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Cute Commercial

Tonight as I was flipping through the channels I noticed that 'Cast Away' was on TV.

This is one of my ALL time favorite movies and watch it every time it comes on TV and I have nothing else to do.

And let me tell you, the scene where he loses Wilson.....gets me every. single. time.

I know it's just a volleyball......but it was really more than that.

I could cry right now just thinking about it.

So, I am going to move on to why I started this post on this cold Saturday night.

While I was watching the movie I saw the CUTEST commercial. It is so cute and funny and has a great message.

You should watch it! I think it will make you smile!!



I need this.....

Have you seen this???

The Dyson Ball Vacuum.

This thing looks AMAZING.

One thing you must know is I have a small obsession with vacuums. Besides laundry its my most favorite household chore.

When Luke and I were registering for our wedding, I REALLY wanted to register for a Dyson, but I figured nobody would spend that much on a vacuum and then I would end up with no vacuum.

So we went for a more reasonable vacuum which made sense at the time.

But unfortunately it ended up breaking about 4 months after we got married. It was a very sad day.

I won't even tell you how long it has been since I last vacuumed, because its absolutely disgusting.

I will tell you it was some where between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sick.

So now I have my heart set on this beautiful piece of man made art that swivels on a dime. If only I could convince the Hubs that $400 won't set us back that much.
I could live in an apartment a little longer if it meant that I could have this technology that is sent from Heaven Up Above.

A girl can dream right..........

And in other news: You should know that I am following Ryan Seacrest on Twitter and I feel like it brings me one step closer to becoming his BFF. He even updated during a commercial break on Idol. Some people may call this stalking. I call this tweeting.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! I will be picking up crumbs off of my floor with my hands, while saving money for my precious Dyson.



Dinner and Idol

Before we begin, I must tell you that this blog is coming to you straight from my snugly Snuggie.

Today when I got home from work I had already reached 8,000 steps so I decided I wanted to take it easy the rest of the night.

I prepared some yummy Poppy Seed Chicken and got ready to watch Idol and my cute Ryan-pooh.

Have I mentioned my love for Ryan Seacrest? I must reinstate I am not in love with Ryan, I just have an infatuation to be his BFF.

So when dinner was ready we sat down to watch the show.

Little did I know I was in for 2 hours of torture.

Did anybody else think that tonight's show was really bad? It seems like they all chose such horrible songs. My favorite from tonight was probably Adam Lambert - and it has nothing to do with the fact that he strangely resembles my hott husband.

During the show I spent every commercial break trying to convince Luke to try out. But he still won't. He does not understand my deep desire to be BFF with Ryan.

I believe that Ryan is such a gentlemen in real life, full of honesty, integrity, and purity. If you know otherwise, please do not tell me. He just seems so sweet and caring on the show. Ok I'm off my Seacrest Soap Box now. Luke gets tired of hearing it.

Before I go I wanted to say that I noticed that I have some new followers and I just wanted to say Hi to my new peeps! I try to go by all of your blogs but if I haven't done it yet, Hello!

Now it is time to get back to my Snuggie and watch Lost and maybe even fix a bowl of ice cream with Hard Shell. I believe Hard Shell is a gift from God.



Basketball and a Snuggie

Tonight Luke and I had tickets to go to a NBA game. I always enjoy these games, however if you remember, last time we went to a game we sat court-side. This time we were about as high up as you could get! It just wasn't the same! I think I was created to live the high life court-side! :-)
I wore my pedometer again today and I have almost reached 10,000 steps!!
But do not be jealous of my madd step skillz.

The only reason I have so many steps today is because my thrifty husband made us park about 2 miles away from the basketball venue because it was free parking.

People, I would gladly trade the steps on this trusty ole pedometer for a ride in one of those carriages pulled by a man on a bike.

The pedometer AKA My new BFF: It fits snugly onto my pants and is hidden by my shirt. So great!
Speaking of snugly.....On to the exciting news:

Luke has a good friend named Will, and now, through marriage, Will has become one of my good friends. We tend to have lots of fun when the three of us are together. Well tonight Luke gave Will a key to our apartment because he had to get something out of it and we would be at the BBall game. Will sent Luke a text and said that he left a surprise for me.
What was the surprise??

None other than the SNUGGIE!!!

I know they are laughed at.

