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Happy Birthday Luke!

This weekend we will celebrate my cute husband's 25th birthday.

Now, I am usually not the sappy type, at all, but I figured since this was his first birthday as my husband I needed to be a bit sappy.

SO in no particular order, here are 25 things I love about Luke....(25 because he is going to be 25)

1. He is the most humble person I know. Seriously, it’s creepy how humble he is.

2. He seeks the Lord in all that he does and he leads me along the way

3. He challenges me

4. He encourages me

5. He has allowed me to transform his clothing attire. Lets just say fashionably speaking before we met me he once was blind, but now he sees the light

6. Words cannot explain the depth of his heart.

7. I have given him many presents throughout our relationship, but one time I randomly wrote him a poem using titles of Bob Dylan songs to describe our relationship. To this day that still remains his favorite gift. That’s what I love about him, material things have little meaning to him. (unless of course its a guitar)

8. He has amazing hair. At least once a month somebody stops us in public to ask us either 1. How he fixes his hair, or 2. If they can touch it. Funny stuff

9. He embraces my weaknesses and loves me more because of them.

10. He has become a little bit more dramatic since marrying me. I’d like to think I rubbed off on him.

11. He understands my need to go shopping every now and then, and makes sure that money is set aside in the budget to allow me to do this.

12. He has incredible self-control. If he wants to stop doing something (i.e. drinking Coke) he just stops, no struggling, nothing, just done.

13. He loves kids and is SO good with them. This is adorable to watch.

14. He knows his dreams and he pursues them regardless of obstacles that may be there.

15. He does an amazing job of our leading our church in worship each week.

16. When my car is on empty and needs gas, he fills it up for me!

17. He is incredibly patient.

18. He is incredibly good looking

19. He makes me feel beautiful, no matter how I really look

20. I will admit, he has introduced me to some pretty good music

21. He is my best friend.

22. He understands me when nobody else does

23. He is my best secret keeper and the best listener of all of my crazy stories, fears, anxieties, dreams and random thoughts.

24. He wakes me up every morning for work (although this has caused several arguments)

25. He makes me laugh everyday

Happy Birthday Luke!!! I love you!!!!

Thanks for bringing so much fun into my life!!!



  1. SO SWEET! Happy Birthday, Luke!!

  2. What an incredibly sweet post!! You two are absolutely precious! I hope you all have a great weekend celebrating! Happy Birthday Luke :)

  3. That was beautiful.

    And your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Precious post, girl. He does have some good hair!

    Happy Birthday, Luke!! We love your sweet wife! :)

  5. This is so sweet! What a great post.
    Happy birthday to your husband ;)

  6. You are the sweetest wife!!!

    Happy Birthday Luke!

  7. thats really sweet! Happy Birthday!

  8. That was so very sweet! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. You guys are the cutest couple!

    Your list is fantastic...I've learned that much more about the 2 of you!

    Happy Birthday Luke...your wife is pretty special.

  10. What a great post!!! And way to go Luke for setting aside money for her shopping...woohooo!

  11. Go ahead, be sappy! Be sappy everyday! I am. It just shows that you appreciate him and have a great love!

  12. Your love for him is so sweet and pure. I love it. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating his 25th!

  13. Such a sweet and thoughtful post. Happy Birthday to Luke...and I hope you two have a great time celebrating!

  14. Aaaww what a sweet wife!!
    Sounds like you both are incredibley Blessed to have each other!!
    God is good!!!
    Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

  15. Happy Birthday, Luke. I hope you to have fun!

  16. Happy birthday Luke. What a cute post. It is my sister's b-day today too!

  17. Too sweet! You are truly blessed!

  18. #5: Now that I think about it, this is true. I have noticed his increase in fashionable attire.

    #7: Way to speak his love language--Dylanese!

    #8: He has RAD hair!

    #12: Did he really give up Coke? This might affect his relationship with Dale and Zach... I'm just sayin'.

  19. Darling post Megan:) Happy birthday Luke:) You two are perfect together... you are lucky to have eachother!

  20. What a precious post and I adore the pictures, you guys are soooo cute together!!

  21. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday Luke!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend celebrating!

  22. Sweet post! Happy Birthday!!

  23. Megan,
    You are Luke are so stinkin' cute!! Seriously, could you get any cuter?!!

    This was so sweet . . . HAPPY B-DAY LUKE!!!!!

    Have a fun and Blessed weekend,

  24. You guys are just so dang cute!!!!!!!

  25. Love this post! Happy Birthday Luke!

  26. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday Luke!!

  27. What a precious tribute to your sweet husband! I loved all of your 25 things. Luke sounds like he is a wonderful husband and I am so glad that the Lord placed the 2 of you together. You compliment each other so well!

    Happy Birthday, Luke! have great hair! (-;

  28. sooo sweet! It looks like married life is good:)


    Okay, so I take it you were celebrating Luke's birthday!?!? Hahaha oh man, that was sooo funny! I just blogged about it to post tomorrow. That was one of the craziest things EVER. I mean, out of the whole restaurant, we were sitting RIGHT beside each other!!! So funny. I loved meeting you - you are great!!

  30. yr such a sweet wife, im sure luke had a great birthday!!

  31. The pictures at the end are priceless, you guys are such a good looking couple. I love the things you have to say about him...I pray I find someone to talk so highly about someday (soon). :)


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