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Surviving Marriage during Football Season

So I have figured out that if you come straight home from work, cook dinner, and then sit on the couch and watch all of the amazing shows on TV, it doesn’t really leave much room for any blog stories.

Unless you want to hear my opinion of The Bachelor and how I am completely addicted to that show.

Maybe another day…
So for today I will talk about football. Yes football.

I do not understand boys and football. Well I guess I don’t understand my husband and football.

Let me explain.

When I first met Luke I quickly found out that he was a die-hard New York Giants fan. This was something that I found extremely cute when we started dating.

Now? It just annoys me.

Luke has been a loyal fan since he was 8. He has never lived in New York City and he doesn’t know anybody who has played for the Giants, he simply decided to become a fan and has remained (crazily) loyal to this day.

I became a Giants fan the day I signed my marriage license. It was 10% by choice (becoming a Giants fan, not signing the marriage license that was 100% choice).

If you are unfamiliar with the football world let me tell you that last year the Giants won the Super Bowl. From what I understand, they were not expected to win or even make it to the Super Bowl so the win was astonishing.

You would have thought Luke was a part of the Giants franchise or something. When they won, his phone was ringing nonstop, he was getting texts from every man he knew, he SERIOUSLY was getting pats on the back and congratulations for a good season.

I had never been so confused in my whole life I watched every game that season right there with him.

I definitely deserved a congratulations for a job well done for that one.

So, a couple of months go by, and Luke and I were now on our way to marital bliss.

One night a couple of weeks before our wedding we were out running errands when I asked Luke: “Do you think you will cry on our wedding day?”

He looked at me with such love in his eyes and said:

“Meg, I didn’t even cry win the Giants won the Super Bowl, I don’t think I will cry on our wedding day”

Ah, he is such a sweet soul.

It put things into perspective for me: First God, then the Giants, followed by me.

So our first 6 months of marriage fell on football season and has gone considerably well.

However, the Giants just lost their chance of making it to the Super Bowl and my husband has been in a state of depression for the past couple of days.

This is when I remind myself to 'love him in his weak moments'.

I know that my husband loves me more than the Giants, although sometimes during football season it is hard to tell.

Basketball season can't come soon enough.

When did I start living my life based on sports seasons??!?!?!


  1. Ugh!!! I am with you! Mr. Cup is the same way about soccer. It drives me nuts. He gets up at like 5 in the morning to watch his team play. Are you kidding me?

  2. I totally know how you feel. Sunday night I said "When is the super bowl?" Ryan said "Feb 1st, why?" I said "YES... no more football." He said "Why dont you like football?" Because it is on 24/7 and it bores me:)

  3. Oh that's exactly how I feel---except my husband just loves football--not any particular team, but all of them. He also loves most all College Football, the St. Louis Cardinals, &, seriously on television is the most boring thing ever created. So, not only does our marriage revolve around sports seasons but also what sports activity we have most recently DVR'ed. I'll get my Gossip Girl, 90210 & Biggest Loser in there somehow!

  4. His comment is hilarious!....

    But i want your insight on the Bachelor!!! I'm praying Jason really finds love this season!!!

  5. You gotta love football; it's the best sport of all time. I love it and I have learned so much about it that you get into it more; I with your hubby; my Chargers just got eliminated from the playoffs this past weekend and I was having dreams that something was wrong with the game so they got another shot...crazy I know!

  6. hi im Rhonda I found your blog though jill. This really made me lol. I know what you mean tho. My hubby was so upset with the fact that I planed our wedding for a weekend that some big college basketball tournament thing was going on. BTW your pix are so cute.

  7. This post cracks me up! My husband is the same way only it's for the Buffalo Bills. He has been a die hard fan since childhood and hello born and raised in AR! Go figure that one out! :D Anyways, he goes as far as to make us wear the same jerseys and clothes every Sunday when they play and don't you dare try to talk to him or call him while the 'game' is on. Not only that but he told me when we were planning our wedding and even the day that we plan to have kids, it better not be during football season! Are you kidding me?? HA

  8. You crack me up, my friend. And you wifely devotion is an inspiration. :-)

  9. I have been experiencing this same situation, first 6ish months of marriage coincides with football season. USC is my husbands team because his grandpa went there or something a long time ago. He has been a fan since he was in the womb (so he claims, and his mother agrees). But we of course needed to watch each big game(s) each weekend because the outcomes can move USC around in the BCS. I didn't even know or need to know what the BCS was until we started dating. At least we (wives / girlfriends / etc) go through this together!