I know they are ridiculous looking.

However if you had to spend one night in my body temperature then you would understand my need for the wonderful Snuggie.
I was seriously so excited!!! It was like Christmas morning. I was jumping up and down when I saw the Snuggie box. And do not think those steps went unnoticed on my pedometer!
Luke thought it was quite funny how excited I was about a blanket with sleeves!
I am now ready to watch TV cuddled up in my new blanket!!



Walk This Weigh

The place that employees me is currently doing a program called Walk This Weigh.

Apparently they think we are all a bunch of lazy slobs and need to get off of our butts and moving a bit more.

I say we can solve this problem by working less hours a day, but nobody asked me.

In an effort to get the employes up and moving, the fitness center located on campus gave us pedometers and told us our goal was 10,000 steps a day.

At first I was shocked. 10,000?!?! That seems like a million! Which I know doesn't make any sense because 10,000 is definitely not a million, but that is just a glimpse into the mind of Megan. Its a crazy world in there.

So the first day I wore my pedometer I decided to live life as normal, without trying to get any steps, just to see how many I got.

I am proud (and frankly shocked) to say that I easily reached over 10,000 without every trying. Apparently I am an active girl.

I use the term 'active' loosely because some of those steps involved walking down the stairs to sneak a candy bar from the candy jar.

But 10,000 steps is 10,000 steps baby.

The next day I wore my pedometer proudly and AGAIN achieved over 10,000 steps.

I was on a roll!

Saturday came and I just knew I was going to break 11,000.

At the end of the day I had reached a little over 3,000.

I seem to remember something in the bible about a 'day of rest' and not having to achieve more than 3,000 steps in that day. Saturday was that day for me.

The next day after I had only achieved 3,000 steps my pants felt a little tighter.

I believe this is all just a mind game.

So I'm curious...

Has anybody worn a pedometer? How many steps do you take in a day??



Weekly Weekend Update

The weekend got off to a rockin' start. I say that as sarcastic as possible.  Because Friday was not fun.  I was all. by. my. self. 

Something you should know about me: I am not a fan of alone time, never have been and may never will be (although I have been told this will change after I have kids)

So Friday night I decided to treat myself to some BBQ. I got online, found a local BBQ restaurant, picked it up, came back home, ate some fried okra and watched TV.  

I started watching The Amazing Race and texted Luke to ask him if we went on the show and one of us had to bungee jump 70 ft who would do it? He said "You would have to, I couldn't do that" So then I told him he needed to Man Up and jump off the cliff.

Clearly we will not be going on The Amazing Race anytime soon, although I do think its the best reality show to go on. 

As I was sitting on the couch texting Luke I heard a creepy noise coming from our computer room.  I do not deal with creepy noises very well.  

I turned down the TV to investigate the creepy noise, you couldn't have PAID me to get up and go into the room. 

Upon my investigation, I realized that the creepy noise happened about every 5 seconds and sounded like a fish tank.  I was fairly certain there was a masked man in my computer room going to attack me with a fish tank.

I texted Luke and said "there is a creepy fish tank noise coming from the computer room." He wrote back "haha"

HAHA?!?!?! My life is in danger and you type back haha???  

I would have gotten mad, but I was frozen with fear.  

So to ease my mind, I just turned up the TV even louder so that I couldn't hear the creepy noise.  
Although, my curiosity got the best of me and every once in awhile I would mute the TV to see if I could still hear it.

Yup, I would hear the fish tank and then I would turn up the TV again.  

As I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out how a fish tank got into my computer room Luke got home.

I have never been so happy to see that crazy haired Indian.

I told him to go into the computer room and find the noise.

My brave husband found it.  Remember that BBQ food I ordered earlier in the night?  Well I had left their website up and running on our computer, and for some reason the marketing people at this particular restaurant decided to have horses running across their website, every 5 seconds.

So all night long what I thought was a masked man with a killer fish tank, was really wild horses running along the top of a website.  

Its amazing what kind of tricks your mind can play on you.

Saturday was monumental because it is the day I started Twittering, and I am now addicted.  

Sunday Luke's parents came into town and went to church with us and then took us to lunch. 

That's it. That was our weekend.

Now we are hanging out and cleaning the ole APT.  

And I have officially decided I never want to own a fish tank.  Those things are creepy.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



A Little Life Update

I have been a MIA Blogger lately.

