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The Letter H

I have seen this fun letter thing on several blogs, and after seeing it on Jenn's blog I decided to try it. She gave me the letter H.
So here are 10 things I love that start with the letter H.

1. Husband, particulary MY husband.
I have stated it before but Luke is an amazing husband and he is MUCH too good to me. He always keeps me laughing and his smile gets me every time. It is what first attracted me to him. He has a great smile!

2. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Hot Fudge Sundaes.
These are all foods I love that start with H so I grouped them into one. I eat a hot dog and hamburger at least once a week. The other day Luke and I attempted to share a Hot Fudge Sundae - we considered marriage counseling afterwards. Clearly we do not like to share food.

3. Hot Days
I love hot days with the sun shining down. Those are my favorite! I am SO ready for summer. My favorite type of outfit is a tank top with a cute pair of jeans and flip flops! I LOVE SUMMER.

4. Haley
Haley is my 16 year old sister. She is 8 1/2 years younger than me. She is so cute and fun and is growing up before my eyes. Which is a really weird feeling. I love her so much.

5. Hanson
I fell in love with Hanson the summer before eighth grade ( I remember it clearly) and have loved them every since. Please do not let me get on my Hanson Soapbox. I could talk for hours. I just think so many people judge them off of how they were when they were little boys and if they would give them a chance now, they would love them. I wouldn't want people to only remember the way I was when I was 13.
Stepping down now.
6. Hair (long hair)
Why, oh why. Why oh, why did I cut my hair?? I ask myself this daily. I thought I wanted a change. I didn't. I want long hair and it is gone now. Boo hoo.
This is one of our engagement pictures - but look how long my hair is.
I have now begun the journey of 'growing it out'.....again.

7. Honeymoon!!!!
Our honeymoon was the best trip of my life. It was our first time to go on a trip alone and we had so much fun as a new married couple. I want to go on another one!
8. History
I know this is dorky, but I love history. When I went to Washington DC last year I loved it so much because it is so full of history. I became obsessed with the history of the White House and bought like 5 books about it. We are going back in April and I can't wait!

9. Hawaii
I have only been once, but its Hawaii - you only have to go once to fall in love with it!
I went with Luke's family My junior year (Luke's sophomore year) of college. We had a great time. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

10. Happiness.
I love being happy. I love when other people are happy. I love making people happy.

So there are my 10 things. If you would like to do this, just let me know and I will give you a letter!



  1. I love all of your answers - I think I can pretty much say ditto to all of them but the long hair (and your sister because that is weird and replace Luke with my hubby). I tried the long hair, but it looked so scraggly on me with my curly hair. Your long hair is beautiful! (And I also love Hanson - they are very talented)

  2. how fun! This is a great list.

    I agree about the honeymoon... I could definitely go for another one of those. Or any vacation really at this point! Especially to somewhere with hot days.

  3. I love this! Great answers. I love the pic of y'all on your honeymoon. Y'all are too cute!

    I think I might want to try this...I need some blogging inspiration =)

  4. I think that this post is very "H" for "heartwarming." ;)

    So sweet!:)

  5. ahh love it:)
    Sooo... do you know the hanson song.. that was on their cassette... boom a rang? Bing bang hit me like a boom a rang.. light turns green.. heart stops pumping?? We used to ROCK out to that song!;)

  6. Great list. Very sweet! I understand the pain about your hair. You have beautiful hair either way though! Luck you!

  7. Great pictures...he does have a great smile!!!

    I can't wait til the day I can enjoy Hawaii; I am not giving up!

  8. SO FUN!! Send a letter my way anytime, my friend!!

  9. Cute game! Love your answers! I want to play :)

  10. What a fab list!!! Aren't honeymoons the best? I want to go on another one too! Haha!
    Did you go to Hawaii for your honeymoon?

  11. I did this today, too, with "M"!

    Love your list...

    I was just thinking last week how I want to go back to DC SOOO badly. I went in high school and definitely did not fully appreciate it at that time.

    I love my hubby's smile, too.

    Hanson rocks. Mmmm Bop and all.

    Your sister is so pretty...I have a younger sis too. Its a blast!

  12. I would love to do it! Please give me a letter!

  13. I love this...especially the part about marriage counseling after sharing food. How true...

  14. I loved your H list....but your hair is super cute short!

  15. What a fun post and I love all of your answers! I especially love all your pictures! Can there be a cuter couple anywhere? Ya'll are adorable!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  16. We are planning a trip to DC this March. I'm excited as it will be my first time.

    I will take a letter please- looks fun.

  17. I love your answers for the letter H. :)

    Hawaii is awesome...I want to go back! I also am growing my hair back out...cutting it always seems like a good idea and I always regret it.

  18. How fun! That's a great list! :) Where did you go on your honeymoon? We went to St. was such a blast!!!

  19. That picture of you two in Hawaii is unbelievable! What a cute couple you two are!

  20. Great pictures, all of them! You look FABULOUS in the one from your H-moon!

  21. hot weather & hawaii are too of my favorite things, too!!!

    i told chad if a church from the state of hawaii ever ask him to come there to preach, join their team we don't need to pray... GO!!! love it over there!


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