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Nervous Jogging

Tonight Luke had a Gig with his band.

And true to nature, I was a nervous wreck all day.

Luke on the other hand was calm as a cucumber. Playing music is just like talking or eating to him, he never gets nervous.

But I get nervous enough for the both of us, so it evens out.

All day long I was so afraid that nobody would come to his show.

About two hours before the show I called him and said "I don't think anybody is coming to your show"
Clearly I missed the "Be a Supportive Wife" memo.

When I got home from work I had about an hour before the show so I decided to go jogging to work off my nervous energy.

It wasn't until I got about halfway through my jog when I realized that it was a mistake.

I don't jog often, so when I do it can be bad. Which was today.

I got one of those horrible 'running pains' in my side and I was tempted to just lay down on the sidewalk and let the birds have their way with me.

But then I remembered that I was in charge of selling merchandise at Luke's show so I had to keep trudging forward. I couldn't leave the merch table empty.

My great jog had now become a slow-paced-walk.

There was a girl about my age jogging in the opposite direction as me. And she passed me twice.


I finally made it home in time to freshen up and leave for Luke's show.

I would talk about how I have this amazing ability to not sweat - but due to the fact that my jog was a slow-paced-walk, I don't think I have anything to brag about.

So I made it to the show and manned my merchandise table.

Which is a whole other story in itself.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to be the person taking money, but you have NO idea how to make change? I worked in a bank for 6 months and all I learned was how to type numbers into a computer.
I needed that computer tonight.

I ended up making a cheat sheet which came in handy. At first I tried to keep it under the table and just sneak a peak at it, but by the end of the night I had to put it on top of the table.
Math is not my friend.

All in all the show was great and my cute husband, along with the band, rocked it out. Fun times!
Manning the table:
I take my job seriously, just don't give me any bill larger than a 10. Thanks.

Some of our church friends out for the show. Their support is so important to us!

Obviously people came to the show. It was a great turnout and my nerves are back to a normal level.
Well, my normal.



  1. Aww I think it is so sweet that you get so nervous for them. I would be the same way.

    You don't sweat? Thats awesome!

  2. Thats really neat that he plays for a band thingy!


  3. Oh, Megan you crack me up...especially that you pert near let the birds feast on you AND that you had a rough time with the money. Like I've said before, I am horrible at would've been a hoot if we would've maned the table together! :-)

    I'm glad Luke's gig was a success!

  4. If I lived in your area or even your state I would have come to the show! :)
    I am glad it turned out great.
    As for running - I suck at running and my lungs always hurt real bad afterwards.
    I would have probably had a calculator with me to do math!(and I worked in a bank off and on for 4years!)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Anytime Mr. Cup preaches I am a NERVOUS WRECK! He's always calm, but I have the heart pounding, hand sweating, can't concentrate kind of nerves...

  6. lol. this made me smile, it reminded me of myself (especially the jogging). I'm glad his show was a success.

  7. Early in our marriage, we had a garage sale and Todd watched in disbelief as I added items up wrong or gave the wrong change!! He still gives me a hard time about it- but I'm like you...Math is not my friend!
    so glad the show went well!

  8. I'm so glad the birds didn't eat you and you were able to make it to his show in one piece LOL
    Glad it was a great night!

  9. Aww! You are such a sweet wife, I would be a nervous wreck if my husband sang in a band too!
    You look too cute!!

  10. You only get nervous because you care so much for your hubs... that's sweet...

    & maybe you can slip a little handheld calculator in your money bag... so while it looks like your fumbling for change, you can figure it out on the sly....dont feel bad! I do accounting & cant do anything number wise without my calculator!

  11. I'm so glad his show went well. I think it is so cute how worried you get for him. I bet it means a lot to him to know how much you care!

  12. You are too cute megan! Absolutely adorable! I get nervous for Ryan too.. he is alway calm and collected and I am the worrier and nervous nellY:) U looked adorable! Im so glad the night went well:)yeah!

  13. oh are hilarious! I loved this post:)And i totally am with you on counting change...I am so bad at it!

    Hope you and Luke have a great Valentine's Day!

  14. Megan,
    I don't sweat either, weird huh? anyway . . .

    You are so cute, you and your money bag. I love to count change back. I learned back in my Hardees days.

    Have a Blessed weekend dear one,

  15. I am glad the birds did not have their way with you, and that ya'll had a great night! You are too cute with your money back - and I'd be the same way with making change. The numbers are not my friends.

    Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

  16. This post was hilarious, maybe because I’m the exact same way! Anytime my husband gets up in front of people, I’m a nervous wreck. He, of course, is not. :) Thanks for sharing!

  17. So fun! I'm glad everything went well!

  18. I love your cheat-sheet idea! I am terrible at math in my head/on the seriously stresses me out!

    Have a great weekend y'all!

  19. Cute pics! :) I would be nervous, too. I always get nervous when my husband has something big he's got to do.

  20. Cute pics! :) I would be nervous, too. I always get nervous when my husband has something big he's got to do.

  21. You crack me up!!! I'm glad everything turned out great!

  22. LOL Love your last line. Your normal.


  23. I'm with you on the math girl, it's my enemy, haha!!! Glad the show was a success :o) Have a GREAT weekend and Valentine's with the hubby!

  24. I'm so glad I'm finally getting a few minutes to catch up on reading your blogs! I'm glad to see that you're still hilarious!!! :)

  25. You crack me up - especially the jogging story. I hate exercise and always think I should do something but want to give up immediately! :-) I am glad the show went well and think it's sweet that you got nervous for him (I do that for my hubby too when he's speaking!) :-) hope your week was great and happy valentine's day!

  26. I used to be horrible at counting back change. But I worked at a grocery store in hs and summers in college for several years. I was promoted to office manager and had to start counting down all the registers at night. So now I can count back change, but I get really nervous that I am going to mess up!

  27. I get the same way whenever Alex is going to preach. It's not that I don't think he will do a good job, it's that I know if it were me...I would be DYING up there.

    I don't do well with making change under pressure. Like when I have a yard gets ugly. I think at my next one, everything will cost $1.00

    Happy Valentine's Day, girl!

  28. Megan, you are so funny! I doubt that anyone noticed that you were having difficulty making change because they were probably caught up in how darling you are! You look adorable manning the merchandise table.

    Glad Luke had a good turnout!

  29. That's sounds so much fun and so funny about the run. I can totally relate. I start off good then I run out of breath, and I have to start walking. It's terrible!!

  30. I need to read back on some of your posts and figure out where you live. I forget. And I need to do that, because I would LOVE to come see them play sometime!

  31. i'm so happy to have found your lovely blog.

  32. Hi! I found your blog from Sweet Simplicity's. We went to college together. I really LOVE your blog. Especially your post about commitments. It seemed like it was so much easier to find time for "quiet time" in college. Now it seems like I can never find the time!


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