There was no particular reason for this. I have just been in a bit of a 'funk' lately and didn't really feel like polluting my blog with my 'funkiness'. But I have missed my blog friends. So I figured it was time to get back into the swing of things!! If I don't blog I feel like I am disconnected from the world!

Here is a short recap of what I would have blogged about this week:

Weekly Weekend Update:
Our first married Valentine's Day came and went and it was great! I'm a big fan of spreading the love every day, so V-day is never anything very special but Friday when I got home from work I did get a couple of great presents from the husband (he knows how to speak to my heart) and we went out for a good meal and some ice cream.

The next day I was able to spend Valentine's Day with two very cute boys: Luke and my nephew. We spent the day babysitting and had SO much fun with him. But hear me out friends; we are not ready to take upon parenting responsibilities. Sometime in the future - but not the near future.

Luke spent time teaching him music skills:

While I took care of the fun things, such as feeding him:
He is learning the manly necessities early in life. A drink in one hand and video game controller in the other.

I watched The Bachelor and came up with yet another reason why I could never go on the show: I am not comfortable getting in a bikini on national television - which now seems to be a requirement.

My BFF Kara had her baby boy so I headed to my hometown to spend the day hanging with her and the baby.

Isaiah was born on Monday night and is absolutely adorable!! We had so much fun hanging out at the hospital just talking and laughing. I know she is going to be such a great mom!

Kara and Isaiah:

Baby Isaiah:

My sister and mom meeting Isaiah. They were at the hospital the night before but had to leave before he was born.
Missed Luke as he was at a church conference, but he kept up with his husband duties and still called me in the morning to make sure I was awake and getting ready for work. Gotta love that boy.

So that pretty much brings us up to date.
Sorry I have not been commenting lately. I am trying to get caught up and back to my old blogger self!
Hope you are all having a great week!



Nervous Jogging

Tonight Luke had a Gig with his band.

And true to nature, I was a nervous wreck all day.

Luke on the other hand was calm as a cucumber. Playing music is just like talking or eating to him, he never gets nervous.

But I get nervous enough for the both of us, so it evens out.

All day long I was so afraid that nobody would come to his show.

About two hours before the show I called him and said "I don't think anybody is coming to your show"
Clearly I missed the "Be a Supportive Wife" memo.

When I got home from work I had about an hour before the show so I decided to go jogging to work off my nervous energy.

It wasn't until I got about halfway through my jog when I realized that it was a mistake.

I don't jog often, so when I do it can be bad. Which was today.

I got one of those horrible 'running pains' in my side and I was tempted to just lay down on the sidewalk and let the birds have their way with me.

But then I remembered that I was in charge of selling merchandise at Luke's show so I had to keep trudging forward. I couldn't leave the merch table empty.

My great jog had now become a slow-paced-walk.

There was a girl about my age jogging in the opposite direction as me. And she passed me twice.


I finally made it home in time to freshen up and leave for Luke's show.

I would talk about how I have this amazing ability to not sweat - but due to the fact that my jog was a slow-paced-walk, I don't think I have anything to brag about.

So I made it to the show and manned my merchandise table.

Which is a whole other story in itself.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to be the person taking money, but you have NO idea how to make change? I worked in a bank for 6 months and all I learned was how to type numbers into a computer.
I needed that computer tonight.

I ended up making a cheat sheet which came in handy. At first I tried to keep it under the table and just sneak a peak at it, but by the end of the night I had to put it on top of the table.
Math is not my friend.

All in all the show was great and my cute husband, along with the band, rocked it out. Fun times!
Manning the table:
I take my job seriously, just don't give me any bill larger than a 10. Thanks.

Some of our church friends out for the show. Their support is so important to us!

Obviously people came to the show. It was a great turnout and my nerves are back to a normal level.
Well, my normal.




Almost a month ago on January 14th I blogged about how I made a commitment to read my One Year Bible everyday.

Well it has been a month and I am still on track! I did miss a couple of days, but I made sure to take the time to get up to date. I want to take this commitment seriously and stay on track.

As I have stated before I have never been one that has been good at spending daily time with God, but it is so important for me to implement this into my daily life.

This past month there have been days where I have really used that time wisely and really spent time studying God's word and just praying - and then there have been other days where I have spent more time figuring out what I will wear to work the next day. Sound silly, but its the truth.

