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Almost a month ago on January 14th I blogged about how I made a commitment to read my One Year Bible everyday.

Well it has been a month and I am still on track! I did miss a couple of days, but I made sure to take the time to get up to date. I want to take this commitment seriously and stay on track.

As I have stated before I have never been one that has been good at spending daily time with God, but it is so important for me to implement this into my daily life.

This past month there have been days where I have really used that time wisely and really spent time studying God's word and just praying - and then there have been other days where I have spent more time figuring out what I will wear to work the next day. Sound silly, but its the truth.

However, as I continue on in this commitment I find it easier to do it everyday. I also find it easier to hear from God, and I find it easier to lay my burdens at his feet.

I am not proud of this, but I consider myself to be a 'professional worrier'. I worry about anything and everything, and it is hard for me to surrender my worries to God. Yet the more I surrender, the easier it becomes.

Now this does not mean that I am worry-free because that would just be a straight-miracle. But I do feel more peace about situations I have worried about. And I know that I can trust in my God, who will lead me along the way.

I say all of this to say, I made a commitment and have tried my best to keep it and I have definitely seen the reward in it.

And the reward has simply been knowing God on a deeper level.

Sort of like when you make a new friend and you begin calling them on the phone, then after about the 6th or 7th call you just say "Hey its me" And they know exactly who it is. That's how I feel with God. The more I spend time with him, it is easier to trust him and recognize his voice when he speaks to me.

So, here I got venturing out on the next month, determined to keep my commitment!

And if you are considering making any commitment in your life I say go for it! Whether its making a commitment to exercise more, eat healthier, spend more consistent time with God, or anything else, just do it! Commitments can be scary, but there are definitely rewards in it!


  1. "Sort of like when you make a new friend and you begin calling them on the phone, then after about the 6th or 7th call you just say "Hey its me" And they know exactly who it is. That's how I feel with God. The more I spend time with him, it is easier to trust him and recognize his voice when he speaks to me."

    I like that...that's a very good way of describing it.

    Praying you stick with your commitment! Pray that I stick with mine, as well. :)


  2. I am reading through the New Testament this year and so far I have stayed on track. I can be so hard sometimes but I love just starting off my day in prayer and in God's Word. Good luck to you in the months to come!

  3. Love your analogy of how we know someone when they are like "Its me"... keep it up!!!

  4. That's really good of you. I also want to get in better touch with my spiritual side but haven't done that well this year. The blog world has inspired me plenty so hopefully I can correct that too.

  5. When I first became a believer, I did my Bible reading time whenever I could during the day.

    In the past 4 years, I have daily woken up early and scheduled in 20-30 minutes each morning for that time. When my alarm goes off and I want to sleep, I remind myself that I'm choosing sleep over the Lord, and I get up.

    Turns out... I'm a much nicer person when I read my Bible and pray 1st thing- because I'm allowing the Lord to be in control. There have been days when I don't get up early enough (usually on the weekends when I'm less scheduled) turns out those are the days I usually fight with my husband or get snippy with my mom. Go figure.

    So excited for you and your commitment! Praying for you to keep it up and to have a real hunger for the Word so that you dont' ever want to miss out!

  6. What a great testimony to your faithfulness to keep up with this! What an encouragement!

  7. Great post!! Great job!!!

    You Rock!!!

  8. Great post! I'm so glad you have kept up with it! Wonderful!

  9. Oh girl I am RIGHT there with you on the worrying!!!

    This is inspiring me to be more devoted with my quiet time. Thank you!

  10. What a great post and reminder to surrender our burdens to God.

  11. Wow, thats really neat that you read your Bible so often. I have tried to do it regularly, and failed. Its really great that you do that - its encouraging!

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  13. That is great that you have kept with it. I need to follow your lead.

  14. great job! i need to devoting more time to this.

  15. That analogy makes me very happy. LOVE it, and so proud of you!!

  16. God doesn't expect us to be perfect but we can strive to do our best! I have done exactly what you are doing and need to do it again.

  17. "The more I spend time with him, it is easier to trust him and recognize his voice when he speaks to me."

    I love this. So proud of you and the commitment that you are sticking to. He does reward our faithfulness.

  18. Thanks for sharing megan! Really proud of you for sticking to your commitment:) I love the way your phrased the end about sticking to commitments!

  19. Megan,
    Good for you!! You will never be sorry for any time that you devote to God. He loves you so sweet girl.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  20. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog a while back but just stumbled upon it again through a fellow blogger.. and can I say that you crack me up!!! I'm Megan to so nice to meet you! Your blog makes my day! I laugh so hard! I loved your tornado blog. Not because I love tornadoes or anything but in in the 6 mos. I lived out west, anytime we got a severe weather warning (ie: tornado) all the neighbors were out there watching it! What?!? My southern behind was curled up behind a toilet begging for my life to be spared!! Seriously. Love your blog!

  21. I'm so with you on the worrying! I'm working on trusting God more but it's a slow work in progress.

  22. So proud of you! I love the analogy that you gave and that is so true.

    Hebrews 11:6 says that "He is a rewarder of those who seek Him".

    Keep seeking Him and He will reward you for that commitment. Sounds like he already is! (-:

  23. Hope you dont' mind me barging in on your blog-life - I kind'v estumbled upon your page and HAD to comment when I read this blog.

    I'm SO there! I've missed more than just a few days, but I'm trying and that's WAY more than I can say for the previous parts of my life. And you're right. The more you sit with him the more familiar you are with him and his voice, and the easier you trust him.

    SUCH a learning experience, but it's good to know I'm not the only one that's JUST now figuring this stuff out!!

  24. i just found your blog, and was checking things out a bit... and wanted to say that I'm with you on your commitment (reading through the Bible with my church and the text project). it' so nice to find people in the blogsphere that are also seeking God on a deeper level. hope you have a blessed day.


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