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Tornado Alley

Today my day was interrupted by a tornado.

I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life so I am quite used to tornado's although I am not very fond of them.

It all started today while I was working, when I noticed that the sky was getting very dark and it was becoming increasingly windy outside.

Then I heard the tornado sirens. Now, around these parts, the tornado sirens go off every Saturday at noon, so we are familiar with the sound. But when the skies are dark and gray and they go off, you know its time to get moving.

About this time we looked out our office window and saw in the very far distance a funnel forming.

That was all it took to get me out of my office and into the nearest building with a basement.

So off we went in the pouring down rain making our way to the basement.

This was where we waited the storm out with many colleagues and students from across campus.

And to be honest it was pretty fun.

It reminded me of my childhood when my whole family and dog would gather in the bathroom with pillows and snacks to wait out the storm.

It was family bonding time.

So here I was, years later waiting out the storm with my colleagues.

It made me realize that I am now an adult.

It took a tornado coming to make me realize that I'm an adult.

During the tornado-ness Luke called me to make sure I was safe. I told him I was and asked where he was.

He said he was outside watching the storm.

Now that's a true Okie for ya!

After about an hour and half we were given the OK to leave our safe area and head home.

Two weeks ago I was off of work because of ice and today I got to leave work early because of a tornado. The weather here is crazy!

According to the news there were no fatalities in the storm, but several homes were destroyed or badly damaged. So please keep all families in your prayers that have been affected by a natural disaster.


  1. Wow! Coming from CA that sounds so scary to me! Its funny how certain things are second nature to people that live around them! I'm glad every one is safe!

  2. I saw the news coverage about it earlier...I think it's in NWA now! The wind is going INSANE!!!!

  3. The sirens go off here, every Wednesday at noon. :) Oklahoma weather is a lot like Arkansas weather. Tornadoes scare me. The last time we had tornadoes, I was in the closet with a mattress over my body (while Alex watched news coverage in the living room). I eventually fell asleep in the closet, because I refused to come out. I've seen the Wizard of Oz...I know what can happen.

    I'm glad you guys are okay!


  4. Thank goodness you were safe and are okay! Our sirens go off every Wednesday at noon. Tornados freak me out! I can't stand them! Last night we got some major wind, but thank goodness no tornados!!

    Prayers are with those families!

  5. I am a tornado freak - they mystify me!!! We had one a few years back & I was running down the street video recording it... & in the back ground you can hear my husband yelling at me to "Get in the house!"...

    But I think those storms are hitting us today! Glad to hear you all are ok... we're just praying for no more power outages!

  6. I am gla dyou guys are okay! Tornados are scary.
    I just read that 8 people were killed in the storm! Thats really scary!

  7. Glad you are ok. Weather is so strange.

    Speaking of weather, I am so ready for spring.

    Hope you have an AWESOME day.

  8. Oh my goodness, that would scare me to death. Glad you all are okay.

  9. As a Kansan I feel ya on the "exciting" feeling you get with a tornado is kinda funny, I don't know you, but when I heard OK and tornados I immediately thought- I hope that the Trees are OK...weird...(I didn't tell my fiance he thinks blog friends are like imaginary friends!!)

  10. Glad you are OK and I will definitely keep those affected by the tornado in my prayers!

  11. Oh my goodness...I'm SO glad you are ok! All the tornados yesterday have me totally freaked out (I'm from the Midwest)!! I was happy to receive reports from all of you that everyone is OK. xx, Nina

  12. Thank goodness you are both ok...what a crazy thing to experience. I am scared to death of them!!

  13. Crazy OK weather! We didn't get much other than a little storm that didn't last long. Glad you survived!

  14. so glad your ok! tornadoes scare the crap out of me!

  15. It's funny the things that make you realize that you're grown up. My moment was driving through a horrible thunderstorm at 11 at night from Flagstaff Az back to Las Vegas. Scared the crap out of me. But I did it.
    Glad everyone is safe.

  16. Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are okay. I am just north in Kansas and it was 72 yesterday and then snowing this morning. Midwest weather is bizarre!!!

  17. Happy you are ok! So SCARY!!! We get one everyone once and while... they are crazy scary!

  18. When I lived in edmond.. every house but 5 was knocked down in a tornado... ours was one of the five!! And after the sirens went off.. we went outside and surveyed the damage... my dad is always out watching it too! crazy!
    So glad you and luke are safe and sound!

  19. So glad you're safe!! That boy of yours is brave...although I love watching storms and smelling the air when it's storming.

    All that aside...a funnell in the distance makes me want to hide!

  20. Crazy, I know! I'm from Alabama, and although tornadoes surely arent as regular around here as they are for you guys, our junior high got blown away by one a few years ago, as well as several of my neighbors' homes. When I was little, I was so scared of storms, but now, it it kinda fun! As long as no one gets hurt! I'm praying for those families...the storms that hit ya'll finally got here today, but no damage here.

  21. I feel the same way, since I grew up in OK. People here are TERRIFIED of storms, but they are commonplace to me. That is TOO COOL that you got to hang out with my Mom. (I'm jealous!) She told me that she was worried she "overshared" about her green purse! ha! She said you are pretty much the cutest girl EVER...which I already knew!!
    Glad you are safe and sound!!!

  22. Megan,
    I live in SW MO so I understand the whole tornado thing. Yep, crouching with the pillows and singing at the top of my lungs with a teenager when the hail gets so loud its deafing. Yep, tornado's are no fun.

    We got some bad weather last night, but no tornado, just a lot of wind.

    Hope you've had a better day today.

    Blessings to you dear one,


  23. I'm so happy to have found your lovely, sweet blog.

  24. we live in a crazy town! I tried to hide from the storm..The rain made me want to sleep in today though!!

  25. Just hearing the weather man say there is a possibilty of tornadoes with this storm scares me!
    I heard about the tornadoes in OK glad to hear you're okay.

  26. This brings back so many memories to me!! We used to live in Tornado Alley path and I remember always huddling up in the bathroom with blankets/mattress(if it could fit) and being so scared! Glad you all are OK!


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