However, as I continue on in this commitment I find it easier to do it everyday. I also find it easier to hear from God, and I find it easier to lay my burdens at his feet.

I am not proud of this, but I consider myself to be a 'professional worrier'. I worry about anything and everything, and it is hard for me to surrender my worries to God. Yet the more I surrender, the easier it becomes.

Now this does not mean that I am worry-free because that would just be a straight-miracle. But I do feel more peace about situations I have worried about. And I know that I can trust in my God, who will lead me along the way.

I say all of this to say, I made a commitment and have tried my best to keep it and I have definitely seen the reward in it.

And the reward has simply been knowing God on a deeper level.

Sort of like when you make a new friend and you begin calling them on the phone, then after about the 6th or 7th call you just say "Hey its me" And they know exactly who it is. That's how I feel with God. The more I spend time with him, it is easier to trust him and recognize his voice when he speaks to me.

So, here I got venturing out on the next month, determined to keep my commitment!

And if you are considering making any commitment in your life I say go for it! Whether its making a commitment to exercise more, eat healthier, spend more consistent time with God, or anything else, just do it! Commitments can be scary, but there are definitely rewards in it!


Tornado Alley

Today my day was interrupted by a tornado.

I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life so I am quite used to tornado's although I am not very fond of them.

It all started today while I was working, when I noticed that the sky was getting very dark and it was becoming increasingly windy outside.

Then I heard the tornado sirens. Now, around these parts, the tornado sirens go off every Saturday at noon, so we are familiar with the sound. But when the skies are dark and gray and they go off, you know its time to get moving.

About this time we looked out our office window and saw in the very far distance a funnel forming.

That was all it took to get me out of my office and into the nearest building with a basement.

So off we went in the pouring down rain making our way to the basement.

This was where we waited the storm out with many colleagues and students from across campus.

And to be honest it was pretty fun.

It reminded me of my childhood when my whole family and dog would gather in the bathroom with pillows and snacks to wait out the storm.

It was family bonding time.

So here I was, years later waiting out the storm with my colleagues.

It made me realize that I am now an adult.

It took a tornado coming to make me realize that I'm an adult.

During the tornado-ness Luke called me to make sure I was safe. I told him I was and asked where he was.

He said he was outside watching the storm.

Now that's a true Okie for ya!

After about an hour and half we were given the OK to leave our safe area and head home.

Two weeks ago I was off of work because of ice and today I got to leave work early because of a tornado. The weather here is crazy!

According to the news there were no fatalities in the storm, but several homes were destroyed or badly damaged. So please keep all families in your prayers that have been affected by a natural disaster.


The Bachelor and Spiders

I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

Apparently sitting in front of the TV doesn't provide much blog material.

I am sitting in the living room watching The Bachelor

My husband is in the office/guest/music room writing music on his keyboard.

I am so special. I have my very own Bachelor soundtrack.

Some people may find it weird to always have some sort of music in the background (guitar, keyboard, iTunes). But I have gotten used to it. There is ALWAYS music on in this home.

So here I am watching The Bachelor, with a bag of Valentine's mini candy bars to keep me company.

Do you know how dangerous that is??

I have managed to accomplish zero of my goals for the night. Well actually I did do a load of laundry and I managed to get it dry - but now it is just sitting on the couch staring at me, waiting for me to fold it.

Laundry is my favorite household chore, however laziness is calling my name tonight.

But I am impressed that I managed to get a load of laundry done and put new sheets on our bed.

While I was taking the sheets off of our bed to wash them, I saw a medium sized spider crawling across the bed.

Yes, my bed.

But you should know: I'm not afraid of spiders. Really, I'm not.

I have no idea why. I was just born this way.

However, if it was a snake, I would have laid down and died.

Anyways, I got rid of the spider (via the toilet) and then debated about whether or not to tell the hubby because he is scared of spiders.

So about an hour after Luke got home, I decided to go ahead and let him know that a spider had invaded our territory, but not to worry, I would protect him.

After I calmly explained the story of the spider, he told me that he found a spider in our bed yesterday but he didn't want to tell me because he thought it would scare me.

I came out of this story with 3 observations.