  10. Oh, are too funny!

    Surprisingly enough, Jon doesn't like to watch sports. I've always been so glad because I don't either. So, I can't totally identify with you, but I give you major credit for making it through football season...and with flying colors!!

  11. i got really, really lucky & married a guy that only somewhat cares for sports. if he gets to see/watch it, great. if not, its not the end of the world! ha

    good luck to you... maybe you can find a hobby to do while his watching the game?!?!

  12. This is such a funny post, especially the title!
    I didn't know what i was getting into when we got married because my husband didn't grow up in America so his cricket and rugby weren't on so I thought I married the perfect man! But he goes to one football game with a friend and he is forever a fan!

  13. Nick actually went through an entire year and explained to me what sports were on when. It illustrated that it was never ending!

    I read a lot :)

  14. I guess being from the south I was raised with that knowledge. When I was a little girl my Dad taught me the rules of football and had me watch his favorite team with him and told me it was so that one day when I was married I wouldn't be disappointed. Thanks Dad. ;) I married a guy who doesn't even care about sports.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Bahahahahahahaha!! After they lost on Sunday, I told Brandon that Luke would be in mourning this week, but Mikie Riggs would be so happy. He should know exactly what I am talking about too.

    And P.S. We planned our wedding around football season and it wasn't because of Brandon. It was because of me. You know that insurance commercial with the bride who has earphones in her ears while she is at the altar? Yeah might as well have been me if we'd been in a bowl game that day.

  17. I love football -- so I can't complain -- its something fun we share together. Although I did say that maybe I wasn't gonna get USC Season Tickets next year and the Mr. almost died and said I HAD to get them. Lol.

  18. Listen I'm a GIRL who love football. It's awesome, give it a try!


  19. Your husband may hate me after this, but I'm a die hard Eagles fan and it looks like we're going all the way this year...

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!

  20. Megan,
    So I dig me some football. More than hubs ~~ weird huh? And I heart the Giants as well, it is very sad we are not repeating this year; bummer, sniffle, sniffle.

    Have a GREAT evening,

  21. ahhhh....i am obsessed with the batchelor as well...not him, the show! My hubby watches it with me (he won't admit it but i think he enjoys it as well) and we try not to but it is just too hard to not talk about how some of the women seem a bit desperate...

    i look forward to reading your blog post on the show:-)

  22. Here is your pat on the back for watching all those games last season. At least football is somewhat entertaining. My hubby watches golf. YUCK!! I tend to entertain myself by cheering for the person or team that my sweetie is against. Thankfull he can and does put up with me. :)

  23. This is a very sad post for me. I know that your "Giant love" is only by marriage and does not run deep, so I'll try to overlook it.

    GO COWBOYS!!! LOL :)

    (Although they seriously played worse than 4 year old girls this season. I know. But I'm as die hard as your hubby.)

  24. ******IDEA************

    We need to create a blog button with Luke wearing a Giants helmet...we'll call it Luke's Loving Quote of the Week! So far, he's two for two...the hair quote from last week and now the crying about the Giants quote...

    I died laughing and for the second week, had to read a portion of your blog to Dale and he laughed, too.

    Have a great rest of the week! The Sooners lost and I think I'm starting to get Dale back.. :)

  25. You are cracking me up! I have definitely spent some bad days with the hubs when the game didn't go the way he wanted. I guess this is payback for when we freak out about a bad hair day or not having anything to wear!

  26. OMG-I am so lucky that Terence is not into sports. He is one of the random guys that doesn't really get into it...but maybe it's because he is always studying! You are a very supportive wifey :)

  27. I'm a baseball widow. Every season, Justin and his Cubs (same thing...never lived there, just fan for some strange reason) are married. I'm the widow. Our TV doesn't turn form WGN. At least your man has moments of bliss with his obsession, the poor Cubbies haven't been to the world series in 100yrs.

  28. I feel your pain sister! My boyfriend is 100% consumed with football! Now that fantasy football is over it has switched to the playoffs. I must admit I have learned a lot, but I too am looking forward to the season ending!


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