad, very sad!

  21. I've never worn one, but when I worked at Houston's (a restaurant) I swear I walked over a million stpes every shift. I honestly don't know how people gain weight in that industry...there is non-stop movement!!

    Good for you girl, keep it up!!

    (and ps, i liked your idea best. work less!)

  22. Haha I found your blog through someone else whose blog I found through someone else ... hope you don't mind if I link it. It's so cute, as many others have already said. Your fish tank entry in particular made me smile a lot. =]

    As for the pedometer, I haven't worn one since seventh or eighth grade, but I definitely should try it again. My step count then was sad, too sad to be recorded here, but now I think it would be better. I gym it a lot and walk to and from classes and other things. Good for you and your over-10000 steps.

  23. i am curious now to how many steps i take chasing the boys around everyday. i may just have to go purchase myself one!

    go for you... 10,000 steps!

  24. 10,000 sounds like a million to me, too. Maybe I should get a pedometer so I can know mine....I doubt I get 10,000, but you never know~!

  25. I used to have a pedometer when I worked in retail and I loved it!!

    I managed to convince myself that the steps I took in a day were more than enough exercise so I didn't need anymore.

    That's not true by the way!!

    PS- Go check out my blog today!!!


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