1. We can't keep a secret from each other
2. We both think the other person is afraid of spiders - who is it really?

I mean, I'm not scared of them, but that is just sick.


Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend was all about celebrating Luke's birthday and it was lots of fun!!!

Friday I brought home a birthday cake to kick off the celebrating! Luke didn't really want a cake.....but I did so I bought one! We both ended up eating it and it was yummy! After that we went to a local little Italian restaurant. Aren't local restaurants the best? I'm all about chain restaurants but there is something about those little hole-in-the-walls.
Headed to dinner:
Saturday we headed to my hometown because Luke was practicing with his band. Not the usual birthday celebration but they have a show on Thursday (yay!) so they needed to practice one last time before the show.
So while he was practicing I just hung out with my family, which of course is always fun. We spent about 2 hours at a furniture store looking for living room furniture for my parents. Which I have figured out I truly love furniture shopping! I just wish I could buy everything I wanted!
I also got to spend time with this precious little guy (my nephew): Holding the puppy that could be mine :-(
Saturday night we met Luke's parents for dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
Funny Story:
While we were eating I turned around and glanced at the people in the booth behind us. It was a young couple with a set of parents. I didn't see the girl but I noticed that the boy look VERY familiar.

I tried to go back to my eating, but I KNEW that I knew him from somewhere so I turned back around to look at his wife to see if I recognized her. I did! It was Whitney from Glamorous Life of a House Wife.
It was so crazy, we were right next to each other!!! I wanted to say hi to her but then my nerves got the best of me and I started debating about whether I should even say anything to her. But eventually I decided that I needed to say something!

So I waited until they were about to leave, and then stuck my head over the booth and said: Whitney! I didn't know if she would recognize me but she did!
It was lots of fun to randomly meet a blog friend. She was super nice and so beautiful in person!!
I am so glad we got to meet Whitney!
Hope you all had a great weekend!



Happy Birthday Luke!

This weekend we will celebrate my cute husband's 25th birthday.

Now, I am usually not the sappy type, at all, but I figured since this was his first birthday as my husband I needed to be a bit sappy.

SO in no particular order, here are 25 things I love about Luke....(25 because he is going to be 25)

1. He is the most humble person I know. Seriously, it’s creepy how humble he is.

2. He seeks the Lord in all that he does and he leads me along the way

3. He challenges me

4. He encourages me

5. He has allowed me to transform his clothing attire. Lets just say fashionably speaking before we met me he once was blind, but now he sees the light

6. Words cannot explain the depth of his heart.

7. I have given him many presents throughout our relationship, but one time I randomly wrote him a poem using titles of Bob Dylan songs to describe our relationship. To this day that still remains his favorite gift. That’s what I love about him, material things have little meaning to him. (unless of course its a guitar)

8. He has amazing hair. At least once a month somebody stops us in public to ask us either 1. How he fixes his hair, or 2. If they can touch it. Funny stuff

9. He embraces my weaknesses and loves me more because of them.

10. He has become a little bit more dramatic since marrying me. I’d like to think I rubbed off on him.

11. He understands my need to go shopping every now and then, and makes sure that money is set aside in the budget to allow me to do this.

12. He has incredible self-control. If he wants to stop doing something (i.e. drinking Coke) he just stops, no struggling, nothing, just done.

13. He loves kids and is SO good with them. This is adorable to watch.

14. He knows his dreams and he pursues them regardless of obstacles that may be there.

15. He does an amazing job of our leading our church in worship each week.

16. When my car is on empty and needs gas, he fills it up for me!

17. He is incredibly patient.

18. He is incredibly good looking

19. He makes me feel beautiful, no matter how I really look

20. I will admit, he has introduced me to some pretty good music

21. He is my best friend.

22. He understands me when nobody else does

23. He is my best secret keeper and the best listener of all of my crazy stories, fears, anxieties, dreams and random thoughts.

24. He wakes me up every morning for work (although this has caused several arguments)

25. He makes me laugh everyday

Happy Birthday Luke!!! I love you!!!!

Thanks for bringing so much fun into my life!!!



A Few of my Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things that are helping me survive winter.....

Ugg House Shoes
These things are amazing. Now I am a big Ugg fan, but these house shoes put the boots to shame. They are so comfy and warm, I even wear them in public!!

For me, scarves have gone from keeping me warm to a fashionable accessory, and have begun collecting them. I am so glad they are cheap (and Luke is glad too, I tend to over-buy)!

