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Weekly Weekend Update

So I am sitting in my living room watching The Bachelor and I have decided that I would never be a good contestant on this show. For several reasons:

1. I am the jealous type and I don't want those other skanks mackin on the man I am diggin
2. I don't enjoy letting 'The Girls' hang out and that seems like a requirement for the show
3. I really don't like much alcohol and it seems like you have to be an alcohol connoisseur to go on the show.
4. I don't enjoy awkward situations - and the whole thing just seems AWKWARD

Not that I would want to go on the show, I have an amazing husband - but those thoughts just come to me while watching the show.

Our weekend was a very fun one spent with fun friends!

Friday night we hung out with our friends Kelsey and Chris and ate at Charleston's and then watched the movie 'Eagle Eye'. It is a pretty good movie.

Saturday Luke and I spent the majority of our day looking at houses -something that has become our normal Saturday routine for the past couple of weeks. We are just leaving this fully up to God and allowing him to direct us. Which is why we haven't bought a house yet. The Big Man Upstairs just isn't showing us giving us any confirmation yet.

Although, Luke is determined to get me away from our apartment heater . It is quite clear that I have an unhealthy relationship with the heater and I need to get away from it ASAP. Luke said I wake him up at least 3 times a night turning it off cause I think its blowing cold air. I have done this so much I now do it in my sleep.

But I know its blowing cold air and it makes me want to scream.

Saturday night I had one of the worst ideas of my life. I thought it would be fun to play Monopoly. Seriously, it has now gone in the Top Five worst ideas of my life. The game is Boring. BORING.

Luke received Monopoly for Christmas so I thought it might be fun to break it out and give it a whirl. I had never played Monopoly - now I know why.

This is how much Kelsey and I were enjoying the game. I kind of look like my 'evil goth twin' in this picture, but it is a realistic picture of how I was feeling.

This is my husband giddy with Monopoly excitement

I actually almost made it through the weekend without one person making a comment about the burn on my neck resembling a hickey.

Until I got to church.

Leave it to your church friends to be honest with you. They had a lot of fun with me on that one!

The Burn:

Wow, this post was much longer than I thought it would be, and pretty scrambled, but I'm watching The Bachelor, I just needed to update my weekend for my memory book.

I hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Okay, so I haven't watched the Bachelor in a long time. I decided to watch it tonight, since my hubby wasn't home to laugh at me for watching it. I now remember why I don't watch it...I am SO EMBARRASSED for those girls. They make complete fools out of themselves! LOL

    House shopping is so much fun...I'll be praying you guys get away from that heater soon.

    Monopoly is the game that never ends.

  2. Hilarious...I'm right there with you about being a contestant on The bachelor; however, I'm all for being the center of the show on The Bachelorette. Although I don't think a married Bachelorette would work out so well. Anyway, I did get your email! The next I'm in your neck of the woods, we'll have to meet up for lunch. Or if you ever make the trip to Arkansas- let me know!

  3. Wow, I hate Monopoly too! It is the most boring-est game on earth!

    Nice hickey btw. ha! That had to have hurt!

  4. I haven't watched The Bachelor, probably for all the reasons that you listed.

    And I do not like Monopoly either. It's awful! I live with 3 males...and they are terrible when they get just a little too much play money in their possession. It's like they turn into Donald Trump or something. And all I seem able to do well is get into tremendous debt and then go bankrupt. It's stressful really, not fun.;)

    I have had similar "hickies" in my past. LOL!:) The things we endure for straight, sleek hair, amen? But it's worth it!

    Have a blessed day!

    P.S. I love your sign on the wall..."They lived happily ever after." If you ever get tired of it hanging me.;)

  5. Good luck on your house hunting journey...when you find one that is for you; you will know it!

  6. I HATE monopoly! D loves it and wanted to play it during the Holidays! I forgot how much I hated it until then!!!

  7. oh i could NEVER be on the bachelor! ouch! that burn looks like it hurts! The things girls do for beauty!

    good luck on your house search!

  8. I sometimes even feel akward when I watch the show because their converstations seems soo planned and weird. Also, they all do seemed to be hammered. Ugh.. its like all they do there is drink and it makes me want to puke!!
    Monoply is way boring! I liked it as a kid tho!

  9. My husband loves monopoly too & I DESPISE IT!!! Must be a man thing!

    And your burn looks like vampire fangs!!! Twilight fans would love that!!!

  10. I guess that could be a hickey if Luke lips were smokin hot iron. LOL It totally looks like a burn, but I guess since it is where it is people assume. lol

    Monopoly is SO not fun. I seriously hate that game. I am sorry your hubs likes it. Maybe he won't ask you to play it. Unless you guys trade off or something, say he will audition for you if you play him a game of Monopoly. Is it worth it? Hard question.

  11. I couldn't be on the bachelor either!!! Looks like you felt about how I do when I have to watch football :)

    Hope your burn is better! OUCH!

  12. I was thinking the same things as I watched the Bachelor last night. How do they do it?!?!

  13. I am SOOO with you on the Bachelor thing. Is it any wonder that none of the relationships ever make it?!?!

  14. i have had many of those burns - so embarassing but funny at the same time!

    at the end you talked about a memory book - what is this???

  15. I have never played Monopoly either, and the hubby bought it for me for Christmas- swearing it is soooo fun. Hmm. Now I know the truth!
    The hicky thing is funny... but it looks like it hurts!
    And on the Bachelor- I start getting the creeps when it starts to be Make-out Fest 2009 every night. It always makes me feel weird about the guy. =)


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