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Cute Commercial

Tonight as I was flipping through the channels I noticed that 'Cast Away' was on TV.

This is one of my ALL time favorite movies and watch it every time it comes on TV and I have nothing else to do.

And let me tell you, the scene where he loses Wilson.....gets me every. single. time.

I know it's just a volleyball......but it was really more than that.

I could cry right now just thinking about it.

So, I am going to move on to why I started this post on this cold Saturday night.

While I was watching the movie I saw the CUTEST commercial. It is so cute and funny and has a great message.

You should watch it! I think it will make you smile!!



  1. This really is a great commercial ;-) it made me smile!! And seriously, such an important and true message!

  2. I love this commercial. It is so sweet that he is taking time to spend with his daughter! and that cheer is hilarious.

  3. This has got to be one of the best PSAs I have ever seen. I had not caught this one on tv before. It made me smile at 5:00 am!!!

    I have not seen the new Dyson! But I totally agree with you. I need one. I love the idea that it swivels. I'm pretty hard on vacuums. I'm not sure I could get the $400 model though!!! Maybe I could call it my gun and get it when Bryan gets another gun!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness that is so cute!

  5. HA HA!! that made me laugh! to cute! and funny!!

  6. What an awesome and hilarious commercial! I'm so glad you shared that! I've got to show my husband.

  7. Just wanted to say hello and hope you had a GREAT weekend!!! :o)

  8. I have seen this before and thought it was so cute too!! I love it!!

  9. What a cute commercial!!

    And I love Castaway too!!

    I always said any actor that can make you feel so many emotions for a volleyball, is a great actor in my book. I seriously bawl like a baby every time he cries "Wilson!". Oh Tom Hanks you are great!

  10. I seriously just saw that commercial like 5 minutes ago for the first time & laughed!!! How cute is that!!!

  11. That is an awesome commercial! :) I definitely smiled!

  12. That commercial was hilarious. lol

  13. I LOVE Cast Away. My hubs and I saw the preview for it the other night and I started getting all weepy just thinking about poor Wilson. He wasn't JUST a ball.....

    Cute commerical!


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