Curly Hair Stuff
This stuff is great for the days when it is waaaay too cold outside the comfort of my blankets in my bed and I want to sleep in a little longer. I know that my curl cream is waiting for me and I don't have to waste time drying my hair, just put this stuff in, 'scrunch' it with my hands and I am good to go!
Self Tanner
Well, this isn't really self tanner, but it does give me a 'natural glow' for the long winter months when I go days without contact with the sun. However it only works when I remember to use it, I usually forget!

Skinny Jeans
Yes I love these jeans during all seasons of the year. But they are especially great in the winter because boots fits perfectly over them (yes I am that girl)

Old Navy Sweats
I basically live in these in the winter. They are so comfy and casual, but yet nice enough to wear in public.

These are the items that have helped me survive Winter. I love them all but I am READY to leave them behind.
C'mon Spring!!! Bring on the tank tops and flip flops!


Your Music

One of my favorite things about traveling alone is that I get the car to myself which really means: I get the iPod all to myself.

I put that baby on shuffle and rock out.

I have a wide range of music styles on my ipod, so sometimes I will be rapping along with Jay Z, other times I will be belting it out with Celine.

For some reason I can only hit Celine's high notes when I am in the car by myself.

I haven't figured out why that happens.

Anyways, the other night I was driving home from visiting with the fam and I had about an hour and a half trip in front of me, so I put on the music and got to singing.

Which then led me to think about how one of my youth leaders once told me that he thought I would marry a worship leader.

This had less to do with prophecy and more to do with the fact that I had an insane infatuation for boys that sang and played the guitar.

In fact at one point I thought I was going to marry my high school worship leader.

And if I ever spoke a word to him I might have had a chance. But instead I just took pictures of him when he was leading worship.

Because thats not stalkerish.

Well years passed and I did marry a worship leader. And I must say he is much more handsome than the one I had a crush on many moons ago.

And I have caught high school girls sneaking pictures of him, which just makes me smile and think about the Circle of Life.

Not the Cirlce of Life, on The Lion King, but the one that involves having crushes on guys that you never had a chance with and it coming full circle.


In all of those thoughts I started thinking about how I need new music on my iPod because "I Wear my Sunglasses at Night" just isn't cutting it anymore.

Then I started dreaming about ALL of the Cd's that Iwould love to own right now.
Here are some examples of what I would like to add to my collection:

Taylor Swift

Britney Spears

I didn't find a picture, but I didn't look very hard.

Kari Jobe

Chris Tomlin

David Cook

What are you listening to right now? What is your favorite CD that you have on repeat??
I want to know!!! As you can see I like all genres!



Weekly Weekend Update

Have you had the best Mexican food ever? Because I'm pretty sure I have.

Friday night Luke and I went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant Ted's to stuff ourselves with the best salsa and queso our mouths have ever tasted.

It had been two weeks since we last had this glorious food and I was definitely have withdrawals.
Saturday, I got to see my good friends Jodi which was good because I hadn't seen her in awhile and I was having friend withdrawals.
Sunday we had a Super Bowl Party at our church which was tons 'o' fun.

Can I just stop for a second and say how amazing Jennifer Hudson sounded when she sang the National Anthem. What is it about that song that makes me cry every time??
Not tear up. But full on cry.
And this time was no exception. Girlfriend tore that song up and I was bawling like a baby.

I cry at the weirdest moments.
Have I mentioned that I didn't cry on my wedding day. Not. One. Tear.
Yet I cry every time I watch American Idol.
I have issues.
So I just wanted to give Jennifer a Shout Out cause she did an amazing job, and we are now on a first name basis.
The Super Bowl Party was fun regardless of the fact that I watched .5 seconds of the entire game. I was too busy eating and talking. That's my idea of a good Super Bowl Party.
I did however, take time out to watch the '3D commercial'. I saw nothing 3D.
But it was sure fun watching everybody wear those goofy glasses!!

Goofy glasses case and point:
Apparently I was a fan of Purple this weekend.

During the Super Bowl Party I met a 13 year old girl and we shared our love for The Jonas Brothers. She has posters in her room.

I'm still trying to talk Luke into letting me do that.

Hope you had a great weekend! And if you are a Steelers fan congrats!